Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650 - Which is the Better Option?

Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: May 17, 2022

So you’ve selected Traeger but you’re still confused between Traeger Pro 575 and Ironwood 650 and want to know whether its worth to pay premium price for Ironwood model? In this article we have covered detailed comparison including similarities and differences based on testing different factors. The main difference between a Traeger Pro 575 and a Ironwood 650 is that a Traeger Pro 575 has limited features and a Ironwood 650 is the latest model with a lot of features.

Detailed Comparison Of Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650

Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650
Which is the Better?

As I have used both of them and found many impressive features in them. You might consider them the same just by looking at them as I did, but when I use them to cook different foods, I felt some clear differences based on cooking, quality, durability, portability, and controls.

Before writing a detailed note Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650 comparison, do have a look on the different specifications these two products are offering.

Traeger Pro 575Ironwood 650
ModelPro Series 575Ironwood 650
Power SourceCorded ElectricWood Pellet, Charcoal
Weight124 Pounds149 Pounds
Dimensions27 x 41 x 53 inches46 x 27 x 47 inches
Fuel SourceWood PelletWood Pellet


The differences based on my personal experience and the experts opinion are the same and I've covered almost every difference between these products so that you can choose the best among them.

Grilling Area

The first thing I noticed while cooking on Ironwood 650 is its spacious cooking area of 650 square inches which is best for larger cooking either for a family gathering or a party. On that day, I cooked 5 rib racks at one time on this pellet smoker. But if you want to know more, you can cook 8 chickens on it at the same time.

While cooking on Traeger Pro 575 I noticed that the cooking area of this product is smaller than Ironwood but it still can serve a large family or a party as I cooked 4 chickens on it for a small family gathering. This 575 cooking area is best for cooking for small family gatherings and small parties.

I am one of them who like a large cooking area, as I mostly cook on these devices when there’s a party or family gathering in my house. Most people also like larger cooking areas as you can perform larger cooking easily. So, Ironwood is my choice when it comes to the cooking area. But you can go with Traeger Pro if you want a small grill.


When you want to transfer your grill from one place to another, you may feel difficulty as most pellet grills are heavily weighted. I’ve noticed a great difference between the weight of these two products. Ironwood is considerably heavier than the Pro Series and is difficult to move. It weighs 149 lbs, I could handle this weight alone so I had to get the help of my brother to move it around.

But When I was about to start cooking on the Pro series, I felt that it was more lightweight than Ironwood with a weight of 128 lbs due to which I was able to move it easily and without any external help.

In the case of Weight, I'll prefer the Pro series as I like to perform cooking in different areas of my backyard but if you want a Heavily weighted grill then you can go with Ironwood.

Hopper Capacity

I always prefer longer cooking and for this purpose, there should be a nonstop supply of fuel. It means that I should own a grill that has a high fuel storage capacity. I bought the Ironwood 650 which has a high hopper capacity of 20 lbs. This huge storage capacity allows anyone to cook for hours without refilling the hopper again and again.

Pro series has an 18 lbs of hopper capacity which also provides you with nonstop cooking but the main disadvantage is that it doesn’t hold a full bag of pellets. Although 2 lbs of storage difference isn’t a huge difference, when it comes to the storage of a full bag of pellets Ironwood beats the Pro series.

As I told you, I always like longer cooking as they provide you with the best taste and for this, I will recommend you Ironwood 650 for between Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650 comparison. If you like to perform cooking like me or if you cook continuously for hours, this is the thing you’re looking for.

All-Terrain Wheels

Mobility has always been the biggest issue for the ones who like to cook in the backyard. For this issue, Ironwood 650 has 4 wheels that can move in any direction making your movement easier even while cooking. These wheels are also durable and can allow you movement on almost every surface without the fear of falling or slipping. When I have to take it to any corner of the backyard, I totally rely on these wheels that help me even when I have to move the grill during cooking.

It doesn’t mean that the Pro series comes without a pair of wheels. Pro series also has a pair of the wheels while the other two legs are rigid and stops the movement of the grill when you don’t want your grill to get slipped.

Personally, I like this feature more than 4 wheels as this ensures safe cooking as the front rigid legs stop the movement when settled to the ground. Everyone likes the 4 wheel feature when they want to move the grill but when it comes to stability, the Pro series offers you more stability and provides you with safer cooking.


I like cheaper products with more features and in this scenario, the Pro Series is the product that I would like to buy. It doesn’t mean that Ironwood is too expensive.

Every latest model is expensive as it comes with the latest features and uses modern technology but Ironwood is a lot more expensive than the Pro Series.

Although it is the latest model and contains lots of new features, it is quite expensive. If you can spend this amount of money, this purchase will prove to be your best choice. But for me, the Pro series is a perfect choice as it saves some bucks and has almost every feature.


Both products are different from each other but because the brand of both products is the same, two of these grills have many common factors. I have checked for the common features and qualities between them and created a list of these common features and qualities. Read these points so that you may get aware of the similarities between these two products.

WiFIRE Technology

The first thing I found common between these two is that both use WiFIRE technology so that you can control them using your home wifi or the Traeger app that is available for both the iPhone and Android. I like to cook without checking everything again and again so I prefer wireless controls more than physical controls.

Versatile Cooking

I perform more than one kind of cooking on the same device as it is difficult for everyone to change the device for every cooking. These two products allow versatile cooking as you can perform 6 different types of cooking on a single device. As I have tried different cooking methods and got the results that you can smoke, roast, bake, BBQ, and braise on any one of these two.

Voice Control

I was surprised by this feature of both models. You can control both of them using your voice if you have Alexa in your house. You can literally control the temperature or cooking time using only your voice even without moving from your position. This feature is just great for a person who likes to cook without moving(like me).

D2 Drivetrain

I am very fond of this technology as it controls the temperature precisely even in harsh weather conditions. Most grills have temperature fluctuations of 15 degrees but this technology minimizes this fluctuation to only 5 degrees. I was very conscious about precise controls but then this D2 Drivetrain solved my biggest problem.

Grill Grates

Porcelain-coated grill grates allow nonstick cooking with better heat retention and perfect heat distribution. This coating reduces the chances of hot or cold spots to 0 percent. It means you can cook properly, not like half cooked and half uncooked food. I tried to cook my food evenly with these products and guess what, I was successful every single time. So, these products are the best ones for even cooking.

Things That Ironwood Has But Pro Series Doesn’t Have:

Ironwood is the latest model and as I have observed it, it has much more features than the Pro series but is also more expensive. Besides some extra bucks, there comes some extra features that are with spending money. These features are based on my personal usage experience:

  • Traeger Down Draft Exhaust System allows you to control the temperature using an additional lower vent customized for extra smoke.
  • Double Side Wall Insulation to minimize heat loss and for better heat retention system.
  • Better quality smoke production than any other pellet grill.
  • Pellet Sensor allows you to monitor the level of the pellets wirelessly.
  • Hanger for hanging your spatulas or other cooking equipment.

Things That Pro Series Has But Ironwood Doesn’t Have:

Although the Pro series is an older model, it is still one of the best-selling models of Traeger. It has many features that are not found in the latest models. The list of these differences is based on my personal experience after the usage of both of them for comparison.

  • Light Weight allows easy movement across your backyard.
  • Lesser grill size which makes it more portable than other grills.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Faster heat up for quick cooking.

What To Look While Buying - Buyer’s Guide

How would you know which things are considered before buying a product with all the features and qualities in the budget range? Our experts have exposed the secretes for doing so.


Size of both the grill and your available space should be considered the top priority. What if you have enough space available to store a large grill but you buy a smaller one or vice versa. Just consider the size of the grill before buying to save the struggle of storing it.


Buying a grill with old traditional controllers can be annoying. So, make sure that your new grill has digital or at least precise controls so that you can cook perfectly. Controls play important role in precise and even cooking.


What if your grill gets rusted or loses its original shape after several cooking? To avoid such situations, choose a grill that is made up of long-lasting material so that it doesn’t lose its shape and get rusted after several cooking. If the construction quality is not good then this is one of the answer of why my Traeger caught on fire.


Whenever I buy a product I look for longer warranties so that I don’t have to spend when it gets damaged or malfunctions. You should also select the product with longer warranties to save yourself from the money-consuming process of repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ironwood 650 big enough?

Yes, it is big enough for performing large cooking either for a party or a family gathering. It has a cooking area of 650 square inches as indicated by the name.

Will a turkey fit on a Traeger Ironwood 650?

Yes, you can cook a turkey on it but according to the company, you can not only cook 1 but 4 turkeys on it at the same time without any struggle.

Can you use a roasting pan on a Traeger?

Yes, you can use a pan on Traeger but it is important to check whether it is oven safe or not. You can only use an oven-safe pan on Traeger.


Selecting one product out of two choices has always been very difficult for everyone. To solve this problem you should always do a detailed comparison between these two products which makes the selection pretty easier and helps you in choosing the best one for you. Both of these grills can be considered as best smoker grill combo as they can be used for multiple purposes

This article has a detailed comparison of Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650 based on personal experience, experts reviews, and customer reviews to help you select between these two. But if you want my opinion on this, I will go for the latest Ironwood model that is a little expensive. Traeger Pro is a budget-friendly product with every essential feature and quality that you need while cooking.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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