How Do Electric Grills Work?

How Do Electric Grills Work
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 10, 2022

Electric grills work just like traditional gas or charcoal grills but electric grills are much more portable, easy to use, easy to clean and uses clean electrical energy. Electric grills can cook your food with least effort. Just plug in the electric grill, set the temperature and just wait for your food to cook.

Electric grills use simple phenomena to work as they have a heating element enclosed in a lid that uses electricity instead of traditional fuels for grills like charcoal or propane. Here we have provided a complete guide on how do electric grills work?

Electric grills have heating elements to heat up the grilling surface, a dripping pan that catches the drop from your heating food and some also have a detachable stand to use the grill indoor as well as outdoor. All qualities of the electric grills are written below:

Design of electric grill:

How Do Electric Grills Work
How Do Electric Grills Work

Design of an electric grill is much more simple as it is only like a heating plate enclosed in a metal or plastic lid that avoids heat loss. It also has ridges so that it can give your food the same marks as traditional grills give your food. So electric grills give the same taste and look to the food as cooked on traditional gas or charcoal grills with minimum effort.

Setting up

Electric grill is simple to set up as compared to traditional gas or charcoal grills that require much labour to set up. Just plugin the switch of the electric grill in any of your house electric outlets and just wait for the preheating time after setting the temperature through the controls.

Components of the Electric Grill

Heating Element:

Electric grills have a heating element that provides heat to cook your food. It uses electricity to heat up the heating element as it has much higher resistance and glows or heats up when electricity is passed through it.
Cooking surface may include a heating element. This heating element has different powers which directly affects the heating capacity of the grill. Higher power of the heating element means it can cook your food faster and lower power means it can cook your food slowly or it can achieve a lower temperature range.

Temperature control/time control:

Majority of the grills have temperature control through which you can set the temperature. Some electric grills also have the time control knob to control the heating time of your food.
Electric grills also have a drip pan to collect all the drippings of your food that is being cooked and make cleaning more easier.

If you want to know about the maximum temperature that an electric grill can achieve, check out this detailed article on how hot do electric grills get?


Electric grills are safer to use as they do not produce flare ups and smoke that is full of carcinogens. The only smoke that is produced in electric grills is the smoke of your food that is created due to falling of your food drippings on the heating element.
It also has a lid for safety so that its user cannot accidentally touch the heating element or grill plate directly.
If you keep everything simple then there is no danger. Keep flammable and paper material away from the heating element or heating plate while grilling to avoid the risk of fire. Use gloves or use tongs to pick your food from the grilling surface and avoid touching the grilling surface directly as it may result in skin burn.
Electric grills use safer electric energy as compared to these traditional fuels like gas or charcoal.

Uniform Heat:

Electric grills provide uniform heat to the food so that the food inside it can be cooked evenly, juicy and tasty. Due to its heating element that heats up the food equally using electricity it cooks food quickly depending upon the power of that heating element.

If you love the features of electric grills, have a look on Best Electric Grills For Apartment Balcony so that you can get information of different electric grills with different features.

Pros and Cons of Eco Friendly Grills 

What I Like

Electric grills require much less labour to set up than traditional gas or charcoal grills which take more time and labour to set up. You just need to plug the switch in the socket, turn it on and start preheating time and after that you can just start cooking your food.

You can set the timer for safety to avoid overheating your food so that it may turn off automatically and eliminate the risk of fire. 

Electric grills are portable and can be used inside the house. You can even use these electric grills in your kitchen as electric grills do not produce any smoke and there is no risk of fire while using an electric grill at all.

Electric grills can cook your food much faster than traditional gas or charcoal grills as it uses electricity to heat up the grilling surface via a heating element which heats up within 10-15 minutes. 

What I Don’t Like

Some electric grills take time to heat up as they use electricity. Some electric grills take up to 15 minutes to heat up.

Traditional grills cook food much more tastier and juicier than electric grills.

Most of the electric grills do not provide the food with the same smoky flavor as the traditional grills. So in the case of smoky flavor traditional grills win. 

Traditional grills can cook large amounts of servings altogether but electric grills can only cook several servings per time. Most electric grills can serve up to a maximum servings of 15 servings per time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an electric grill have a flame?

No, Electric grills don’t have any flames as they use heating elements for heating purposes. These grills use electricity to heat up the heating element that cooks your food without flame. So, these electric grills are safe to use, smokeless and can be used inside your house due to absence of flames and smoke.

Is electric grilling healthy?

Yes, electric grilling is much healthier than traditional gas or charcoal grills as they do not produce harmful smoke that contains carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. It also uses less grease so it is also safe in case of fats. Electric grills are the new alternatives of the traditional charcoal or gas grills that are taking over the future.

Does food taste good in an electric grill?

Yes, Food cooked on an electric grill has great taste and its taste is just as good as traditional grills. But in some aspects it is not like traditional grills such as traditional grills use flames to cook while it uses electricity to heat up the heating element to cook your food. So, your food taste will be a little different on an electric grill but will still taste great. 

Conclusion: How Do Electric Grills Work

These Grills are the future of cooking as they are much more portable and eco friendly than other traditional charcoal or gas grills which consume a lot of fuels and produce smoke that contains carcinogens. Besides they have a disadvantage for food lovers that most of these grills cannot produce the same smoky flavor that traditional grills can give your food. That's sum up my thoughts on how do electric grills work.

Electric grills are the best substitutions for traditional grills especially for those who live in an apartment or small houses.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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