How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap

How to clean Traeger grease trap
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 10, 2022

You’ve done cooking and want to clean your grill? Or you’ve done cleaning your grill but still don’t know how to clean your grease trap? Don’t worry about these problems, just read this and you’ll surely get the easiest solution to your problem. Cleaning it is very important as it will cause a fire if it is clogged or not cleaned properly. So if you want to know How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap you are at the right place to get enough knowledge that’ll help you in cleaning. But if you don’t even know what it is let us tell you about this.

What Is A Grease Trap?

How to clean Traeger grease trap
How to clean Traeger grease trap

It is a system installed in your Traeger for cleaning the fats and food drippings without letting them mix in your food or cause flare ups.

It can save a lot of cleaning time that you’ll be wasting in removing the oils and food dripping stains from the grease tray or the grill.

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Every Traeger pellet smoker has this feature for the convenience of its user. But you need to clean it after several cookings as it will cause a fire if clogged in the drip tube. 

How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap - Cleaning Process

It doesn’t have any lengthy cleaning process and requires only a little labor but can save you from great fire risk and destroying the taste of your food. So if you want to know how to clean it, read the below-mentioned step and don’t miss any step.

  • Turn off your pellet smoker and wait for it to cool down so that you can start the cleaning process.
  • But if you want to clean the oils from your grill then you should clean it while the grill is hot as it makes cleaning drippings or fats easier. And if you want to know about the details to monitor the temperature check out how to use Traeger meat probe that helps you monitor the temperature.
  • Use any non-metallic tool to clean the drip tube which brings the drippings from the drip pan to the drip bucket. Don’t use any metallic object as it’ll damage the drain tube or cause leakage.
  • Use hot water and paper towels or a degreaser to clean the remaining drippings or fats from the drip tray. 
  • Use hot soapy water with paper towels to clean the grease bucket. You can also use a degreaser bought from the market or made at home to clean it.

These were some simple steps to clean your drip tray, grease bucket, or drip pan without any extra labor. 

Empty Your Grease Trap Notification

You may often get the notification to clean your grease trap or clean your grill. We’ll tell you a method to solve this problem but before this make sure that you’ve cleaned your drip tray or grill properly.

But if you haven’t done the cleaning process completely you might end up destroying the drip-catching system. But if you’ve done it properly and are still getting the Clean Grease Trap notification, Follow these steps to get rid of this notification.

  • Go to the menu using the control panel of your Traeger.
  • Select the settings options.
  • Select clear notifications and that’s all.

Now you won’t get any notifications of cleaning grease traps and you can cook freely. 

Disadvantages Of Not Cleaning Grease Trap Properly

If you fail to clean it properly, it will affect your cooking and may also cause you a fire risk. Because fats and food drippings along with grease, when travelling from the drip tray to the bucket, have a chance to clog within the drip tube.

This may cause the drip tube to get a leakage or it may cause all these drippings to stick to your grill. Some disadvantages of not cleaning your grease trap rightly are:

  • It will create a smoke of bad taste that will impart to your food. 
  • It may cause fire risk when coming in contact with fire. 
  • It will decrease the lifespan of your grill by increasing the risk of rust or corrosion.
  • It may cause clogging in the drip tube.
  • It may even cause leakage in the drip tube.

These were some disadvantages of not cleaning properly, to avoid all these make sure to do a deep cleaning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop a grease fire on a Traeger?

Check if your grill drip-catching system is working properly. If the dripping of food and fat is flowing perfectly to the bucket then there’ll be no fire. But if it is not flowing properly check for the clogging in the drip tube. Clean it thoroughly to make sure no fats or drippings are left behind. Otherwise, there’ll be a great risk of fire and your food will burn or taste bad. 

How often should you clean your Traeger?

To increase the lifespan of the grill we recommend you clean your grill after every cooking. But if you perform more than one cooking in a single day it is recommended to clean your grill after every 5 cooking you perform on it. But if you use it less often then you should clean it after every cooking as after every cooking you are going to store it for a long time which will affect the life of the grill by increasing the chances of getting rust or corrosion.

Is baking soda a good degreaser?

Yes, Baking soda is a great degreaser as it helps to remove the food stains from the drip tray or grill. But when baking soda is mixed with soap, it becomes the perfect degreaser for removing stains from your grill, drip pan, or bucket. If you can’t buy a degreaser from the market then make one at your home using baking soda and soap.


Cleaning your Traeger grease trap is an easy process as Traeger has made it much easier for its user to get rid of fats and food drippings through a drip-catching system. But if you don’t know How To Clean Traeger Grease Trap then after reading the above article you can clean it like an expert and you can get the best results of cleaning. But it is also important to clean it as it may cause trouble in your next cooking if not cleaned properly.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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