Traeger Pro 34 Review - Pellet Grills 2022

Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 15, 2022

Are you planning to buy a smoker that has a large capacity and is durable enough to withstand most environmental conditions? Or You are looking for the best seller product that has captured the market for a long time?

So the simple answer to your question is Traeger Pro 34 that has all the qualities you need but for sure to say that it has even more qualities that you are looking for in a smoker. A detailed Traeger Pro 34 Review is discussed to provide top value to the readers.

Traeger Pro 34 Review - Overview

Traeger Pro 34 Review
A detailed Traeger Pro 34 Review

Brand: | Traeger Model Name: | 10251 Power Source: | Wood Pellet Color: | Bronze Item Weight: | 46.49 Pounds Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 27 x 53 x 49 inches Fuel Type: | Wood Pellet

The Traeger Pro 34 offers a wide space to cook quality food either it is large or small. In this detailed review I will discuss amazing features and will provide reasons why it should be your first preference if you are looking for a smoker. It offers a futuristic design with cool features that make it number 1 choice for most of the BBQ community.

Within this price range what they are offering great value to the users. They have quality customer support in case if you are finding it difficult to assemble.

Features Of Traeger Pellet Grill:

Traeger pro 34 has all the features that you look for before buying pellet grills. Check out all these features of modern grills so that you don’t miss any features that you were looking for in a smoker for a long time. Although the list of the features is too long and we cannot discuss all of them in a single article, we’ll try our best to cover most of them. So these features are:


Like many modern grills lovers already know that the quality offered by Traeger is unmatchable and it has an awesome build quality, this Traeger pellet grill also has a powder-coated finish that gives this smoker a heavy-duty look.

Although the pellet grill is heavy, its weight is due to the steel used in making most of its metal parts. So the question here is “Is Traeger 34 Rust Resistant?” well the answer is, This steel and powder-coat finish make it rust-resistant.

There’s another advantage of this steel and powder-coating that is it can prevent heat loss from your pellet grill when the lid is closed and allows trapped heat to increase the internal temperature quickly so that your food can be cooked rapidly. It means that you can cook your food through indirect heat using the indirect heat method. It can


Traeger smokers are famous for their modern pellet grills as they produce the best quality pellet smoker with durable quality and tons of features.

Traeger Pro Fueling

One of the biggest advantages of this smoker is that it uses hardwood pellets as a fuel source.

We call it an advantage because cooking with wood pellets gives your food a smoky and delicious flavor. It is an advantage due to another reason which is, you can get the smoky flavor of your choice by using a specific type and flavor of wood pellets.

Wood pellets are available with different flavors and qualities so that you can get the smoky flavor of your choice while the quality of wood pellets allows you to cook longer than charcoal or gas smokers in one go.

Hardwood pellet grills are the best smokers as they allow you to cook for a longer time and can achieve the flavor of your food as no other smokers can. 

Temperature Control:

When we check the temperature control of most of the pellet smokers we remain unsure whether this shows the exact temperature or not.

This doubt is a must as most smokers do not tell you the exact temperature even when they have a built-in temperature monitoring system.

But when it comes to Traeger smokers they win this game with great ease as they have the best temperature monitoring system that tells you the exact temperature of the inside of the grill.

Though some fluctuations may occur so you should keep in mind temperature fluctuations of +/-15℉ while setting the temperature on the control knob. This ensures consistent temperatures for your food. It comes with a temperature control knob through which you can select different temperature ranges. You can set between medium heat, low heat, or high heat.

Digital Controller:

Even if this is an old model of Traeger Smokers it still has an advanced grilling logic control system. You’ll think that which technology is used in the controllers of Traeger Pro 34 so for your information it uses a Digital Pro Controller with AGL technology to set the temperature at a particular point avoiding temperature fluctuations.

So using Digital Pro Controller technology you can set the temperature of the Traeger pro 34 Bronze wood pellet grill from 125-450℉ as per your need. This technology maintains the set temperature ideally without any fluctuations through advanced grilling logic.

Traeger Digital Controller

Cooking space:

Large Cooking Space

When this product was launched it captured the whole market of the pellet grill for more than a year due to its large cooking surface. It offers you a cooking area of 884 square inches which is a wide space for cooking almost anything.

When we talk about a large cooking space the question that comes to your mind first is “how much cooking can you perform on it at one time?” It is large enough to cook 8 chickens on it simultaneously. While if you want to do ribs you can cook 7 racks of ribs side by side on it. But when it comes to cooking burgers on it, it offers you to cook almost 40 burgers on it concurrently.

In short, you can serve up to 8-10 people at once.

This is still very popular among pros due to its vast cooking space and quality of cooking.

Cooking Grates:

The cooking grates of this grill are porcelain-coated that are also coated with nonstick coating. This porcelain coating is not only durable and rust-resistant, but It also makes your cleaning process less time-consuming. Nonstick coating prevents the remains of food and ashes from sticking to the cooking grate which makes the cleaning process even shorter. To clean your cooking grate you just need to pour hot water on it and use a piece of cloth to dry it. 


Traeger has tried to produce versatile smokers and has always succeeded in doing so. This Traeger Pro 34 is versatile enough to provide you with 6 different types of cooking. So this is often called 6 in 1 versatile smoker.

But the question is which kind of cooking you can perform on it? So the answer is, You can smoke, bake, roast, braise and even use it for BBQ smoking to get the best smoky and juicy flavor in your food. You can perform almost every kind of cooking on it without creating a fuss for yourself.

Additional features - Traeger Pro 34 Review:

Some additional features are only offered by this smoker while any other smoker that was launched in the same year, did not offer these additional features. A comparison article on Traeger vs Green Egg is also provided to finalize your purchase. These features separate it from the rest of the smokers and made it popular overnight and helped it to capture the market. These features are:

Temperature probe:

Traeger Pro 34 offers you built-in dual meat probes that can measure the temperature of the inside of the meat actively and accurately. Two meat probes tell you the temperature of the meat so that you can cook your food from outside as well as monitor the inside of the meat's temperature to ensure proper cooking.

These temperature probes ensure even cooking of your food by measuring how hot your food is.

It has an LED indicator that shows the temperature of the smoker as well as the inside of the meat precisely. This feature helps to smoke meat precisely.

Hopper Capacity:

It offers you a large hopper capacity of about 18 pounds. You can fill the hopper with 18 pounds of pellets that will help you to burn it for almost the whole day. But this cooking time also depends on the temperature and the quality of hardwood pellets you are using. How To Season Traeger Pro 34 is an important point to consider if you want to increase the smoker life.

On which conditions the burning time of pellets depends? It depends only on your cooking temperature. If you are cooking your food at a medium temperature these 18 pounds pellets may last longer than a day but if you are trying to cook your food at high temperatures then it may last only for 18-20 hours.

Drip Bucket:

Drip Bucket

It also comes with a bucket to catch the grease and drippings of your food. Drippings of your food and grease that fall in the drip tray, fall in this bucket from the drip tray to keep the tray clean from the stains of the grease and food fats.

This bucket makes the cleaning process easier by keeping the drip tray clean by catching all of the food fats and grease drops in it.

Hopper cleaning:

The Hopper cleanout feature allows you to clean your hopper while cooking or after cooking. There is a small trap door that helps you in fetching out all the pellets.

These features not only help you in cleaning but also help you while you want to change the flavor of the pellets during cooking. The plus point while changing the wood pellet is that it will not disturb the burning of the pellets while you are changing them. 

All-Terrain Wheels:

Terrain Wheels

This new grill comes with all-terrain wheels that help you in its movement. These all-terrain wheels have made it easy to move it from one place to another with great ease. These large wheels are great not only because they help in the movement of the grill but also because of their quality. 

These wheels are also made up of rust-resistant material that protects the wheel of this grill from wearing out. 

Auto Start Feature:

It also has an auto-start feature which starts the ignitor automatically when you push the start button. These auto ignitions start pellet grilling and feed pellets automatically to the firepot. The igniter rod of the firepot starts burning them. This automatic controlling feature reduces the labor of your long cooking process. All you need is to turn on this grill, put the pellet woods of your choice in the hopper and sit in any corner of your house while your grill is preparing the food for you. 

If you don't like the price and features they are offering, do check the detailed article on best pellet smokers and you will surely find the best option.

Extra Details:

Control StyleDigital Pro Controller
Smoking Area884 sq in
Hopper Capacity18 lb
Grill Size (HxWxD)49x53x27 in
Weight136 lb
Hopper Cleanout
Dual Meat Probes
Sawhorse Chasis
All-Terrain Wheels

Personal Experience


Durability: This product is made up of steel that makes it durable and prevents corrosion which makes it a long-lasting product.

Warranty: It has a brand warranty of 3 years for its defective parts which means you can easily replace the defective parts.

Taste: Food cooked on this pellet smoker has a great taste and flavor due to pellets that are used as a fuel source.

Easy To Use: This grill is easy to use and can cook your food without much labor. Just put the pellets in the pellet hopper of your pellet grill, turn it on and wait for the food to cook.

Versatile: It is versatile enough to allow you to perform different cooking methods without any extra labor.

Temperature: It has various heat settings for different cooking as it has a control knob. It can set your desired temperature through this control.


Temperature: It has various heat settings for different cooking as it has a control knob. It can set your desired temperature through this control.

Wifi: You may ask about the most asked question that is Does Traeger Pro 34 Have Wifi? But the answer is this model lacks the feature of wifi control while all other latest models have a wifi control system.

Grilling: This grill is not suitable for grilling as it cannot reach a temperature above 500℉ which is low for smoking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot does the Traeger Pro 34 get?

It can achieve a maximum temperature of 450℉ which is good for cooking most foods but when it comes to smoking, Traeger Pro Series 34 is still not a good option for smoking. Other models of Traeger pellet smokers can achieve higher temperatures but these models are expensive and mostly out of budget. 

Is Traeger a smoker or a grill?

Traeger is a smoker that allows you a versatile cooking range. But when you think about smoking, It may prove to be less capable of smoking due to its low-temperature range. This smoker is best for giving your food a smoky and juicy flavor through low and slow cooking. Traeger smokers are one of the best smokers in the world. 

Can I ignite my Traeger smoker from the app?

No, You cannot ignite your Traeger from your app due to safety reasons. You need to ignite your Traeger manually through the manual controls to make the ignition process of a grill safer. But you can shut your grill down through the app as it makes sure your safety.


This was the detailed Traeger Pro 34 Review that has almost every detail of this product including its pros and cons of it. Overall this grill is the largest grill of the Traeger series with a grilling space of 884 square inches. This was also the best-selling product of Traeger in 2018 as it introduced all of the latest features that other smokers didn’t introduce. It was also the largest smoker available at that time. This grill is good to go if you are looking for a grill on a budget.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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