How Long Does A Weber Grill Last?

How Long Does a Weber Grill Last
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 17, 2022

Weber grill is well known for its durable quality and resistance to rust or other damaging factors. It also has a company warranty of 10 years that shows the trust of the company on Weber. Weber grills have a lifespan of 5-10 years. My article on Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle Review will help you to finalize your purchase. But its long lasting time only depends on how you use it and how you keep it.

How Long Does A Weber Grill Last if used with care:

How Long Does a Weber Grill Last
How Long Does a Weber Grill Last

If you use a Weber grill with care and precautions it will last more than 10 years. It has a company warranty of 10 years which shows the durability of the product. Its different parts have different years of warranty so read the warranty carefully before buying any grill. The warranty of its different parts is given below:

  • The bowl and the lid of weber comes with a warranty of 10 years.
  • Cook box: It has a warranty of 5 years or more.
  • The Grill Grates of Weber comes with a warranty of more than 5 years.
  • All plastic Parts come with a warranty of more than 5 years. Fading of colour may occur due to usage.
  • While all other parts have a warranty of 2 or more years.

Factors Affecting Life Span Of Weber:

Using Weber daily or more frequently can have an effect on its lifespan. Some people use it occasionally while others use it more frequently so the lifespan for each user will be different. Here we have listed some factors that shortens the lifespan of weber. If you want to increase the lifespan then avoid certain things.


Avoid leaving your grill dirty with the remaining of your food as it may be the best and suitable place for bugs to settle down and eat. If you don’t clean your grill the remaining food and grease will attract bugs which will seriously damage the durability of your grill. Sometimes rodents settle down in abandoned grills. 


Look out for the storage of your grill in open places. While your grill is rust resistant and is made up of stainless steel, continuous bad weather may affect its durability. Continuous rain may cause the rusting of the grill as well as other parts that are made up of metal. Snow can also cause the rusting process to start as frosting and defrosting of the grill may initiate rusting at certain parts.


If you don’t clean your grill after preparing food on it, the leftover food and grease may be the best place for molds to live as they love filthy places. They can seriously damage the durability of your weber grill making it weaker against corrosion and other factors. 

Factors To Increase LifeSpan Of Weber:

The life span of weber is pretty good as it has a durable quality and rust resistant stainless steel. But its life span is greatly affected by one thing that is how you use it. Checkout my recipe on How To Smoke A Turkey On A Weber Smokey Mountain and you will surely give it a try. If you use it with care it will last for more than 15 years but if you use it without care, it won’t last for more than 2 years. So here we have suggested you the things that can increase the lifespan of the weber:


Cleaning a grill is the biggest factor in increasing the lifecycle of a grill and this will surely affect how long does a Weber grill last without rusting. Clean your grill frequently and especially after preparing your food on it. Clean your grill thoroughly to avoid the process of rusting and use warm soapy water to clean your grill.

Weber grills come with a One Touch Cleaning System. It will move your grill back and forth to clean any remaining food or grease. It also sweeps ash into the ashtray of the grill which is removable and easily washable. 


Cover your grill with its standard cover to avoid the effect of weather on it. Every Weber grill comes with its standard cover but if your grill doesn’t have any cover, you can cover it with some piece of cloth that is large enough to wrap it. This covering will not only save your grill from external weather but it will also prevent the germs and dust from falling on your grill. 


When you don’t use your grill anymore, store it in a dry place and under shade to save the grill from the direct effect of weather. Clean your grill properly before storing it inside your house or in your garage. Because cleaning the grill will eliminate the remains of food that will damage the grill if not cleaned. Try storing your grill inside your house when not using it as it may preserve it from outer harsh climate and add to its life.

Tips For Cleaning:

If you have cooked your food and you are ready to clean your grill then wait for it to be cooled down.

After the grill has cooled down, wash it with simple warm water.

Remember that harsh cleaning will affect the non-stick coating of the grill. So use warm soapy water for cleaning grease and oil cleaning.

Use a brush with smooth bristles for smooth cleaning and rub the brush gently on the grill plate to avoid any scratches.

Use special cleaning liquids that can clean the grill without much effort. But remember not to use too harsh liquids that may cause the color to fade out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Weber grills wear out?

Not only the Weber grill but every grill can wear out if not treated well. Weber will last 5-10 years if treated well. Treating a grill well means cleaning it, covering it, and storing it in a well place. These factors can increase the lifespan of every grill but even if you do so, every grill has a fixed lifecycle after which it wears out.

Will a Weber grill rust?

Weber offers rust free coating and uses stainless steel that helps in the prevention of rusting. So Weber is rust free and it can easily bear most of the harsh weather. The only condition to make sure it doesn’t catch rust is to make sure it is clean enough that any food particle has not been left in the grill. Moreover it’ll never catch rust if it remains clean.

Are Weber grills really that much better?

Weber grills are much better than any other grill as it offers a great warranty on its products with affordable prices. The quality of weber is also durable and can withstand any weather conditions with a very little care. It also prevents corrosion due to stainless steel used in it. It also comes with a nonstick coating that adds to its features. These are the reasons that Weber is considered as one of the best grills.


The lifespan of any grill depends on how you use it, how you clean it and how you store it. Using a grill with care can make it last upto 15 years while using the same grill without any proper care can decrease its lifespan to even less than 3 years. Cleaning a grill is the main factor of decreasing or increasing the lifecycle of a grill. If you clean your grill regularly or after every cooking your grill will have a good lifespan but if you don’t do so your grill will not last longer,

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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