REC TEC RT-700 Pellet Grill Review Feb 2022: Bull Like Design

Rec Tec RT-700 Pellet Grill Review
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 18, 2022

In the grilling world, the Wood pellet grills enter the lives with a lot of conveniences. People with high-quality smoky taste prefer the pellet grills now. There is no need to babysit your food now! Saving your time is important nowadays. The outdoor kitchen has become part of our life. With this amazing REC TEC RT-700 Pellet Grill Review you will learn the pros and cons of purchasing that grill.

The most usual problem people face is that they have to spare extra time for grilling as It needs to be monitored properly with all focus. But now these pellet grills don’t need to be spoon feed. They work on there own. It is one of the best pellet smoker and it worth the hype.

With these grills, you can set the food on and keep on checking it on your phone with Bluetooth and wifi. It grills on its own now. This Rec tec bull review will be a detailed explanation about different features and what I like and dislike about this best pellet grill. These kind of reviews influence the decision of buyers by providing information about specs, features, assembly and problems of the product.

Just fill the hopper with the required amount of pellets as per need, set the temperature, and here you go! You can set it all and manage it on your phone.

These grills, if handled properly can last a lifetime.

REC TEC RT-700 Review Overview

Rec Tec RT-700 Pellet Grill Review
Rec Tec RT-700 Pellet Grill

Cooking Space: | 1050 sq. inches Weight: | 200lbs Power Source: | AC Hopper Capacity: | 40 lbs Material: | Stainless Steel

The passion for grilling and smoking was turned into a well-known brand when two friends Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy decided to launch their first-ever grill. In 2009, the Modification of the barbeque world started. Both of them wanted to present something different in the market which can be part of use in daily life.

Since then Rec Tec Bull pellet grills has always been one step ahead of its competitors.

Versatility and durability are always been the main focus in these meat making machines. But as I have said Rec Tec always tries to be one step ahead. Including the durability and versatility, it also worked hard on its grill looks.

External beauty with cool internal results is a perfect combo. REC TEC RT 700 Wood Pellet is one of the unique and appealing inventions of Rec Tec. It’s also known as “the bull”. I personally like this grill because it is “the bull” not only in looks but also it has strong bull-like construction and functionality that no other grill can have.

A grill with a beautifully strong design and features is an amazing package that a grilling company can offer and Rec Rec Bull pellet smokers has done it wonderfully.

What can be better than an appreciation of grill looks and design from everyone who sees it!


Cool bull design

Stainless steel

Wifi control system

Requires low power


Meat probe cause disturbance

The grill grates are a bit loose.

Construction Quality:

Rec Tec, a company that is well-known for its best grilling quality. Its products are always well-constructed and flawless.

Serving the customers with the only goal. This amazingly constructed REC TEC RT 700 Wood Pellet grill is all built up of stainless steel. Yes! Every part of it is heavy-duty stainless steel. That means there is no rusting and hard cleaning.

It comes up with 1050 square inches of cooking space with 2 meat grilling grates. When not in use upper one can be removed for easy cooking. These cooking grates have enough spaces and are thick that your meat will definitely have a proper and even cook.

This tremendously constructed best pellet grill worth your money as if handled with care can last a lifetime. It can be your last grill as it has heavy and solid construction.

External View: REC TEC BULL RT-700

External Rec Tec RT 700 Pellet Grill
External View

Use it million times but this bull won’t let your pride down. Its sleek design with a silver and black exterior makes it beautiful to the eyes.

The style of the bull is polished with shiny horn-shaped handles and an elegant bull logo on the lid. Undeniably, this bull attracts every individual.

The main cooking chamber is a cylindrical design with a back hopper. Yes! Its pellet hopper is at the back instead of the side having a short auger length. This is the most beneficial feature of these pellet smokers. Less auger length means fewer chances of blockage.

The chimney facing upwards has a beautiful rain cap that is adjustable. it can be moved back and forth for accurate readings. The chimney is very strong when you handle it feels like 10 pounds. Right under the chimney is a handle attached to help in moving the grill.

Moreover, there is a left shelf to increase the workable space with a control system. Its digital control system shows the temperature range and gives readings accordingly.

This masculine grill sets on a heavy-duty cart with wheels. That means easy transporting anywhere.

Internal View: Best Pellet Grill

Internal Design of Rec Tec RT 700 Pellet Grill
Internal Design

So, now let’s walk inside the grill and get amazed by the interior of it.

Opening up the stainless steel lid of the grill, there is a small light on the inner side. It’s perfect for night grilling. You can just turn the light on whenever needed.

There are thick grill grates. 304 stainless steel grates that come in 2 pieces. You can easily lift them up and reach the greased pan.

Above the burn pot is a heat deflector that distributes the heat evenly all over and protects the burn pot from any grease and leftovers. It’s quite big and not made up of creepy lightweight materials.

The auger is close to the hopper which is an advantageous thing for efficient pellet feeding. Auger feeds the pellets to a hot rod which catches fires and produces extreme smoke.

Having these a lot of amazing features in this REC TEC RT-700, definitely worth every penny.

Reasons To Turn Your Head Towards This Grill?

In the market of grills, there are very few on which you can look and think “It will be my forever grill”

Every 4 -6 years you have to replace your grill with a new one. But this grill has a lot of amazing things that will make it last longer and can stop your steps towards the next grill.

It could be your last grill. Let’s figure out, HOW?


“If the grill is entirely constructed of Stainless steel buy it” this is what one of my friends used to say.

It’s actually beneficial and better than any other porcelain and aluminum grills. Stainless steel grill always lasts longer than any other out there in the market.

Say goodbye to bad quality and rusty materials by grabbing this innovative stainless steel grill design. Rec tec confidently maintains its pride by providing its customer with the best solid quality grills.

No accumulation of chemicals coated on the grill grates. Pure stainless steel always makes sure to keep the food healthy and safe for people.

Cleaning is always easy in these grills and there is no sign of rusting if cleaned on time.

Sincerely, I’m totally happy with the stainless used in this compact design. I’m free from every kind of rusting and this is the most satisfying thing. Moreover, it's offering 6 year warranty which makes it a good product to have in the backyard.


Every grill is designed for longer use and perfect results but not every grill is eye-catchy. As I know “The bull” works like a bull but its beautiful design makes it stand out in the grilling world.

Rec tec has always been serious about their sleek designs and looks. Every grill of them has its own astounding internal and external features. RT 700 wood pellet grill is packed with silver and black stainless steel design having bull horn handles on the lid and a stainless steel logo that looks elegant.

This grill in your backyard will definitely make people stop and stare.

Smart control:

Monitoring everything with your eyes is the most satisfying thing a grill can provide. This feature makes the latest grills unique and easy to use.

High demand for this best pellet grill can be only because of their automatic digital ignition system.

Isn’t it amazing! With one click and a twist, your machine starts to make the mesmerizing flavored food for you.

The temperature is shown on the display. It has a WiFi system to let you monitor it even from lazy Sundays to busy business meetings.

Hopper works well, if filled whole, can last 2 days. It has an automatic start-up and cools down the system, with only one click it starts working on its own.

WiFi system:

WiFi control means taking control of everything in your hands. Every individual out here uses a phone and this new technology of controlling your grill with your phone has made the grilling experience a lot easy.

Set it and walk away with confidence.

The need for revolving around your grill till your meat is ready has just been minimized.

Rec tec also stepped in this high technology grill control and make sure to keep their heads up.

I cooked even for 20 hours. Without a single interruption my meat turned out a lot juicy and the smoke penetrated deep inside it.

I didn’t even unlock the lid for a long time. I kept on monitoring the food on my phone. Even the app tell you when is the time to flip your meat.

I didn’t know that grilling is this much easy.

Temperature control:

This grill provides a high-temperature range. You can reach a temperature of more than 500 degrees if you select the FULL settings. This can lead you to reach a temperature of about 600 degrees. You can set temperature according to the nature of food you are going to try.

Monitoring the set temperature is also a lot easy with this pellet smoker wifi system. You can control your Rec Tec temperature problems easily. It cooks the food as evenly as required.

Dual meat probe:

While cooking, the most important thing is to take control of the temperature at which meat is cooking. To monitor the internal temperature at regular intervals and to make sure that food is cooked evenly at the desired temperature, opening up the lid is required.

Continuous checking doesn’t let your extreme smoke get into your food.

Rec tec has changed the game by adding two temperature probes that monitor the internal temperature of the grill. The two probes monitor two meats at a time.

One end of Probes A and Probe B is plugged into the display on the left shelf and the other end is attached to the meat. So that the internal temperature of the grill can be monitor without checking repetitively

Customer services:

A little defect or missing part delivery can create big trouble for you. Calling or emailing your product manufacturer is not that easy.

Mostly the customers are unhappy only because the guy on the helpline turns out to be sulky. This is the point when you think “I won’t buy again from this company”

In this critical situation when the customer is totally fed up, Rec Tec shows its magic and catches the bad-temper of their customer.

Provides the best customer service and is always on time. It doesn’t make lame excuses

Its team is always available for their customers to please them. They stay active on social media as well as in the BBQ community.


Do not buy a grill, make an investment. Rec tec is actually a real investment. Definitely, you won’t regret buying this affordable pellet smoker because they are offering 6 year warranty which makes it too good to stand out of competitors in the market.

Rec tec has Confidence in its innovative design. As its build to last longer than you expect. This brand makes sure to stay stick to their words and prove them on point too.

REC TEC -700 comes up along with a warranty of 6 long years. No other grilling brand ensures this long durability. It provides the most satisfying customer service.

Surely, you won’t ever regret buying this grill.

Grill assembly:

It is very easy to assemble this grill and it can be completed within an hour for any person. The best way to assemble is to follow manufacturer provided video instead of following a manual which can be pretty difficult sometimes.

Hopper capacity:

The hopper capacity of Rec tec grills is 40 pounds of pellets which makes it a great option for long cooking times. The divider help to try different flavors of pellets and this can help to enjoy a unique taste.

Rec Tec RT 700 Wood Pellet Grill Problems You Can Face:

Loose grill grates:

The 2 pieces of grill grates are not fixed. While grilling they can slide and can be troublesome. The grates could be a bit tighter.

But yes, the design can only be like that. Tightly packed grill grates would be difficult to remove. So It is what it is. Being careful while grilling your food is the only option.

Grease Drip pan:

It’s a common problem with almost every grill. Grilling at high temperatures and for long times can rust your grease pan faster than expected.

So, you can wrap the greased pan with foil paper before grilling. It prevents the pan from rusting. You can use the same wrapped foil for 3-4 uses. After that change, it would be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rec Tec 700 worth the money?

The Rec Tec is a great grill that you will find easy to use and clean. It’s charcoal grill that has a lot of great features. This grill is the best for slow grilling and smoking.

What’s a better grill Rec Tec or Traeger?

Rec Tec has a very good design, but Traeger is a leader in the wood pellet grilling industry. In terms of quality, they are really close. In terms of durability, Rec Tec is a bit better as it comes with a ten-year warranty. In terms of performance, the Rec Tec is slightly better as it has a slightly wider cooking area.

Is Rec Tec a good pellet grill?

Yes, Rec Tec is a good pellet grill. A pellet grill uses a high grade of wood pellets and then burns it slowly for a longer period of time. The wood pellets used in pellet grill produce less thermal pollution and produces a cleaner and more natural taste. It also produces less smoke and is easier to clean.

Conclusion: Rec Tec RT-700 Pellet Grill Review

I’m now summarizing the story of REC TEC RT-700 Pellet Grill Review which is also considered as Bull over here. This strong bull-like grill is perfect for you if you are looking for large family gatherings or parties. For those who don't have any idea about what Rec Tec Grill is then go through my article on what is a rec tec grill and it clear most of the concepts.

Its construction is stainless steel with advanced automatic control. You can definitely impress your surrounding with its beautiful design. Your search for the most durable grill should end up here. Grab this best pellet grill if it suits you.

Now surely, you will be able to answer your confusion of ‘should you buy it or not’. There won’t be in between. Best of luck with your affordable pellet smoker purchase!

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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