How Hot Can A Rec Tec Grill Get?

How Hot can a Rec Tec Grill Get
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 18, 2022

Rec-Tec grill can achieve different temperature ranges from 250℉ to 600℉ which is a good temperature range for cooking most of the food products but some models of Rec Tec can achieve a high-temperature range of 750℉ on Riot mode so this temperature allows you to cook large food quantity in one go. How Hot Can A Rec Tec Grill Get depends on several factors which we are going to explain in this article. 

How Hot Can A Rec Tec Grill Get - Complete Grills Guide

How Hot can a Rec Tec Grill Get
How Hot can a Rec Tec Grill Get

Different models of Rec Tec can reach different temperatures depending upon the age of the model for example Rec-Tec RT 700 is the latest model and can reach up to 650℉ in a short time of 10 minutes.

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Some other factors can increase the temperature achieved by the grill. These factors are:

External Temperature:

If the temperature of the area where you are grilling is low then the temperature achieved by this may reduce due to external temperature. So to get the highest temperature, keep your grill at a place where the temperature is not as low as it will disturb the internal temperature of the grill. The moderate external temperature will allow your grill to reach its maximum temperature to cook your food as soon as possible with the same great taste and smoky flavor.


Adjust the airflow of your grill to reach the maximum temperature that your grill can achieve. More airflow means more burning of wood but don’t forget that if airflow increases from a certain limit, it can cause flare-ups as a result these flare-ups will burn your food. So adjust the airflow through the vents or through the digital control that is available on your grill.

This is the main factor that directly affects the temperature of your grill so be cautious while adjusting the airflow of your grill.

Quality Of Wood:

One of the most important factors on which the Temperature of your grill depends is the quality of wood pellet you are using. Good quality wood pellets will burn slowly but they can provide you a good temperature level that poor quality wood pellets cannot. Poor quality will not only burn faster but will also produce less heat than good quality wood pellets. So be careful while selecting wood pellets for your grill.

Temperature Setting:

Set your grill to achieve the best temperature through the PID control provided to you at the top of the lid or through wireless control. Some of the pellet models also have Riot mode in the temperature settings to achieve a high temperature of 750℉ that is enough to cook any food on it within a short limit of time. Even if some of the grills don’t have this mode, they can still achieve a pretty decent temperature of 650℉ just by selecting a quick-cooking good-quality mode.

Fuel Supply:

Supply your grill with pellets after every 1 or 2 hours to avoid the gradual decrease in temperature due to the burning of most of the pellet woods. A continuous supply of wood pellets makes sure that wood in the grill doesn’t end up and the grill continues to burn to cook your food as soon as possible with great taste.

Counter Checking:

If you want to check the temperature of your grill, check it on the PID control panel or through your wireless device. Do not check the temperature of the grill by opening the lid of the grill as it may result in heat loss which will further decrease the temperature of the grill. So wait for the grill to reach its maximum temperature and note down the temperature by looking at the control panel or any wireless device to avoid opening the lid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot does a Rec Tec 340 get?

Rec Tec 340 can achieve a temperature of 200-500℉ within 10 minutes. While some other factors may disturb the heat achieved by this grill. It has temperature control settings for up to 500℉ and it also has extreme smoke settings to get maximum smoke for your food and cook your food with a smoky flavor. Its foldable legs make it much more portable and easy to carry.

Do pellet smokers dry out meat?

No, Pellet smokers do not let your food dry out. Instead of those traditional charcoal or gas grills that have a higher risk of drying out your meat, you should try these pellet smokers that can cook your food even juicier than propane or coal using grills. These pellet smokers cook your food juicier as they are designed for a long time cooking with keeping the flavor of the food preserved.

Can you smoke on a recteq?

Yes, you can smoke on a Rec Tec as pellet smokers are one of the best smokers. Most of the Rec-Tec grills have smoke settings for producing only the required amount of smoke. If you want fuel efficiency then you can shift to a low smoke setting but if you want a smoky flavor that is full of juice then you should try the extreme smoke setting available in most of the Rec-Tec grills. It has the advantage of controlling the smoke according to your requirement and it uses fuel according to the smoke.


Different models can achieve different temperatures depending upon their capacity and limit. So before choosing any grill check the temperature range that is achievable by this grill. But the question How Hot Can A Rec-Tec Get has a simple answer which is:

Rec Tec Grills have different temperature ranges from 250-650℉ while some models have Riot mode to attain 750℉ of temperature.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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