Traeger Scout Vs Ranger - Which One is Better?

Detailed comparison between Traeger Scout vs Ranger
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: April 10, 2022

A detailed comparison of specifications, features and similarities between Traeger Scout and Ranger is discussed based on real testing. Although all Traeger grills are mostly of premium quality and are not portable these two Traeger grills are not only portable but these Traeger grills are full of features. The main difference between Traeger Scout and Ranger is the price. Traeger Ranger is expensive and offers great features compared to Traeger Scout.

Both of these grills are wood pellet grills and are made for your outing plans so that you can carry them with you in your car jeep or truck as they only require a little space. This detailed comparison is based on our testing of both these products.

To check the list of comparisons on Traeger Scout Vs Ranger read out this article completely so that you don’t miss any differences or similarities between them.

Features: Traeger Scout Vs Ranger Portable pellet grill

Detailed comparison between Traeger Scout vs Ranger
Traeger Scout vs Ranger

Although both of these have many similarities and the purpose of their production is also the same but there lie great differences in features and qualities among these two pellet grills.

Both of these grills are new portable grills and are made for picnics, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

The differences between these two grills are not so significant but some differences make both of these grills different from each other. 

Cooking Space:

Traeger Ranger pellet grill offers a large cooking area of 184 square inches. This is not a great cooking space but when it comes to picnic parties or camping this space is great as because of this short cooking space you can carry it anywhere.

So this little space makes it portable.

Traeger Scout pellet grill offers you a cooking area of 176 square inches. Although the cooking space of this grill is shorter than the ranger this makes it more portable and easier to carry. So according to less cooking space, it also requires less space than ranger to start cooking. A guide on how to clean your Traeger is provided so that you can increase the product life.

Results/Traeger Ranger Vs Scout: 

In the case of space comparison, the Traeger Ranger pellet grill clearly wins the battle but when it comes to more portability then Traeger Scout wins the game. 

Hopper Size:

When you plan to go camping or tailgating then you have to look for longer cooking. Longer cooking means you can cook for a longer time so that you can prepare more food one after the other in a single go. This longer cooking is only possible if the pellet hoppers of your grills are large enough. Pellet hoppers capacity will allow you to cook for a longer time.

So While doing this you only need a larger pellet hopper.

Traeger Ranger offers you a pellet hopper of the capacity of 8 pounds wood pellets which can make you continue to cook for about 8 hours at low temperatures and 5 hours at high temperatures.

Traeger Scout comes with a pellet hopper of pellet capacity of 4 pounds wood pellets which can provide you with continuous cooking of 6 hours on lower temperatures and 3 hours on higher temperatures. 

Results/Traeger Ranger vs Scout:

When we talk about pellet hopper capacity Traeger Ranger wins the game easily as it can store twice as many pellets as of scout. But when we talk about the lesser size of hopper capacity to reduce weight then Traeger Scout is the winner. 


When we look for a portable pellet grill that we can use on camping, Fishing, or tailgating we look for a pellet grill that is of lesser weight so that we can easily carry this pellet grill with us. Weight matters a lot while talking about portability.

Traeger Ranger has a weight of 60 pounds which is good enough for carrying it in your vehicle but when it comes to carrying it on your hands or in your bag it still is a weighty product.

Traeger Scout pellet grill has a weight of 45 pounds which makes it lighter than ranger and increases its portability. It is great for carrying it in your vehicle or your hands and provides you with instant cooking on the go. 


In weight comparison, Traeger Scout has won the game due to being lightweight, as for camping or other outings you’ll need a light-weighted pellet grill so that you can easily carry it with you which Scout has but Ranger doesn’t. But when we look at durability Ranger may win the game easily. 


Controllers of a pellet grill have the most important role in cooking as they provide you with perfect temperatures of cooking and allow you to monitor the internal temperature of the grill as well as the outer temperature of the pellet grill. 

Traeger Ranger is a later model than Scout and that is why it has a Digital Arc controller that allows you to set the temperature without fluctuations. This Digital Arc Controller allows only +/-5℉ increment in temperature. 

Traeger Scout pellet grill is a little older model than Ranger and hence has Digital Pro Controller that allows you to set the temperature accurately with +/- 15℉ in temperature. 


Traeger Ranger pellet grill wins this round as it is a later model and contains a more modern Digital Arc Controller than Scout and when there is a comparison between controllers Traeger Ranger has more precise controllers.


A meat probe is a feature that every pellet grill should come with as this allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the meat that you are cooking. You can also call it a built in meat thermometer.

So whenever you look for a pellet grill this meat probe is a must look feature and should be present in your pellet grill so that you can make sure your food is cooked from outside and inside. 

Traeger Ranger comes with built-in 2 temperature probes that help you to monitor the temperature of two of your meats that are being cooked. 

Traeger Scout has only one probe that allows you to monitor the temperature of only one grill meat that is being cooked. 

Results/Traeger Ranger Vs Scout: Traeger Ranger pellet grill wins this battle of the probe as it has 2 probes but if you want to buy a simple pellet grill with just basic features then Scout will be great for you.


When we talk about any grill the first thing we should consider is the price of the grill. The best grill is always the one that is within your budget and has almost all of your desired features. So look for the price range before buying a grill.

Traeger Ranger has a little higher price of 449.99$ which makes this pellet grill more expensive. According to the size and features of these small pellet grills, this price is a little higher. 

Traeger Scout comes in a budget-friendly range and has a price of 229.99$. This price is great for such a small pellet grill with all the basic features. 


While buying a grill budget is the main factor and according to the budget. So when you compare Traeger Scout model with Ranger, Traeger Scout wins the game as it is cheaper than Ranger and also gives you all the basic features. 

Similarities - Traeger Scout Vs Ranger Wood Pellet Grills

There are many similarities between Ranger and Scout as they both were made for the same purpose and are almost identical same. Even both of them are pellet grills.

Both of these pellet grills are the same in many aspects as they both have almost the same features. These features are:

Temperature Range:

Both of these grills can achieve the same temperature and can reach a maximum temperature range of 450℉ which is a good temperature for cooking while you are camping. Although this temperature is not a high temperature for cooking heavier foods, this is the best temperature for low and slow cooking. 


Both of these use the same wood pellets woods as a fuels source and hence are called pellet grills. These wood pellets come in different flavors to produce the smoke of your favorite flavor.

Pellet woods are a great fuel source for outdoor cooking as they provide you food with even cooking and a cloud of flavorful smoke. 


Both of these have the same dimensions although they vary in weight and cooking, they come in the same size.

Dimensions of both of these grills are 20” D 21” W and 13” H. This means that they are almost the same but a little different in some of the features.


Look for its power and the food you want to cook on it. Now check whether this power is sufficient for your cooking type or not.

If this power is enough for you to cook your desired food then you should buy it. But if this grill doesn’t offer you the power through which you can cook your food then you should look for another one.

The power of the grill tells you which kinds of food you can easily cook on it while it also tells you the time under which it will cook your food. If your grill has more power then it can cook your food faster but if your grill has low power then it is best for the low and slow cooking process.


Both of these grills are portable pellet grills due to their small size and lesser weight as compared to the original pellet grills that are huge and weigh more than 100 pounds. All other grills are not portable grills. Due to portability this model is called Traeger tailgater.

These grills have a lesser weight so you can carry them on camping, fishing, or tailgating. These are actually the portable version of pellet grills with all the latest features. Both of them can be used as portable pellet grill.

What To Look While Buying A Grill - Smoker Guide

Many things should be considered while spending your money for buying the best grill for you. One should keep in mind certain qualities of the grill while buying the best one. These qualities and features:


If you’ve already made a plan to buy a grill and want to start looking for the best one, try searching for a grill that is within your budget with maximum features.

The first thing That one should plan before buying a grill is the budget. If you have a low budget, try searching for lower models while if you have a good budget, try searching for the latest models that are full of features. 


No matter what your budget is, don’t ever compromise on the quality of the grill. Quality is the thing that makes it more long-lasting than any other product out there.

Even if you get lesser features but if you’re getting good quality, go for it as it will last longer than a grill that has more features but has low or poor quality. 

Quality of a grill is the life of a grill if said indirectly.


If you’re a person who loves to perform different types of indoor as well as outdoor cooking then make sure to check whether the pellet grill you’re buying is portable or not. 

Portable pellet grills allow you to cook inside as well as outside and also allow you to carry them anywhere with you such as on trips, tours, camping, or tailgating. 

They might be the best option for travelers and food lovers. 


While buying it check for the controls as controls have the most important function in cooking your food as you desire. If your grill has a digital or precise temperature controller, you can cook your food at your desired temperatures for as long as you want.

But if your grill doesn’t have this kind of temperature controller, you have to check the temperature and cooking time manually. This manual checking will waste your time as well as the temperature that your grill has achieved while the lid is closed. 

So, we recommend you buy one that has digital or precise controls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Traeger Scout have WiFi?

No, Traeger Scout does not have wifi as it is a smaller and portable version of a huge pellet grill and has only some of the basic features to help you grill your food on camping and other outdoor activities. It has all the basic features that an outdoor portable grill should contain and is also in a budget range to make cooking easier for you. 

Is the Traeger Ranger Bluetooth?

No, Traeger Ranger doesn’t come with a Bluetooth option. Although it has Digital Arc Control which allows you to control it more precisely and with minimum temperature increment, it lacks the feature of Wifi and Bluetooth. While all other features, that are a must for perfect cooking, are present in this grill. 

Does the Traeger Ranger smoke?

Yes, Traeger Ranger pellet grills can smoke as well as bake your food. This small grill can not only smoke your food but can also provide you with low and slow cooking that gives your food a smoky flavor and even cooking so that you can not only enjoy the cooking but also enjoy the food cooked on it. 


Every grill is best according to the features, portability, and price. But when it comes to comparison between Traeger Scout Vs Ranger it becomes simple to say that Ranger pellet grills beat Scout in features such as controllers, pellet capacity, and cooking capacity. While Scout beats Ranger in price range and weight comparison. Check our article on best pellet smoker for cookouts to explore multiple options other than Traeger. Overall both of these grills are best but when you want a grill that has more features then Traeger Ranger is great for you and if you want a grill that is cheaper and has all basic features then Traeger Scout is a good choice.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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