How Long Does a Bag of Traeger Pellets Last?

How Long Does a Bag of Traeger Pellets Last
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: October 15, 2021

Traeger pellets are a great way to cook on your Traeger grill. But how long do they last? It depends on how you use them! For example, if you just have one bag of pellets that is open and not sealed, then it will start to lose its flavor after 2 weeks. If the bag is still sealed but opened, then it might last up to 6 months with proper care. And if the bag has been resealed properly after each time it's used and stays out in storage for an extended period (like in a pantry or closet), then this can go up to 18 months before losing its flavor! So when you consider all these factors, we recommend buying at least two bags at once so that

Cost-Effective Solution For Grilling

How Long Does a Bag of Traeger Pellets Last
How Long Does a Bag of Traeger Pellets Last

Traeger Grills costs a lot less in the long run compared to other grill types because you can use a Traeger pellet smoker to cook low and slow for hours at a time. This, in turn, yields more food–and savings!

So whether you want a meaty beef brisket or Smokey ribs for dinner tonight, you'll get delicious results every time with a unique wood pellet flavor.

But these savings aren't only in the meat…

By purchasing a grill with less expensive parts, you can save even more! You'll also want to consider these costs before making your purchase:

Traeger Grills is built with high-quality materials, so parts are not cheap. To keep up the grill's fine quality, you'll have to buy a few replacement parts along the way after some time. A detailed comparison of Traeger vs Green Egg will be an icing on the cake before finalizing your grill.

What is Traeger Pellets?

Traeger wood pellets are small cylindrical nuggets of compressed hardwood sawdust. Each pellet is unique, with different flavors depending on the type of wood. Because each variety of wood has a unique chemical composition, the smoke it creates will have its unique flavor, too! They can be used in electric or gas-powered smokers. How long does a bag of Traeger Pellets last is to consider because it will affect the over price of cooking.

What is the lifetime of a bag of Traeger pellets?

If you're wondering how long does a bag of Traeger wood pellets lasts, it depends on several factors. The most important factor is the type of smoker that uses them! Pellet grills or smokers can go through approximately 10 pounds (around 5 kilograms) in 24 hours given normal usage. Fortunately, most users don't use their devices heavily 24/7, so a bag will last longer. Also, the size of the grill or smoker makes a difference in how long it takes to go through 10 pounds of pellets.

No of Pellets Burned Per Hour

A Traeger pellet smoker's hopper holds about 20 pounds of pellets. This will typically yield anywhere from 60 to 100 hours of cooking life, depending on your settings. The number of hours you get out of a 20 lb bag will vary depending on what you burn the pellets at, how often you open your hopper and other factors.

Traeger Pellet Bag Life span when stored properly

A 20-pound bag of Traeger pellets should last about 10 to 12 months if stored correctly. Keep the bag sealed and away from moisture and high temperatures, such as direct sunlight and your grill.

How long do Traeger pellets last at 225 degrees?

At 225 degrees, Traeger pellets will typically last about 6 hours. However, this can vary depending on your smoker's settings and how often you open the hopper to refill it.

Best Practices using Traeger Pellets

  • Use a Kettle Grill – the thicker walls retain heat better and have fewer air gaps which means your pellets will last longer
  • Fill your hopper – this reduces the amount of air that flows freely which allows you to burn your pellets for a longer period.
  • Keep your smoker clean – build up from grease, dust, etc. will shorten the life of your pellets
  • Keep your smoker out of direct sunlight and in a cooler location
  • Clean the inside of your smoker - Traeger pellet lifespan can be reduced by up to 50% when you don't clean it after every use

Benefits of using Traeger Pellet Grill

Before considering the benefits of using a Traeger Pellet Grill it is better to understand How do Traeger Grills Works. The pros of using a Traeger grill include:

  • It is very simple to start and use
  • The food comes out extremely well and is always cooked properly
  • The taste of the food is truly unmatched by any other appliance on the market
  • You can cook many different types of meats on a pellet grill (pork, beef, chicken, turkey, etc.)

What are the Disadvantages of using Traeger Pellet Grill?

The cons of using a Traeger grill include:

  • Even though the food tastes great, it does not always look appetizing (becomes dry and black due to high heat)
  • It can be quite expensive to purchase compared to other types of grills
  • You will need plenty of space in your backyard for this type of grill
  • It can be a hassle to clean and maintain the grill

Tips on Buying the Right Size Pellet Bags

1. Look at your Traeger Grill

Check the model number on the grill. This information will help you to determine how much cooking space is available in your grill; which will help you to decide on what size of bags you need to buy.

2. How often do you cook?

Take into consideration how often you like to use the grill to cook your food. If you have a family of four and would like to cook for them several times a week, then purchasing a large bag might be the best choice for you. However, if you are single or live with another person, purchasing one-pound bags will be more than enough.

3. Your cooking styles

You should also consider your cooking style. Some people like to cook slow and steadily. They will put their food on the grill, walk away for hours at a time, then return to check on it every three minutes. On the other hand, some are constantly looking over their shoulders at their grills. If you are one of these people, purchasing small bags might be the best option for you. A large bag can be used up in two cooking sessions—and that will drive you crazy.

4. How much do you cook?

If you are constantly on the run but love to grill when you get a chance, then one-pound bags would be perfect for you. If your family is very small and you don't cook very often, then a small bag would work. However, if you have a large family and want to spend more time with them at the grill, then one big bag would be best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Traeger grills worth it?

If you’re a fan of smoked meats, you’ve probably already heard about Traeger pellet grills. This is a new and innovative appliance that gives you the convenience and ease of using your gas grill, without any of the hassles and it is worth it!
Traeger’s use wood pellets instead of propane or charcoal as their main heat source, which makes them eco-friendly.

Can I Leave Traeger Pellets in the Hopper?

You can leave food pellets in the hopper for around 2 months, but it is best to use them as soon as possible.

How long does Traeger last on shutdown?

Traeger will last for about 10 hours on shutdown. However, it is recommended to shut them down as soon as you finish your meal to retain the temperature and prevent clogs.

Can you leave pellets in Traeger?

Yes, you can leave pellets in your Traeger for around 2 months. However, it is best to use them as soon as possible.

Is it safe to leave a Traeger unattended?

Yes, it is safe to leave a Traeger unattended. However, you should never leave a grill unattended for a long period as this can cause your pellets to burn out and may damage your grill.

Conclusion : How Long Does a Bag of Traeger Pellets Last

The quality of your Traeger pellets will depend on the way you store them. If they are stored properly, then one bag can last up to six months! But it’s important not to forget that once a bag is opened and resealed improperly, its shelf life decreases substantially. To make sure your grill grates stay in good shape for as long as possible, be mindful about how often you open the bags with our pellet-sealing tips before storing them away again.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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