How To Season Traeger Pro 34

How to season Traeger pro 34
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 9, 2022

You’ve successfully bought a Traeger grill and want to do your first cooking on it desperately? But before cooking anything on your new Traeger you should season it first to prevent any germs or toxins that may add up to your food while cooking. If you want to know How To Season Traeger Pro 34 you should be completely aware of what seasoning is.

What Is Seasoning Of A Grill

How to season Traeger pro 34
How to season Traeger pro 34

Seasoning is cleaning the surface of a grill to prevent toxins and germs from adding up to your food.

Seasoning is a must before performing your first cooking on your new product. Some people do this even before storing their product to protect it from rusting and corrosion.

Now, you know about the term “Seasoning” and want to do it to your new grill? So follow these step-by-step instructions to season your grill properly.

Seasoning Process - How To Season Traeger Pro 34

This process is not so long but is quite important regarding health and food quality. If you do not do this to your grill properly you can get health risks or destroy the taste of your food easily.

If you want to read a detailed Traeger pro 34 review then check out this article.

Before starting cooking on your new product or before preparing it to store, it is the most important process that should be done before doing both.

But there are still many models of Traeger pellet grills available in the market but don’t worry we’ll tell you about the seasoning process that is almost the same for every Traeger wood pellet. 

Seasoning Of Wifire Model

Wifire models take 1.5 hours to complete the seasoning process which is a long time but it ensures your safety and avoids any health risk. So do follow these step by step instructions to avoid any trouble:

  • After assembling it, let every part of it remain inside the grill for better seasoning. 
  • Fill the hopper with hardwood pellets and turn on your grill.
  • Now, select Prime Augar from the control panel to start the pellet feeding to the hopper. 
  • When enough pellets have fallen into the hopper turn off the auger. 
  • Set the temperature at 350℉ through the control knob.
  • Now, turn on the ignition button and close the lid and wait until it reaches the set temperature.
  • When the grill has achieved a temperature of 350℉, wait for 20 minutes.
  • Now, set the temperature again at 450℉.
  • When your grill achieves the temperature of 450℉ again wait for 30 minutes. This, again and again, heating of the pan makes sure that no toxins or germs are left.
  • This was the final step and after that, you can start cooking. You can even store your grill after this process but you need to turn your grill off first.
  • To turn off your grill, press the selection dial for more than 3 seconds and it will automatically turn off. 

Seasoning Of Non-Wifire Model

This model will take approximately 1 hour or more to complete the process but once you have completed the process you can enjoy cooking on it. Follow these step-by-step instructions to properly season it and perform your first perfect cooking. 

  • Do not remove any components of the grill before the seasoning process.
  • Add the hardwood pellets and turn your grill on after plugging it into an electrical outlet.
  • Now open the lid and remove all of the internal components.
  • Set the controllers to the highest temperature setting that is available in your product. 
  • After 2-3 minutes wood pellets will start falling into the firepot.
  • At this time turn it off, open the lid and put all of the parts back into it. 
  • Now, set the controller to smoke and turn on your grill.
  • Close the lid and wait for 15 minutes till the fire starts.
  • When the burning process starts and it emits thin and light blue smoke, set your grill to the highest temperature. 
  • Wait for 30 minutes to complete the seasoning process and after that, you can cook anything on it and can enjoy the great taste without the essence of any toxin or chemicals. 
  • But if you want to store your grill, turn it off and wait for the shutdown cycle to complete. 
  • The shutdown cycle takes approximately 25 minutes to end and after that, you can unplug it. 

Advantages Of Seasoning

There are countless advantages of performing this process on your grill as it not only removes toxins and saves your food from the bad taste but it also helps you to keep your grill just like new. 

It can increase the lifespan of your grill by preventing rust and other factors that can potentially destroy your grill.

Seasoning prevents the imparting of the taste of your previous cooking to your current cooking.

It also removes the remains of oil, grease, or food drippings and makes cleaning easy. If you want to know how to clean Traeger grease trap then read this article completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prime Auger every time Traeger?

No, there is no need to prime the auger every time. Once you’ve done it, it will be good to go until you clean the auger tube. But if you clean the auger tube, then it is a must to prime the auger after each time you clean the tube. So you should think before cleaning the auger tube as it will cause you to prime your auger again.

Can I leave pellets in Traeger?

Yes, You can leave the pellets in your Traeger Texas it is safe to keep pellets in it. But if you keep your pellets there for a long time it may cause the pellets quality to destroy which will then create a bad smell and affect your cooking. So keep the pellets inside your Traeger for a shorter period to perform safer and healthier cooking.

Do pellet grills dry food?

Pellet grills can keep your food juicier as compared to electric or charcoal smokers. But when you compare pellet grills with gas grills then gas grills can keep your food juicier than pellet grills. So pellet grills are better than electric or charcoal but gas is better than all of them and prevents your food from frying out.


Seasoning is the first and most important step before cooking or before storing your grill. It is important as it removes any residue left behind due to the manufacturing and ensures safe and healthy cooking. So now you know How To Season Traeger Pro 34 and you can easily season your grill like an expert. But follow all the mentioned steps to prevent any risk of health or food.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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