Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review - Copper Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 7, 2022

You can lighten up your charcoal grilling experience with a Weber Original Kettle Premium 22. It is one of the best creations that weber has introduced in the market of cookers. This sleek and elegant design can beat any of the charcoal grills present in recent times.

With decades of expertise, Weber took out this bowl-shaped kettle in the market to raise the cooking experience of the pitmasters. If you have never tried this grill, spare some time to take a look at this. You will never regret putting your hands on this design.

Whenever people will see a bowl lifted by three legs standing in your backyard, these three legs will start desiring to have one. This Weber Copper Grill never stays back in the barbeque world. Same as now, it is one step ahead in designing an amazing small charcoal grill.

In this Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review, we will open up the features of this original model grill in front of you. It is considered one of the best grills for beginners due to its simplicity and elegance. After taking a look at this experienced study about this kettle you will be able to find out how much it’s worthy to be in your backyard. Let’s figure it out!

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22"

Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review
Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle

Dimensions – Lid Closed: | 39.5″H x 22.5″W x 27″D Diameter: | 22 Total cooking area: | 363 Fuel type: | Charcoal Material: | Porcelain Weight: | 32.3 Pounds


Available in multiple colors

Provide Lid Hook

Top quality cleaning system

Sleek Design


Fuel is charcoal instead of Gas

Keep enhancing your cooking experience with weber copper charcoal grill reviews. This shiny bowl-shaped kettle seems to look smaller than you except its weight is 32.3 incredibly light pounds. This lightweight grill that fits in your backyard has space for 13 perfect burgers to be cooked at one time. This means you can cook for your guests easily without worrying about late servings and extra cooking time that you would need if you own any of the gas grills.

This weber kettle size varies and has a cooking space that will fit in your experiencing list. In your lifespan try this kettle one time. It will force you to recommend it to every other person in your circle.

Quality Features  - Best Charcoal Grill


What could be better than a high-quality barbeque cooker! This charcoal grill is a rust-free heavy-duty grill. Say goodbye to rusting and complaints of paint flaking off. This Weber Original Kettle Premium 22″ has a Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl which looks pretty amazing from the outside. This helps the grill body retain heat inside the cooking chamber for consistent temperature increase. It has long durability. There is a lid hook inside the lid that hangs it to the grill body for easy use.

Hinged cooking grates:

The most beneficial feature that weber has introduced is the hinged grate. The addition of charcoal is not rocket science now

If you need more charcoals or want to remove some, just open the side of the grates. Easily add or remove the charcoals from the charcoal grate. Steel cooking grates have a large cooking space. This makes cleanup easier. You can use a brush to scrub off all the debris.

Heat resistant handle:

The top lid handle on the lid is heat resistant. You can remove it while cooking even at high temperatures. There is no chance of burning your hand. The heat shield is very helpful in keeping all cool. This heat shield reduced the danger of burns.

Easily Assess grilling tools:

You can hang your utensils easily on the small and descent hooks present on the sides of the handle. Get rid of creating the mess or misplacing your cooking utensils. Just hang them up and you are ready to cook without hassle.

Temperature control:

The rust-free dampers on the lid are adjustable. They allow the airflow to pass through the lid. This balances the temperature inside the cooking chamber and helps in retaining the heat inside the lid. You can adjust the temperature of the charcoal grill without opening the lid.


The built-in thermometer is present on the lid. It tells you the internal temperature of the cooking chamber. You can monitor it and adjust your temperature without opening the lid constantly. This advanced Built-in thermometer system eases your cookery. This built in thermometer is a basic need for perfect cuisine.

Fuel lightening:

Heavy gauge steel charcoal grates are inside the kettle on which you can light up the charcoals for indirect grilling. Making a pyramid of charcoals on the grate and keeping them burning off is important for good food taste.

One-touch cleaning system:

The unique feature that the copper weber grill highlights in this kettle premium charcoal grill is the aluminized one-touch cleaning system. After you are done cooking, all you have to do is to clean the ashes or debris left. In this system, there is a handle. If you move the handle, the blade inside the bowl moves all of the leftovers to the enclosed ash catcher. This enclosed ash catcher makes cleaning too easy. The capacity of the enclosed ash catcher is also amazing in this case. and makes cleanup easier.


The side handles for easy transport even while cooking. On the side of this handle, tool hooks are present. The caster wheels allow you easy access to glide the grill whenever you want.

The handle to control the grill is on the opposite side of the wheels. It is designed in a manner to roll it and control it. You can access the movement of this charcoal grill in any direction you want. This feature is available at no extra cost.

Bad Features - Weber Original Premium

It’s all about the matter of choices. Sometimes a person feels trouble accepting one feature and the same feature is liked by the other in the grill. We will discuss here the features we didn’t like, maybe it could help you more to make a decision about owning this charcoal grill or not.

With high-quality features, some features are not user friendly and trouble adjusting. We see two major problems with this grill. Once you fix these issues, this grill is ideal for you.

Thermometer Design:

As you have seen in the design, the thermometer is present on the lid. The presence of the thermometer on the lid means that it’s far away from the coals. It won’t measure the accurate temperature inside the grill or near the coals. According to us, it should have been near the cooking grates.

Fixation- To fix this problem with the thermometer. Buy a new accurate digital thermometer that could measure the real temperature inside the grill and of cooking grates.

Hook Problem

This premium model has a lid hook on which the lid can be hung. This feature is for the convenience of the customers but it’s difficult to hang it properly. If you try to hang it there then it covers up the space of that side of the grill and makes cooking difficult. This feature is modified with lid holders in different other models.

Fixation- This Is an extra feature provided by weber. Just avoid this feature or construct a lid holder as you want. We recommend putting the lid on the ground when you take it off.

How to cook in Weber Original Premium 22” Kettle?

Cooking on Weber Original Premium Kettle 22"
Cooking on Weber Original Premium Kettle 22"

Before starting the cooking make sure to remember the direction of the vents you adjust so it could help in the cooking when you want to adjust it. The most amazing thing to do is you should leave the bottom vent open so you could control the temperature with a damper on the lid. Now as you want to cook, open the bottom vents and lid damper totally. You need to light the charcoals first in order to start your cooking process. You can light them up in two ways.

  1. Arrange the charcoal on the charcoal grate of the kettle and add two or three lighters. Light them up with a lighter or match sticks. After that, it will light up and when white ash coats the charcoals, they are ready for providing cooking heat.
  2. Get a chimney starter and put it on the charcoal grate. Add two lighter cubes and crumbled papers at the bottom. After that fill it all up with the charcoals according to your requirement. Light them up and wait for 15-20 minutes to let it set.

You can check the quantity of charcoal needed according to the food you are cooking. It is listed on the weber site. This will help you cook faster and accurately.

Direct cooking:

Direct cooking on weber kettle premium is on the charcoals directly which means heat and smoke will hit directly to your food. It takes less time to cook which is approximately 20-30 minutes. It’s a fast and smoky method to cook. You can cook burgers, whole chicken, fish, steaks, or kababs.

All you need to do is cover the kettle with a lid cover and let it heat for 10-15 minutes.

Indirect cooking:

Indirect cooking is the method of cooking indirectly which means the food is not cooking directly above the charcoals. The charcoal is on the other side and food on the other. The heat doesn’t hit the food directly. This is a lower heat process that takes longer than you expect. This process is the most common for beef, porks, ribs, and briskets. The smoke and flavor are penetrated deep into the food by cooking like this. After lightening the coals you can cover the kettle for less than 10 minutes.

Tips to use Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle:

It shows surprisingly good results when it is used as a grill smoker combo. A 22.5 kettle charcoal grill is a lot simpler to use. A common question is how long does a weber grill last which is explained in detail to enable users to finalize the decision. Weber is a name that always works to let it’s the customer do effortless work. Here are some tips to make your weber premium barbeque journey amazing.

  • Charcoal Chimney: When you are going to light the charcoals up. Make sure to use a charcoal chimney. It will ease up your work more and help you to light the charcoal more efficiently. All you need to do is add charcoal to it and include some paper underneath it. You can also use lighter cubes. Light the charcoals and within 10-20 minutes your charcoal will be ready to cook delicious food.
  • Grates: For the durability of your cooking area, you should clean it very often. When the grates are hot use a brush to scrub off all of the junk left on the grates. Oiling your grates also helps to last it longer and it also prevents the food from sticking.
  • Two-zone cooking: Try the two-zone method to get better results in your meat. In this, you pour all of the charcoal at one side of the kettle and keep the other side neat. Sear your whole chicken/meat steaks on the charcoal side for some good texture and then move it to the other side. After keeping the food away from charcoal cover the kettle with a lid and let the food heat itself. This will help prevent your food from overcooking and give the meat a good taste. If you leave the meat over the charcoal, you will probably gonna end up resulting in overcooked meat.
  • Vents: There are two vents in the weber kettle premium. Keep them both open for better cooking. It let the air flow through it. The important tip to technically cook like a pro is to keep the Lip vents open and keep it on the side where food is present. This will make a passage of heat all the way to the meat and then it goes up through the vents. If you keep the vents just above the charcoal side the heat will travel directly upwards through the vents. Don’t keep opening your lid to check the food, just keep on monitoring it from the outside.
  • Meat thermometer: You will never want to serve your guests raw or uncooked meat. So add up a meat monitoring thermometer in your cooking. Keeping on checking the meat’s temperature can help you properly sear the meat as much as you want. You will be knowing how much your meat will take time.

Weber Master Touch Kettle vs Weber Original Premium Kettle vs Weber Original Kettle

Weber Master Touch is the most advanced grill within the Weber premium model. This premium model has the best Weber BBQ system that is used in Weber Gourmet along with two holders for charcoal. The original model is expensive and its height is 2″ more than Weber Premium. By Far it's the Best Gas Grill Under 300 with a lot of features and ease of portability.

Weber Original premium kettle is expensive and offers great value but if you are looking for an affordable grill then Weber Original kettle is a great option. Both of these charcoal grills have great quality but Weber Original Kettle lags in a few features that include a touch system, hinged cooking grate, ash catchers, and lid thermometer.

Finally, I would recommend if you are on a smaller budget you should go for Original kettle as it has all the basic features that are needed to grill in a perfect way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Weber kettle premium worth it?

If you have a larger grill, then it is definitely worth buying a premium quality kettle. The Weber kettle is a classic and it is a great grill to get started with. Premium charcoal grills have a cast-iron construction so the material gets better with age. It is a good idea to use a premium grill if you have a large family and often have got together. A premium grill is also great if you have a passion for grilling and love spending a lot of time in your backyard.

What is the difference between Weber Original Kettle and premium?

The kettle and the premium are pretty much the same. The only difference is the handle and the price. The Original Kettle has a stainless steel handle and the Premium one has a wooden handle. The Premium one is also a little bit more expensive. The quality and performance of both are pretty much the same. As far as I know, the Original Kettle is more popular in the US and the Premium one is more popular in Europe. So it really depends on your preference.

How do you use the Weber Original Kettle 22?

The Weber Original Kettle is a portable charcoal grill that can be placed on a table. The holes in the lid help to control the grill’s temperature so that the food is cooked over a long period of time. The magic of the Weber Original Kettle is it takes a few minutes to set up and can perform its task for hours without any effort from the user. For the best results, the charcoal should be placed directly underneath the food that is being cooked.


Weber Original Kettle Premium 2″ is accurate for you if you want a lightweight, space-saving, and user-friendly grill for your backyard. Its splendid design makes it look different than other enormous grills.  It works the same as other grills do.

This 22.5 kettle charcoal grill sets easily for beginners who are new to buying these meat-making machines. Weber has introduced many others like this great grill but it is a lot easier to use than any other one. It doesn’t have that many features to fulfill your every requirement. Advanced grills have all of the digital working systems but this doesn’t support all of them. A few features but user-friendly.

In this detailed weber kettle grill review, I have tried to go through every single aspect through which a buyer will look before processing the decision.

It seems to be small but its cooking space is higher than other grills. Investing in this Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle will be cost-effective as well. It has a unique cleaning system that no other first grill will ever give you. Just one touch system is easy to clean up.

Overall, we liked the weber premium original kettle 2″ grill because of its looks and features as well. Getting a lot of features at an affordable price is just a good investment. It’s actually worth buying.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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