Huntington Gas Grill Review

Huntington Gas Grill Review
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 5, 2022

Gas grills are the easiest to use and have modern features for beginners to control the grill as they want. Huntington is one of the gas grills companies that are not well known but provides highly efficient designs of grills at an affordable price. On this page, you will get the Huntington gas grill review and you will be able to decide if you should buy its grills or not.

If you are looking for high-quality features in a burner gas grill within your range then you must have researched the grills within your budget. Huntington cast grill is one of the best grills that strive to stay in the race of high-quality grills but in a lesser range. This detailed cast series 24025 and 30030HNT review will clearly make you understand why these grills are worth buying.

  1. Huntington Cast Grill Series 24025HNT
  2. Huntington 30040HNT

There is an enormous market of best grills for beginners that offer as low a price range as you want. But many of the low price range grills offer fewer features which could be a problem. Huntington never compromised on their products and provided their customers with the best quality features with amazing accessories.

The price range that Huntington offers is quite affordable. Their grills provide great functionality which makes them stand out in the competition of outdoor kitchen appliances. They always worked to construct grills that are better than their competitors within the affordable range.

If we talk about USA grills then Huntington is straight in the line providing each of the modern features and heavy stainless steel constructions. Each of their grills allows precise temperature control due to the presence of 180 degrees flow valves and a perfect system of heat retention. Their deep aluminum hoods allow even heat distribution and heat retention.

Huntington Gas Grill Review - Overview

Huntington Gas Grill Review
Huntington Gas Grill Review

Huntington is one of the best quality gas grill brands. It was founded in the USA and raised its pride for over 20 years. Huntington has manufacturing plants in Indiana, Tennessee, Dickson, Waterloo, and Ontario. To construct the perfect outdoor kitchen of your dreams, Huntington provides special quality stainless steel grills.

It is one of the great brands made by onward manufacturing Co. Onward is the Canadian BBQ giant that owns many of the grilling companies. Its grills have recently been introduced to different outdoor companies as well. Its grills are still made in North America and are heavily constructed using stainless steel with durable quality.

It has years of experience and knows how to facilitate its customers to make them happy and desire more. You will find more in Huntington cast iron grills as you explore deep in it. It provides aluminum and porcelain-coated hoods with cast iron grates or cast aluminum grates and stainless steel parts that are rust-free. Cast iron and stainless steel are corrosion-free.

Now that you know a lot about this griller company. You can actually trust it and try to learn more about its products. It’s most important to know that Huntington offers a lot of products within your budget. There are three major product models that Huntington provides which are the patriot, the Rebel, and the iron series.

Huntington Gas Grills - High Quality Products

At this time there are two models available and shown on their website which are Rebel and Cast series. So we have extensively researched and experienced all of the grills. Two of the most popular grills are discussed in this review

Huntington Cast Grill Series 24025HNT

Best Budget Grill

Huntington Cast Grill Series 24025HNT
Huntington Cast Grill Series 24025HNT

Features: | Cast Series 24025 Total Grilling Space: | 390 sq in Dimensions: | 54″ L x 20″ W x 42.75″ H Weight: | 38.5 lbs BTU: | 25000 Material: | cast aluminum with porcelain coated grill grate.


Porcelain enameled cooking grates evenly cooks the food.

It has an extra warming rack to keep the cooked food warm.

The propane gas burners are sturdy and each of the knobs provide a separate heat control system.

Side tables provide extra cooking space with tool hookers.

The wheels are big enough to move wherever you want easily.


It doesn’t contain a thermometer to read the temperature.

Huntington always worked hard to stay in competition with the grills that cost an arm and a leg. The Huntington 24025HNT model is built to last longer with high-quality stainless steel construction. It doesn’t follow the thin quality steak-coated stainless steel construction because it doesn’t last long. This grill has heavy solid material construction.

It’s a large grill with H-shape having two side shelves for extra workspace which also function as a warming rack with integrated tool hooks. The cooking space is good enough to feed a small party due to an extra warming rack. It also provides warming racks to keep your food hot and juicy. This warming rack allows you to serve everyone at the same time. This further increases the cooking space. IT has porcelain coated grill grates that make it non-stick for most of the food.

Huntington Cast Series 24025 Liquid Propane Gas Grill- Features

Burners– This grill has 25,000 BTU stainless steel double control power. You can separately control the burner’s heat as you want by only twisting the burners. The heat distribution by these powerful propane gas burners is amazing. This grill performs perfect heat retention and cooks the food evenly as you want but you need to make sure that you have set the right cooking temperature and flip the food when it is required.

Grill Grates– The cooking grates that you will find in the Huntington Cast Series 24025 model of Huntington is porcelain coated wire. You will get the beautiful searing marks at the high temperature through this porcelain coated porcelain cooking grate. But it would be quite difficult to get those sizzling grilling marks right on the place you want without this porcelain coated cooking grate. These porcelain coated cooking grates are even rust or corrosion-free.

Grease management– Most of the propane gas grills provide the feature of a grease tray but Huntington strived hard to Stand out in the race by replacing the grease tray with the empty soda can. There is a hanger present to hold the empty soda can in which the grease drips. There is an opening under the grill burners through which the junk and leftovers fall into the soda can.

Warranty– Ensuring that your customers trust you and get attracted again by solving their problems is the superior point to be focused on by grilling companies. Most grilling companies provide a warranty of about 1 to 2 years or a maximum of 5 years. Huntington again crossed all of the other competitors by facilitating its customers with the 10 years of warranty on all cast aluminum material parts.

Huntington 30040HNT

Best BBQ Grills

Huntington 30040HNT
Huntington 30040HNT

Features: | Huntington 30040HNT Total Grilling Space: | 430 sq in Dimensions: | 54″ L x 22″ W x 43.5″ H Weight: | 55 lbs BTU: | 30000 Material: | cast aluminum


It has high power output which is up to 30,000 BTUs

There is a side burner present to cook side dishes.

Two side tables provide extra workspace.

Vaporizer bars are present for extra smoky flavor.

It has heavy duty wheels for easy transport.


Assembly could be difficult for some people.

30040HNT is one of the grills of cast iron grates series in which you will find extra amazing features. These cast iron coatings prevent rust or corrosion. Both of these cast iron or aluminum grills are almost alike but there is much more to learn about this model as well.

This grill provides superior heat output control and rust-free durable construction. The powerful heat output provided by each of the burners helps you cook delicious recipes within your desired time.

Huntington 30040 liquid propane gas grill- Features

Burners– Huntington 30040 model two propane gas burners. It gives the power of 30,000 BTU with stainless steel burners. The two of the propane gas burners provide separate heat control systems. You only need to twist the knob and adjust the desired temperature of your own. These burners help distribute the heat all over the propane grill evenly.

Turn on one of the propane gas Burners– if you want to cook for yourself. Use both of them when you are cooking a lot of food for others. Each of the burners gives 15,000 BTUs of heat output which is a great output to cook food evenly. One of the most asked questions for those who are looking for propane grills is how big are propane tanks for grills. We have covered that to make they have good knowledge before purchasing any propane grill.

This propane grill is covered with amazing features. One of which includes the side burner. Boil eggs, sauté vegetables, warm the toasts, or do as you please. 30040 is perfect for people who love to cook food within less time like a professional cooking master.

Cooking area– This compact grill has a total cooking area of about 430 square inches. Impressively, grills like these do not have that much cooking area but Huntington has done it well and proven that you can get a versatile cooking area within your desired range. It has a primary cooking area of 300 square inches and the warming racks or side burners have 130 square inches of space.
It has cast iron grates and is coated with porcelain which increases the design’s value. Cast iron also prevents rust or corrosion.

Vaporizer bar– Weber spirit, genesis, summit, and other grills used vaporizer bars in their grills. Vaporizer bars help to give your meat a grilling flavor that every person craves. The fate from the meat when it drips on the hot aluminum surface turns it into vapors. The vapors move upwards in the form of smoke and infuse into your meat directly which turns your meat delicious. In this way, the aluminum cooking system of vaporized bars works to add extra smoky flavor to your meat.

Many of the grilling companies used this technology to raise their grilling marketing and Huntington is one of them. In competition with outstanding brands, Huntington facilitates its customers with the best at a low price.

Warranty– This grill warranties the same as Huntington 24025 liquid propane gas grill. Huntington always makes sure to gain the trust of customers by introducing a high-quality grill with splendid features. The warranty that Huntington gives is far more than other competitors in the grilling world.
How amazing it is to facilitate the customers with highly efficient grills having low costs! Do ahead and buy the right one for yourself.

Things To Consider Before Buying Huntington Grills

Heavy construction– The first most prominent thing to focus on before buying a propane gas grill is to look for the build quality. Most of the low-priced grills are not worth buying because of their thin stainless steel construction that rust off easily and do not last long for years.

Before buying the Huntington grill or any of the grills make sure to look for high-quality stainless coated steel or aluminum construction which makes it durable for years. You will always want a grill surface that does not rust and has high heat resistance. Huntington grills are built of cast aluminum and stainless steel parts. Huntington grill or cast aluminum grill is easy to clean, lightweight, rust-free, and retains heat by providing even heat all over the grill.

So in this case you will find all of the grills perfectly structured.

Size– Most people have small space to store the grill so they look for foldable small grills to enjoy the BBQ traditional foods. It’s essential to store the grills in a secure place, leaving them uncovered in the mid is inappropriate and can be troublesome. There must be foldable legs or side shelves so that you could safely place your grill anywhere you want without making excess room for it.

Keep in mind when buying a Huntington grill that these grills do not have foldable side shelves. Before buying the Huntington grills make sure you have appropriate space to store the grill.
You can buy any of the Huntington grills by measuring the size you want.

Cooking area– Looking for the cooking area is also a key thing to focus on because everything compiles on how much you want to cook at a time and according to that how many square inches would be best for you. If you are a party freak then you would need a cooking area greater than 600 square inches. If you are looking to cook for the family only then a 240-300 square inches cooking area is best for you. You can still cook a lot of it at a time.

Before buying the Huntington grill select your required cooking space then buy according to your desire. This will help you cook faster for parties and family.

The number of main burners– Looking for the number of main burners is very important while buying a burner gas grill because this could help you get extra cooking space with precise temperature control. You can select the number of burners you want. The benefit of burners is that you can turn on one or two burners at a time if you want to cook less, otherwise turn all of them on.

Huntington grills provide one of the best power ranges that starts from 50,000BTU’s and up to 85,000BTU’s.

Huntington grill 30040HNT has one extra side burner that is good to cook the side dishes. You can turn that burner on to get the side dishes prepared within a real quick time. This is a very useful feature you will find in a grill. In this way you can cook anything you want and whenever you want.

In Huntington grill, you will find two options to light up the grills. One is the piezoelectric ignition system in which you can light up the burner through the single spark system. The second is that you can turn on the burners manually. Turning on the burners with electric ignition can be time-consuming so you would need to have a little patience for it. If you can’t wait then turn on the burners on your own.

Portability– The portability of the grill is a lot important because you always need to move your grill. The grill should always have the wheels to be moved in your backyard or wherever you want. Make sure to look for the wheels and proper mobility of your gas grill.

The above-mentioned models in the Huntington grill are both mobile. Both of the grills have two wheels so you could move them around easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Huntington gas grills parts?

Huntington grill parts include Cooking grates, grill tube burner kit, and grill heat shield.

What is a Huntington gas grill heat shield?

The heat shield is one of the parts of the grill and it prevents the food from uneven cooking and it helps to prevent the grill burners. It will be available in multiple sizes and you can decide according to the size of grill you are using.

Are Huntington grills any good?

It is a good option for what they are offering. Within this price, the features are good and knowing the fact that they are manufactured in the USA.

Are Huntington gas grills made in USA?

They are using stainless steel from different continents of America but the grill is manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Who makes Huntington gas grills?

Huntington grills are manufactured by a Parent company named Onward Manufacturing. There are renowned manufacturers when it comes to gas grills. They also offer other well-renowned brands which include Broil King and Grill Pro. Broil King and Grill Pro are premium grills brands.

Are Huntington BBQS good?

I have tried all kinds of Huntington BBQS in stores. They are all great products. The one which I really like is the charcoal style. The charcoal style does not have a troublesome igniter. It operates with charcoal lighter fluid which works great. It is very easy to use and it tastes great. I am absolutely happy with this product and will keep on using it in the future.

What is the best brand of gas grill to buy?

If you just want the best and will never cook on it, I would buy a Viking gas grill. If you want a gas grill that works, and it doesn’t matter what brand, I would buy a Weber. I own both and love Weber. But, if you want to spend less than $500 and it doesn’t matter what brand, I would buy a Silver Lynx.

Conclusion: Huntington Gas Grill Review

Keeping a hand on monster grills is not everyone’s cup of tea. So Huntington has introduced high-quality classical grills for their valuable customers. Huntington grills come at the top when talking about the best budget grills because these grills are versatile with affordable prices.

You will learn about two popular and available grills in this Huntington gas grill review. These two grills have a lot of similarities. Huntington Cast Series 24025 and Huntington 30040HNT are durable Huntington models with versatile cooking surfaces. These Huntington models have a grill body of cast aluminum construction or cast iron construction. You can buy any of the two and enhance your grilling experience at a low cost.

If you are not interested in Huntington grills and considering your low budget, do check the best gas grills under 300 and you will surely find what you are looking for.

You will find all of the modern features in Huntington grills with solid construction like premium grills. Huntington highlights the amazing features at a low cost. The only drawback these grills have is that the grills are not that eye-catching and look like expensive grills. The major point to focus on is to have mouth-watering taste, not eye-appealing looks. So, give it a try and buy these grills before the prices go high and you miss the chance

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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