How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill

How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: May 8, 2022

You’ve cooked your food and you’ve turned off your grill and you want to remove the tank safely? Or you have successfully seasoned your grill and want to store it and you want to remove the tank from it but don’t know how to do it?

Here is a simple guide on How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill safely so that you can store the grill or clean your grill.  Removing the tank is not a lengthy process but it requires precision as if not treated carefully it may cause fire risk or other environmental hazards. So read this article carefully.

Guide On How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill Safely

How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill
How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill

For a simple and step-by-step guide read this article and don’t missy any single line so that you can remove it safely without releasing the gas into the environment and creating environmental pollution. Just these steps according to the number, otherwise, you’ll create a fuss for yourself. 

  • First of all, turn your grill off by switching it off through the control panel or turning the knob of your grill towards off. 
  • Now, take it out of the area where it is placed called the grill cabinet. Mostly present under your cooking area or behind your grill. 
  • Make sure that you’ve turned off the pressure regulator of your cooking device and it is completely turned off so that there is no leakage of gas through the burners.
  • It is the time at which you should completely cut off the gas supply through your tank by rotating the knob of it in the clockwise direction. This will close the valve of the tank and stop the fuel supply to your device. 
  • After the valve has been shut off, it is the time you should turn the valve in the anticlockwise direction and unscrew the regulator to remove it off the grill. 
  • Once you’ve removed the regulator, you can easily pull it out of the cabinet or from the place where you’ve stored it.

This was the simple guide on removing the tank from your cooking device. Now you know how you can remove it and after successfully removing it, you want to plug it again so that you can continue cooking again but don’t know how to do this. Don’t worry here is another guide on How To Connect Propane Tank To The Grill. Read this out to clear any of your doubts. 

How To Connect Propane Tank To Your Grill - Grills Guide

Connecting it is as simple and easy as removing it. But there are still some chances that you may end up releasing the whole gas stored in the tank into the environment. Does cold weather affect propane grill is an important question which is answered in detail. To avoid this make sure to follow every step that is present in this guide. 

  • First of all, Turn off all the valves or pressure regulators of your cooking device so that you don’t lose any gas when you connect propane to it. 
  • Put the pipeline of your cooking device into the regulator of the grill and screw it in a clockwise direction until it is tight enough to stop the gas from escaping. 
  • After that,  put the tank in the cabinet or the area that is specially reserved for the tank.
  • After all of these simple steps, you’re ready to cook your food again as normal. 

This is the simple guide on connecting the tank to your cooking device so that you can start cooking on it like normal. If you don't own a grill then check my article on best propane grill under $1000. Make sure to follow every step correctly to avoid any fire or environmental risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I disconnect propane tank from grill?

It only depends on you, whether you want to remove it or not. But the thing that is recommended is, you should turn off every knob of gas after cooking or using any of your gas appliances so that there remains no chance of leakage of gas.
You only have to remove it if you want to do a refill or you want to store your grill. Otherwise, you can keep it inside the grill cabinet after turning every fuel supply off.

Can a grill propane tank explode?

Yes. it can explode and cause fire risk or other dangers. But this only happens when you overfill it or when you keep it at a place where it bounces again and again. To avoid this explosion, you should keep it in a safe and stable place and avoid refilling it when it is already full. The explosion is damaging which will not only cause fire risk but will also destroy everything around it.

Is it okay to leave propane tank outside in summer?

Yes, it is good but unless you don’t keep it in direct sunlight as sunlight will increase its temperature and an increase in temperature will expand the gas due to which risk of the explosion will increase. To prevent this avoid direct sunlight and keep it under a shade. It is also important that you keep it on a flat surface so that it won’t fall and create a fuss for you.


It is a simple and easy process unless you don’t miss any steps. But if you want a short review on How To Remove Propane Tank From Grill then read this. Simply turn off all the knobs including the regulator of the tank. Unscrew the regulator of the grill and remove the regulator or pipeline from it. This was a simple and easy process but if you want to reconnect it then reverse the steps or read the above guide on reconnecting it again and start cooking.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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