Why Is My Propane Grill Not Getting Hot

Why is my propane grill not getting hot
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: May 12, 2022

You were cooking and suddenly you noticed that your grill is not getting enough hot for cooking, or the flames of your grill are low due to unknown reasons? Don't worry, it isn’t a big issue unless there’s a leakage in any of your parts. So Why Is My Propane Grill Not Getting Hot has many answers and there are several conditions due to which you’re facing such an issue.
This might be because your grill is in bypass mode, clogged hose, or clogged burners. But how would you know which of these issues are you facing? It is simple and easy to find out what is the problem with your grill that doesn’t let it reach higher temperatures. 

Reasons Of Why Is My Propane Grill Not Getting Hot - Grills Guide

Why is my propane grill not getting hot
Why is my propane grill not getting hot

There might be some reasons but one of the reasons that can cause fire risk is leakage. The leakage might be in the hose, in your tank, or your regulator.


How to check the leakage of the gas in the propane grill? It is simple and easy only if you follow these steps. 

  • Prepare a solution of soap and water or degreaser. 
  • Just rinse every part of your grill, through which the gas flows, with the soapy water.
  • Check for the bubbles. If the bubbles form on the hose then there is leakage in the hose or if the regulator shows bubbles then its time to change it but if the tank shows bubbles then it is tank leakage.
  • In such conditions, immediately turn off the gas supply to your grill and turn off every regulator or gas switch, and don’t ignite your grill. 

If the tank is leaking then you should change the tank and avoid using the leaked tank again as it may cause a fire. 


The flames of your grills become low when there is something in your hose, burner, or regulator due to which the fuel is not properly burning.

Check for the clogging in the hose first. If the hose is clogged, it won’t let the gas pas to the burners and hence your grill won’t even light up.

But if there is no clogging in the hose check the burners. Sometimes, the burner gets blocked due to the drippings of food which don’t allow the gas to flow and the burners won’t light up properly. 

Another reason for the low flames is that your propane tank may not have enough gas left to burn your burners at full heat settings. Check out for the gas through fuel gauge or measure the weight of your tank. 

How To Fix The Issue Of Low Flames - Grills Guide

There are several tricks that you can use and solve these issues. But remember every issue has its solving method and you cannot use one method to solve every issue. 

Hose Clogging

If your hose has been jammed and doesn’t allow the gas to pass through it, you just need to clean it. Cleaning the hose is an easier process. Just wash it thoroughly with soapy water or degreaser and a brush so that the blockage in the pipe is cleaned. Clean it thoroughly and remove every factor that can cause blockage. Check out best propane grills within the affordable budget.

Burner Cleaning

Cleaning burners is a detailed process as burners are quite sensitive and they may get damaged if cleaned harshly. Just use a brush that doesn’t have smooth bristles, a degreaser, and hot water. Wash it thoroughly with water and degreaser and use a stiff brush. Using a brush with smooth bristles won’t clean it properly. When you have cleaned it properly, adjust it in its place and start cooking on high heat. 

Bypass Grill

If you’re not getting enough heat then it is possible that your grill is in bypass mode for safety reasons. You can reset this bypass mode using these simple steps but make sure to follow every step exactly as mentioned. 

  • First of all, open the lid and set all the control knobs on the off position while the lid is still open. 
  • Now, turn on the gas supply to your cooking appliance by opening the valve of the tank while the regulators of the grill are still at off position. 
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes until the gas from the tank builds pressure inside the hose. This pressure will clear out your burners and will reset your grill. 
  • But the process isn’t over here, ignite your grill and wait for preheating. This preheating will take almost 10-15 minutes and your grill will reach a temperature of 400-500℉.

Further Reasons

Some of the issues are created by negligence in either proper burning or proper use of the grill. So make sure you don’t do any of these mistakes that will restrict your grill from achieving higher temperatures. When the grill doesn’t achieve high temperatures it is because of the reasons when you do and don’t do these things. 

  • It happens when you have set your grill at low-temperature settings.
  • When there is low fuel in your tank.
  • Sometimes your grill is heating perfectly but the thermometer isn’t working properly and shows a low temperature. 
  • When the hose or regulator is not properly attached. 
  • When the weather is too cold and is disturbing the heat.

These were some simple things that anyone can do unknowingly which will ultimately result in lower temperatures. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my grill regulator is bad?

When your grill shows uneven or yellow flames it is time to change your regulator. your cooking appliance may not be able to achieve high heat settings when it is in bad condition. When the regulator is in bad condition you may not be able to control the fuel supply to your cooking appliances accurately as it will disturb it. When you see any gas leakage through it, you must change to avoid any danger of fire.

How often should gas regulators be replaced?

It depends on some conditions such as how long you have been using it or of which material it is made up of. Most of the good quality devices may last longer than 10 years but if you don’t use them with care and use them frequently, they may not even last for more than 3 years. Note the manufacturing date and the date at which it is malfunctioning, this was the lifespan of your regulator. 

Can I adjust my propane regulator?

Yes, you can adjust it easily and according to your requirement. You can simply screw it or unscrew it by rotating the knob in anticlockwise and clockwise directions respectively. Screwing it in an anticlockwise direction will reduce the pressure of the gas supplied to the cooking device while unscrewing it in the clockwise direction will increase the pressure of the gas flowing towards the burners. It is simple and easy to adjust through the knob.


There are many reasons due to which most cooking appliances can’t give their best and these reasons should be resolved before time to get nonstop cooking. One of the biggest reasons is the lifetime of your grill. If your grill is worn out or has caught rust at different parts then it won’t heat up anymore. Why Is My Propane Grill Not Getting Hot has several reasons which are completely explained with their solutions. Make sure to read all of them and resolve your issue.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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