How To Smoke A Turkey On A Weber Smokey Mountain

How to Smoke a Turkey on a Weber Smokey Mountain
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 12, 2022

Smoking a turkey on a Weber smokey mountain will be a really great experience for you. This smoker is very efficient in these types of cooking as it can cook at 325 to 350℉ for 4-6 hours while at 225-250℉ for approximately 12 hours. But this time and temperature only depends on how you set up your smokey mountain.

So your question of How To Smoke A Turkey On A Weber Smokey Mountain has lengthy answers that includes setting up the grill, list of ingredients, preparing turkey for cooking and finally cooking it. So we have listed these steps from start to ending.

Instructions For How To Smoke A Turkey On A Weber Smokey Mountain

How to Smoke a Turkey on a Weber Smokey Mountain
How to Smoke a Turkey on a Weber Smokey Mountain

Here is the complete guide for cooking a turkey on a Weber grill from ingredients that are needed for cooking to the setting up of the grill. After going through this recipe check my article on Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review and you will learn a lot about great features of this Grill. So the step by step instructions for cooking turkey on a smoky mountain start from:


These are the ingredients that are available in your kitchen and you’ll need these ingredients while cooking:

  • 12-14 pounds Turkey.
  • Half cup of saltless butter.
  • A teaspoon of freshly chopped thyme.
  • An orange with zest.
  • Olive or canola oil.
  • The basic need for every dish is Salt and Pepper.

Preparing Turkey:

Preparing turkey for cooking includes several steps that are very important for great taste and quality cooking. Read these steps carefully and do not make any mistakes in order to get the best taste of the turkey.

  • Mix up rosemary, thyme and salt less butter at room temperature.
  • Remove the wing tips of the turkey.
  • Separate the skin of the turkey from the meat.
  • Clean the turkey with the help of a towel and let it dry.
  • Season the turkey with salt, pepper, orange zest and rub olive oil thoroughly on the turkey.
  • Leave the turkey with all the spices for 24 hours to get the best taste.

Preparing Weber Smokey Mountain:

Starting up a weber smokey is not a lengthy or time consuming process. It is a simple and quick method if you know how to use a smokey weber. The steps are as follows.

  • Fill half of the weber with charcoal. Add wood chunks(apple or cherry) to get the smoky taste in your food(only if you want to).
  • Fill half of the starter of the chimney with charcoal and light up charcoal using lighter cubes.
  • When the charcoal of the starter chimney starts to burn properly, put these burning charcoal in the unlit grills that were half filled in the weber.
  • Now wait for the coals, that are at the base of the grill, to start burning. 
  • Remove the water in the water pan as it is a hot cook.
  • To make cleaning easier, use aluminum foil at the edges of the pan.

Cooking Process:

As the temperature of the grill reaches 300℉, put the turkey on the grill.

  • Close the lid of the grill for even heating and proper Smokey flavor. 
  • If the temperature is increasing than 300-350℉, close the vents to prevent burning of your turkey.
  • If the weather of the area where you are cooking is low, add 8-10 riquettes after every one or two hours.
  • Cook your turkey for almost 3-3.5 hours to get the best cooking and taste of your turkey.
  • It is a tight sealed smoker so remember to adjust the vents actively in order to avoid overheating of the turkey.
  • You can also cook the turkey by spatchcooking method. This method is cooking turkey by removing the spine and breast bone all at once.

Final Results:

Now your turkey is cooked evenly with a delicious smoky flavor. Take your turkey out and enjoy the best taste due to the cooking versatility of the weber smokey. Don’t forget to clean your grill after preparing your food and having a hearty meal.

Tips To Cook:

Here are some expert tips for best cooking results and to give your food the flavor that only experts can give. Use these tips to ensure the great taste of your turkey and other foods that you cook on weber smokey. If you are new then a 2 minutes read on How to Use Weber Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill and you will surely find it useful.


Turkey cooks best when it is heated at low temperature but at continuous heat. Although it cooks slowly, it provides your food with great taste and smokey flavor. Slow cooking is even cooking in this case. Don’t let the temperature go above 350℉ and below 300℉ for best results.

Drip Pan:

Use a drip pan to catch drippings of the food otherwise these drippings of the food can cause flare ups which will then produce ash. These ashes will fly over the grill and there are chances that these ashes will coat the turkey which will ultimately destroy the taste and flavor of it.

Use a remote thermometer:

Using a remote thermometer can help you note the temperature of the inside of the turkey but inserting a probe deep down the meat. It will also help you to check the temperature without opening the lid. This will reduce heat loss through your grill and your food will cook quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to smoke a turkey on Weber Smokey Mountain?

It can take upto 3 hours of continuous cooking if you manage to maintain the temperature of 350℉. But if you maintain a temperature range of 250℉, it will take approximately 6 hours to cook a 12 pounds turkey. So, it completely depends on the temperature that you can maintain inside the grill. But it cooks best at low temperature of 325-250℉.

What size smoker do you need to smoke a turkey?

You will need a 18-22” smoker for cooking the whole turkey. You cannot cook the whole turkey on a 12-14” of smoker but you can only cook turkey breast on it. The best 18” smoker for cooking whole turkey is the Weber Smokey Mountain that is the best option for versatile cooking. It can cook your food deliciously.

How long do you smoke an 8 pound turkey breast?

An 8 pound turkey breast will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of cooking at 300℉. But the cooking time depends on the temperature, the higher the temperature the shorter the cooking time will be or vice versa. In order to cook evenly try to cook your turkey at low temperature at 250℉ with continuous heating.


So the answer to your question of How To Smoke A Turkey On A Weber Smokey Mountain is completely answered in this article. It is easy to cook on Weber Smokey mountain as it is the best charcoal grill for beginners. You can cook on it just like a normal grill as it is not that complex to use and we have provided you with a complete guide for cooking on a Weber Smokey.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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