Infrared Grill Vs Gas Grill

Infrared grill vs gas grill
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 23, 2022

You’ve decided to buy a grill but are confused between gas or infrared? Or You have heard a lot about infrared but want to see a comparison between both of these? Don’t worry we will surely explain to you the difference between both of these.

The main difference between infrared and gas grills is infrared does not use any open flames while gas grills have open flames to cook your food. 

If you want to know who wins between Infrared Grill Vs Gas grill then continue reading the article as we have provided here complete details about infrared and gas grills. To choose the best one for you just check the differences between these two.

Comparison Between Infrared Grill Vs Gas Grill

Infrared grill vs gas grill
Infrared grill vs gas grill. Which one is the best?

There are certain differences between these two but besides differences here we have provided you with the advantages that one can offer you while the other can’t. After detailed experimentation and experiencing everything, we have made the results of every comparison between these two.

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So here is the comparison and winner of the comparison between these two. 

Heating method:

Every product uses different heating methods depending upon the type of fuel and technology they are using. Gas Grills use open flames to heat the food or in other words, it uses convection or conduction methods to heat your food. This method includes heating your food through warm air or through direct contact which is an old method of cooking.

Infrared Grills use infrared radiations to cook your food. This method includes heating your food through infrared radiations that heat your food without being in contact with it. This decreases the chances of flare-ups and cooks your food faster than any other product. In this comparison, infrared wins the competition according to safety and quick cooking

Preheating time:

Preheating time is the time of heating a grill before cooking to reach the required temperature. It is important to preheat it as every food has its cooking temperature.

Gas grills require 15-20 minutes to preheat and reach maximum temperature while infrared only requires 5-7 minutes for preheating and reaching the maximum temperature. 

Infrared requires less time to preheat than gas. So it can cook your food quickly and hence the winner is infrared. 


While buying a product you should also consider the amount that it will cost you while cooking. More fuel-efficient product means that they will cost you less while cooking or vice versa.

Gas grills use a lot of fuel while heating as they achieve higher temperatures slowly while infrared can achieve a higher temperature quickly and can save you a lot of fuel. So infrared is again a winner in fuel efficiency.


The temperature achieving ability of a grill is the most important thing to see while buying the ideal product for yourself. Most of the grills cannot reach higher temperatures as they cannot do so or they are not of premium quality.

But in this case, Infrared Grills can achieve higher temperatures than any other. It can even achieve higher temperatures than Gas Grills. In this scenario, Infrared is the winner of the competition as they can beat others easily. 

Most infrared can achieve a temperature of more than 700℉ while others can even achieve more than 600℉. So if you want to cook foods that require higher temperatures then you already know which one to buy after reading this.

Temperature Controls:

Temperature controlling options is very important as it helps you in setting the desired temperature according to the food you are going to cook. So precise temperature control means that there will be your desired taste in your food. 

Gas grills do not offer any precise controller options as they only have heat setting that is low, medium, medium-high, and high. While infrared allows you to control the temperature accurately so that you can set the temperature according to your food. It has controllers that make it hard for you to disturb the achieved temperatures even when you open its lid.

Fuel Source:

Different grills use specific types of fuel such as charcoal grills use charcoal as a fuel source while pellet grills use wood pellet. 

Gas grills use natural gas or propane as a fuel source while Infrared also uses propane or natural gas as a fuel source. But there is an addition to infrared that modern infrared use electricity as a fuel source and cooks your food even faster.

So, according to fuel diversity infrared is the best choice as it can consume natural gas, propane gas, or electricity depending upon their models. 

Cooking Versatility:

Cooking versatility is the type of cooking a grill can perform. Most people want to buy a product that allows them to use different cooking methods on the same grill and you’re probably one of them.

If you want to know different recipes that you can cook on oil-less fryers check out char-broil oil-less fryer recipes.

Gas grills can provide you with different cooking methods but at low temperatures. It means you can cook anything on low and slow mode while infrared provides you with almost every kind of cooking irrespective of low or high temperatures. You can perform searing, roasting, grilling, or even baking on it. 


The first thing everyone looks at while buying anything is the price. So look for the price of the grill before buying it. Gas grills are cheaper than infrared grills as they are old-fashioned and are of lower quality while infrared is expensive due to premium quality and is a modern grill with the latest features.

When it comes to price Gas grill beats the infrared.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of infrared grilling?

Infrared has countless benefits as it can cook your food quickly and evenly. It is energy efficient and allows you to cook with different methods. It can achieve higher temperatures as compared to any other grill. It cooks food juicier and tastier keeping the original flavor of the food.

Can you slow cook on an infrared grill?

Yes, You can slow cook on it due to the cooking versatility it offers you. It has an exact temperature control that allows cooking at your selected temperature without temperature fluctuations. So you can slow cook it way better than you used to do on traditional products. It is better in cooking than most grilling products.

How long do you grill a steak on an infrared grill?

It only depends on the temperature at which you are cooking it. If you are cooking at higher temperatures then it will require less time while at lower temperatures it will require more time. But at medium temperature, it will take 6 minutes for a rare cook, 7 minutes for a medium-rare cook, and 9 minutes for medium-well cooked.


Before buying a grill you should first select the fuel type of the grill but you are here it means you have two choices in your head, which are gas or infrared grill. Read the comparison of Infrared Vs Gas Grill and select the one whose features are good enough to meet your expectations. Overall infrared is the best product among most grilling products as it offers you the best features at an affordable price. But it primarily depends on the type of grill, features, and quality you want in your product

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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