How To Get Rust Off Cast Iron Flat Top Grill

How to get rust off cast iron flat top grill
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 3, 2022

You've got rust and you’re looking for a solution to rid of it? Or you’re worried about the long process of taking off the rust? Not a problem at all. Here we’ll tell you the perfect and easy methods to remove it from your grill without any extra labor or creating a fuss. So, Your How To Get Rust Off Cast Iron Flat Top Grill will surely become “It is easy to get rid of the rust from your grill”. But first, let us tell you about what is rust, and how it attacks your grill.

What Is Rust?

How to get rust off cast iron flat top grill
How to get rust off cast iron flat top grill

Rust is the main factor that can potentially destroy your grill with the passage of time and forms when your grill comes in contact with water and open-air in the presence of humidity. In short, when your iron cooking grates come in contact with oxygen and water, all of them exchange electrons, and rusting begins. We have covered a detailed list of best flat top grills that will help to ease the cooking. So here we have provided you with some of the simplest methods to get rid of the rust from your gas grill grates. These methods are:

How To Get Rust Off Cast Iron Flat Top Grill Through Simple Methods:

There are many methods through which you can clean your grill but most of these are time-consuming methods and require a lot of labor.

But there’s no need to think about these methods as we have provided you with the most simple methods of cleaning the rust from your grill pan or frying pan.

Don’t miss any step so that you can easily remove the rust without any extra labor. Some of these methods require the things that are available at your home while others require some extra cleaning materials that are only used for deep cleaning.

Simple Rust Cleaning:

The simple rust cleaning method is only for mild rust and this method is very useful if you want to clean it from your grill without extra labor. The things that you’ll need while cleaning your grill are:

  • For safety purposes, you’ll need a pair of Heat Resistant Gloves.
  • For coating your grill and removing rust, you’ll need some cooking oil.
  • For cleaning Rust you’ll need a Metal Scrapper.
  • For deep cleaning, you’ll need Grill stones, Metal Wool or Sandpaper.
  • For drying purposes, you’ll need towels.

Now let’s go ahead with the cleaning process which is very simple if you don’t miss any step but if you do you may create a fuss for yourself. 

  • First of all, wear your safety gloves.
  • Turn it on and wait for 20 minutes.
  • After preheating turn it off and wait for it to cool down.
  • Now, scrape the whole grill grate with a metal scrapper until all of the rust is removed.
  • Now, Use 2-4 tablespoons of oil to coat your whole grill.
  • Scrub it with grill stone, Metal wool, or Sandpaper.
  • Use a paper towel or any kind of cleaning cloth to wipe the oil and remains of the scrubbing.
  • Again coat it with oil and wipe it down.
  • Continue doing the above step until all the debris is removed. 
  • Now season it and apply oil while seasoning. 
  • After seasoning, use oil for coating your grill as this will prevent the direct contact of water or air to your pan.
  • Now you can enjoy your Barbecue and other foods without the taste of rust. 

Deep Cleaning Method:

This method consumes more time than a simple cleaning method but cleans your grill deeply and prevents rust from damaging it. This method only requires a little more labor but can save your grill from wearing out. Things you’ll need while cleaning is:

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Grill Stones
  • Olive oil

Steps are easy and simple only if you read these steps carefully and apply these steps exactly as written. So these steps are:

  • Submerge your cast iron grill in a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water and let it soak for 1 hour. 
  • Now take the pan out of the solution and rub it with Stones or Steel Wool with baking soda sprinkled on the grill.
  • Wash it with water and check for rust, If there’s still rust on it repeat the above step.
  • Heat your pan enough to evaporate every single drop of water that is left.
  • After cooling down your pan, apply a layer of oil to it. 
  • Now, again heat it at 450℉ for about 2-3 hours.
  • Finally, apply another layer of oil to prevent direct contact of air and water to your grill.

These were some simple steps to make sure that the rust has been completely removed from your grill and will never come back again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does vinegar remove rust from cast iron?

Yes, Vinegar removes the rust from your cast iron grill when mixed with water. Simply prepare a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water and submerge it in the solution for an hour or two. Vinegar will remove it and it will become shiny and rust-free again. Proper seasoning is a must to prevent it.

Can you use steel wool on cast iron?

Yes, Using steel wool is a great way to remove all the rust from your grill after heating it or after bathing your grill in a vinegar solution. Steel wool not only helps in the scrapping of rust but also helps to regain the old shiny surface of your grill. So, Using steel wool on cast iron is a good way to remove it.

What kind of oil do you use on cast iron?

You can use every kind of cooking oil you use to cook your food but we recommend you to use olive oil as it is a great oil for removing it from the surface of your cast iron. Olive oil has great power to prevent the direct contact of air or water to your grill. So after seasoning your grill properly, use olive oil on your cast iron grill to save it from rusting again and again.


Removing rust from your cast iron grill requires a great amount of labor and consumes much time. But after using the above-mentioned method you can easily clean your grill without any further labor and creating a fuss. Read the above-mentioned step carefully and you’ll get the answer to How To Get Rust Off Cast Iron Flat Top Grill in very simple steps.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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