Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive

Why are natural gas grills so expensive
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 28, 2022

Natural gas grills are expensive because of their excellent quality and astonishing looks. A quote that might help you understand your question of Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive is “The best things in life are expensive”. 

Most of the gas grills are expensive because they have high quality and even their parts are made up of high-end material. These are some features due to which gas grills are expensive:

Features That Makes Gas Grill Expensive:

Why are natural gas grills so expensive
Why are natural gas grills so expensive

Some of the features of these gas grills are premium features which means that these features are only present in premium quality grills.

These premium quality grills are way more expensive than gas grills which makes gas grills cheaper than some other grills. Those features and other details of the grill due to which it is costly are mentioned in this article:

Premium Fitting:

These gas grills are premium grills not only because of their quality and finishes but also due to their premium fittings. These premium fittings are so good that even a nut is not misplaced or leaves its place.

Its premium fitting doesn’t allow the heat trapped inside the lid to leak out through any tiny hole. It is so well fitted that its parts don’t even move from their place except for the movement they are made for. This fitting and premium design is only found in gas grills. 

A detailed article on a premium Kenmore Gas Grill Reviews is shared with the audience to provide them a list of best gas grills with unique features and minimal price.

Material Used:

Most of the gas grills are made up of stainless steel which is a high-end metal used in a grill. This stainless steel is not only rust-resistant but it is also a heavy-duty metal that can withstand most of the harsh environmental conditions. 

Even its non-metal parts are made using high-end materials such as all of the plastic parts of the grill are made up of unbreakable plastic.

Its cooking grate has a non-stick coating that prevents the remains of the food from sticking to the grill. It also has a drip pan that is good to catch all the food drippings. 


Most of the gas grills come with built-in LEDs that are present within the grills so that you can see your food better at night times. These LEDs give your grill a luxurious look that anyone can’t resist. 

These LEDs give your grill an astonishing look at night time while during the day it shows its sleek design and builds quality is amazing. 

Cooking Cost:

When it comes to cooking gas grills cost less than any other grill as they use natural gas to cook your food which is more inexpensive than other fuels. These grills use less fuel and in return cook more food by achieving higher temperatures.

In addition to using less fuel gas grills provide your food with even heating for great taste and flavor. Cooking on these grills even costs less than cooking on propane or charcoal grills. While in some areas cooking on natural gas grills might be expensive.

Easy To Use:

Gas grills are easy to use as they do not require any setting up labor. Just connect the gas grill to the gas outlet of your house, wait for preheating and start cooking.

Unline propane grills you don’t have to bring heavyweight the propane tank and set it for cooking. 

These grills minimize your labor of setting up a grill such as a charcoal grill. 

Less Pollution:

Gas grills produce less pollution than propane grills. It emits less harmful smoke than charcoal grills which mostly emits CO(carbon monoxide). So gas grills are safer as compared to propane and charcoal grills when it comes to usage.

Disadvantages Of Gas Grills:

Everything that has advantages will surely have disadvantages as well. So, gas grills have also some disadvantages that aren’t that big but when using the grill these disadvantages can make your feel insecure.

Gas grills have many advantages as compared to drawbacks. So some of the drawbacks of these grills are:


These grills are large and are heavyweight due to which they are immobile. It is not easy for a single person to move it. It requires 2-3 people to move a gas grill.

This drawback of the grill makes it difficult to carry anywhere such as on trips.

So gas grills are not portable and cannot be carried anywhere with ease. Sometimes the grill gets locked, So if you’ve locked your oven check out for the complete guide on how to unlock Kenmore oven.


Most of the gas grills fail to provide you with the same flavor as charcoal. Although gas grills cook your food with great taste it mostly fails to provide you with the same smoky flavor as charcoal grills.

While grilling a smoky flavor is the most important thing to achieve but most of the gas grills cannot achieve it while most premium grills may achieve the same smoky flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is natural gas cheaper than propane for BBQ?

Yes, Natural gas is cheaper than propane when it comes to cooking anything, even BBQ. Natural gas costs almost one-sixth of the cost of propane. So natural gas is cheaper than propane but keep in mind the cost of installation of a gas line for a gas grill if you don’t have a gas line for your grill. After this gas line, you might change your opinion about it.

Do electric grills taste the same as gas grills?

No, Electric grills cannot provide you with the same great taste that gas and charcoal grills can. So gas grills provide your food with way better taste than electric grills. Electric grills cannot even perform the same versatile cooking that gas grills offer you. Gas grills even cost you less while cooking as compared to electric grills.

Is natural gas or electricity cheaper?

Natural gas is cheaper than electricity. So if you want to cook on a natural gas grill, it will surely cost you less than an electric grill. Natural gas grills can even provide you with the great taste and smoky flavor that electric grills can’t. Overall gas grills cost you less while cooking than electric grills.

Conclusion: Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive

Gas grills are expensive because these grills offer your Features, Luxury cooking, and Great finishes of the product with durable quality. So before asking next time Why Are Natural Gas Grills So Expensive, do keep in mind that the best things are often expensive.

Natural gas grills provide you with the cheapest cooking as natural gas is way cheaper than propane or electricity which is used by propane grills or electric grills.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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