Who Makes Huntington Grills

Who makes Huntington grills
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 23, 2022

In 1980 Huntington made their first grill and was named after the city in which it was made.
From here, they gave the name Huntington to their grills.

But your question is Who Makes Huntington Grills, so the answer is, In 2009 Onward bought it.
Onward is a Canadian brand for the manufacturing of grills and is known as one of the giants of the market. It was founded by Theodore Adam Witzel and is now run by his grandsons. He founded Onward in 1906 in Canada. A detailed Huntington Gas Grill Review is written to make sure we cover every aspect of this top grill.

Onward is manufacturing one of the best quality grills for more than 20 years. Sterling, Broil King, and Broil-Mate are owned by Onward. Onward also owns Fiesta, Grill Pro, and Barbecue Genius Parts and Accessories.

Are Huntington Grills Made In the USA?

Who makes Huntington grills
Who makes Huntington grills

When Huntington's were made by the ex Huntington owner, It was manufactured in the USA. But when Onward bought it, It began to be manufactured in Indiana, Tennessee, and Ontario. This was the main reason due to which you’ll see the logo of “Made In North America” on the grill. They’ve increased the quality of the grill by many times but at the same price. Prices are the same but they are better in quality in this price range. 

Are Huntington Grills Worth It?

Yes, Huntington grills are totally worth spending money on. These are high-quality grills at affordable prices. These grills are made up of cast aluminum. It doesn’t let the heat escape through your grill and is also rust-free. It also lasts longer than any stainless steel or any other grill. You can spend your money on it and it is totally worth it as this grill has many features on such a low budget. You can get the latest features of any other premium grill and build quality that beats every other grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Huntington a good BBQ brand?

Huntington is one of the best and oldest brands in the market of grills as they started manufacturing in 1980. Since then this company has produced many new features and durability in its grills. Most of the grills produced by Huntington are made up of stainless steel that is rust-free and long-lasting metal. But they don’t only manufacture grills, they also manufacture accessories of the grill, containers, and cast iron skillets. Overall it is one of the best brands in the market of grills.

Are Broil King and Huntington the same?

Both of them are manufactured by the same company named Onward manufacturing. Although both of these are manufactured by the same company, there is a huge difference in the quality, features, and shape of these two grills. Onward also owns Broil-Mate and Sterling Grill Lines which are great brands while Onward also owns some grill parts manufacturing companies such as Barbecue Genuine Parts, Fiesta, and Grill Pro. Onward also has some grill accessories manufacturing companies.

How many years should a gas grill last?

A grill used with care may last longer than 15 years but the same grill that is not used with care may not last for more than 5 years. The life of a grill completely depends on care, cleaning, and proper seasoning of the grill. If you do all of these frequently, your grill will last longer and you’ll be able to perform more cooking on it but if you don’t do it frequently then it may wear out in the next three or two years of buying it.

Conclusion - Who Makes Huntington Grills

Huntington is one of the pioneers in the grill manufacturing race. But Onward is now a giant in the manufacturing of grills, accessories, and parts. Now you already know Who Makes Huntington Grills, some of the giants that give their product premium finish, sleek design, and durable quality so that their grills may last longer than any other grill in the market. But Onward owns many other brands that also have a great share in the grill market such as Broil-Mate and Broil King which are two of the leading grill companies. These are made in North America and are completely worth spending money on. 

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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