How Do Smokeless Grills Work

How do smokeless grills work
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 24, 2022

If you’re thinking that smokeless grills work? Or is it good to cook food on a it? Then the answer is Yes. You can cook almost everything on smokeless grills and it works simply and efficiently to cook your food.

If there are still some questions in your mind then here we have provided you a complete guide on How Do Smokeless Grills Work while covering every single detail. Most of the these grills use electricity to cook your food, some of which use infrared technology which is the most advanced technology currently.

Basic Understanding On How Do Smokeless Grills Work:

How do smokeless grills work
How do smokeless grills work

Most of the smokeless grills use electric energy as a fuel source. These grills produce heat using two ways. The first one is, they use electricity to heat the heating element present just beneath the cooking grate to provide the best heat.

Then there comes the other one that uses infrared technology that uses electricity to provide your food with infrared heat that cooks your food evenly. Both of these grills are smokeless and are the same in many ways since both use electrical energy as a fuel source. 

Here is some simple working of most of the parts of these grills:

Parts and their workings:

Different parts of the grill perform different functions from preventing smoke production to heating your food. Here are some common parts of grills and their functions. Check our article Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Consumer Reports in which we have covered the products that are recommend by the Consumer Report.

Cooking Grate:

Most of the cooking grates of the smokeless grills are in direct contact with the heating element to cook your food thoroughly and evenly. These cooking grates are coated with a nonstick coating so that this nonstick coating can save your time.

These cooking grates are durable and removable. So that you can clean your grill after removing the cooking grate, which makes cleaning easier. 


Almost every smokeless grill has lids for the best cooking but some of the them use this lid as a second cooking grill. These lids are convertible and removable. 

You can convert the lid of the grill into a cooking grill or you can use it only as a lid to cover your food while cooking.

It only depends on how much cooking space you want. It can also help you to cook your food from both sides using both the cooking pans at the same time. All of these functions are controlled digitally. 

Digital Controls:

Smokeless grills offer digital control in almost every grill. This digital control panel allows you to set the temperature and time by just touching (if touch panel) or by just clicking on the buttons on the panel.

You can even set different modes for cooking such as searing or grilling and all of this is controlled digitally. You just have to set the temperature and time on digital control and put your food on it for cooking. 

Smoke Extractor:

Smokeless grills have an active smoke extractor to remove smoke while cooking. This smoke extractor uses a fan and turbo smoke extraction technology that removes the smoke actively. This smoke extractor makes sure that no smoke is forming or when the smoke forms it actively takes the smoke out. 

Drip Tray:

There is a tray just above the heating element and just beneath the grill called a drip tray. This drip tray ensures that no drippings of your food fall directly on the heating element.

As these dripping when falling on heating elements produce smoke. To minimize the smoke, it catches almost every oil drop or grease drop that falls off your food. 

This drip tray also makes cleaning easier. 


Smokeless grills have different powers and their maximum temperature depends on the power of their heating element. Most of the smokeless grills that are high end have a heating element of 1300-1800 watts

We know that's a lot of power but they cook your food real fast. Some of the smokeless grills that are not high-end have a heating element of 800-1200 watts. But these grills cook your food slower. Infrared grills are the most powerful among most grills check out the benefits of infrared grills in this detailed article.

Portable Design:

Smokeless grills have a portable design. Most of the smokeless grills are designed to be used outside as well as inside your house. As said earlier it is also designed for inside usage so all of the conditions that you face while cooking inside are kept in view before designing it. 

It has a portable design so you can take it with you. While most of the smokeless grills have removable stands that allow you to cook while standing or sitting on the floor. Hence portability is the biggest feature of smokeless grills.

Cooking Range:

Smokeless grills can give you a variety of cooking. If you want to cook with different styles you can do so on smokeless grills. These grills offer many types of cooking such as smoking, grilling, searing, and baking. 

Some smokeless grills can even perform two different types of cooking as they have one grill that is standard and another grill that is built in the lid of the grill and is portable. This grill is mostly used to cook your food from both sides. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are indoor smokeless grills safe?

Yes, these grills are safe to use as they do not have any open flames and do not produce smoke as well. These smokeless grills use different types of heating sources to heat your food using electricity. They are primarily made for the ones who live in an apartment or a small house so that they can also enjoy grilling inside their houses. Smokeless grills are approved for use on the balcony. 

Are smokeless grills really smokeless?

Yes, Smokeless grills are mostly smokeless unless your food drippings fall directly on the heating element due to the absence of a drip pan. Most of the food cooked on smokeless grills is smokeless but it doesn’t mean that your food won’t have that smoky taste. It provides your food the same juicy and smoky flavor that other gas or pellet grills give.

Can you burn propane grills indoors?

No, You cannot use a propane grill indoors as it is not safe to use indoors. It produces flare-ups and a lot of smoke that is harmful to everyone inside the house. Flare-ups increase the risk of fire while smoke makes it difficult to breathe if the grill is used inside the house. So propane grills are not recommended for inside use. You can only use a propane grill outside your house.


Smokeless grills work with very simple phenomena of using electricity to cook your food to minimize smoke production. So your question of How Do Smokeless Grills Work has a simple answer, smokeless grills use electricity to work although every grill uses different methods to heat your food meanwhile all of them use the same fuel. These smokeless grills are pretty much the same as each other in features and cooking taste.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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