How To Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill

How to Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 17, 2022

Weber smokey joe is a kettled shaped barbecue that is lightweight and hence portable. This grill is perfect for beginners for the range of cooking it can perform. Here we have listed some of its features which are worth mentioning:

  • It has a 14 inch of cooking diameter that makes it enough to serve 2-4 servings per time.
  • It is durable as it is a product of weber which is famous for durability.
  • It has a small size and is lightweight so you can take it anywhere.
  • It uses coal that gives your food a true smokey flavor.

So the real question is How To Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill. Here we have listed the best methods through which you can cook your food easily with different methods using this grill.

How To Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill - Complete Guide

How to Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill
How to Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill

Here is the complete guide about how and what to use with your grill. We are going to tell you about its usage, its maintenance and different methods of cooking that you can perform on this portable grill.


Because of its versatility you can use any fuel that suits you but the weber recommends charcoal briquettes as they burn evenly and provide your food with even heat for best cooking. This is what a kettle barbecue is made for, the best and even cooking. The quantity of briquettes depends on the food you want to cook. For example if you want to cook burgers or hot dogs then 10-12 briquettes are good to go but if you are cooking steaks, Weber recommends using 20 briquettes. 

Temperature Control:

Weber has built in vents that may be present on the top of the lid and bottom of the bowl. Weber also has vents that are located on the side of the bowl.

These vents are there ro control the airflow to the charcoal and hence controls the temperature. When the vents are open cold air flows inside and hot air flows outside causing heat loss and burning charcoal quickly.

While, when the vents are closed the temperature of the grill increases due to the flow of hot air inside the grill.

Light Your Weber Grill:

Everyone has their own method of lighting up their grill and everyone thinks that they are using the best method to light up the grill but the fact is you can light a Weber grill through different methods and most of the methods are good to light it up.

But the recommended method to light weber grill is:

  1. Use a charcoal chimney that can store your coal for heating.
  2. Now put the lighter cubes that are used to light up charcoal and light them to heat up your charcoal.
  3. Now put the charcoal chimney on the lighter cubes.
  4. Wait for the coal to start burning.
  5. Once the coal starts burning, lift the grate and put these burning coals into the grill and after that put the grate back to its place.
  6. Open the vents so that charcoal can burn up quickly to reach their maximum heat.

This was the simple guide to lighting your Weber grill. 

Cooking On Weber Grill:

Weber recommends using hard charcoal on a weber grill but you can also use fluid as fuels but they are not good to use for cooking as they often accumulate at the bottom of the grill. They also produce some bad fumes that are imparted to your food while grilling. A detailed article on Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review will help to learn a lot about this top grill.

You can cook with different methods on a Weber grill because of its versatility and portability. Here we have provided you with different methods of cooking using this grill.

Direct and Indirect Cooking:

You can use the methods of direct and indirect cooking on your weber grill. Direct heating method is used to cook the food rapidly as when heating directly you take off the lid of your grill and heat your food from one side that is directly faced towards the heat.

While in Indirect heating you close the lid of the grill and also adjust the vents to make sure no outer cold air comes into the grill and the inner hotter air of the grill cooks your food from both sides.

Creating Zones:

You can create different temperature zones on your weber grill by placing charcoal at different levels. Pile up your charcoal at one side of the grill and this area of the grill will have the highest temperature as compared to other parts of the grill.

Distribute the charcoal on your grill at different levels put more charcoal at one place and less at the other this creates different temperature zones on your grill so that you can cook and heat your food at the same time.

Snake method:

This method is used for slow and even cooking of your food. In this method you design your charcoal like a snake on your grill. Place the charcoal around the edges of the grill like a snake and light them to get the heat that is necessary to cook your food.

It may cook your food slower but it ensures quality cooking with great results.


Cleaning up your grill is always the hardest part as no one wants to do work after enjoying a party. But this is a must do thing as it makes your next cooking safe as well as ensures the durability of the grill. Make sure to clean your grill every time you cook on it. Wash your grill with warm or soapy water. Use soapy water and brush with soft bristles for grease and tough stains. This will make it long lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I soak my wood before smoking?

Soaking your woods in water can increase your cooking time as wet wood takes much time to get dry and to burn. It almost takes 30 minutes for your wood to get dry enough to start smoking. It may cause your meat to dry out. Dry wood fluctuates the temperature hence causing uneven cooking of food.

Can you put wood chips directly on charcoal?

Yes, you can put wood chips on charcoal directly or you can use a wood chip box. The best part of using a charcoal grill is that you can use wood chips directly with charcoal and they both with the help of each other can produce wonderful flavor smoke that gives your food a great smokey taste. So it is safe and good to use wood chips with charcoal directly or through using a wood chip box.

How much charcoal do you put in a smoker?

The amount of charcoal you put in a smoker depends on which kind of food you want to cook. If you want to cook burgers or hotdogs it will consume only a short amount of charcoal but if you want to cook steaks then you’ll need a decent amount of charcoal to cook it completely. Mostly burgers and hotdogs require 10-20 briquettes of charcoal while steaks and other foods require 40-50 briquettes of charcoal for quality cooking. Quantity may vary depending upon the model of the smoker you are using.


The answers of the question How To Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill is clear through the statement that this grill is best for beginners. You can use this grill easily and you can also use different cooking methods on this grill because of its versatility. It is an easy to use product that helps you to solve your cooking problems with its portability and durability.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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