How Big Are Propane Tanks For Grills

How big are propane tanks for grills
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 16, 2022

You’ve bought a gas grill and are looking for the most suitable propane tank, or you want to buy a gas grill and want to know about different tank sizes that are good for you. But the thing is, you don’t know How Big Are Propane Tanks For Grills and want to know details about tanks that can be used with most of the grills. Don’t worry, we will tell you about every propane tank that can be used with your cooking device. 

Most people use 20-pound propane gas grills. This is the standard size of tan that can be used with almost every cooking device. It is perfect to fit inside every device so that you can hide it under your cooking equipment. But some of them are made for specific purposes such as camping or tailgating. We’ll tell you everything about tanks in this article. So, read the whole article to increase your knowledge about it. 

Sizes Of Propane Tanks - How Big Are Propane Tanks For Grills

How big are propane tanks for grills
How big are propane tanks for grills that are easy to use

Different sizes are available in the market with different purposes. So before looking for the size and capacity of the tank, you should think of the type of cooking and the occasion of cooking. If you want to buy a gas grill but before that, you want to read reviews on it check out Huntington Gas Grill Review.

If you want to cook a party or perform for a long time you'll need a huge reservoir of gas, but if you want to cook for a shorter time, or you’re camping and can’t afford to take a larger reservoir of gas with you, a smaller size is recommended. 

But how would you know which size is best for you according to your need? Read the complete article so that you can gain maximum knowledge about this topic. Here are different sizes and types of tanks according to your need and occasion. 

1 Pound Cylinder

This size is recommended in camping or tailgating. Due to its small size and lightweight, it can easily be carried anywhere for cooking. They are only filled with 1 pound gas. 

These cylinders are prefilled and cannot be re-filled again. These are only made for one-time use and you cannot re-use them.

They have very limited fuel, so they cannot be used for longer cooking. If you don’t know how to dispose of small propane tanks for grills then read this article. 

5lb Propane Cylinder

This product can hold up to 1.2 gallons of propane and is perfect for portable grills. It has a weight of 14 pounds which makes it easy to carry so that you can move it with your grill easily.

This size is best for shorter cooking or you can also carry it with you on camping or tailgating. These can be refilled easily and can be reused.

11lb Propane Tank

This is slightly larger than the above one. Although it has more weight than the above one, it is still light enough so that you can move it around.

It weighs 24 pounds but it can hold up to 2.6 gallons of fuel that is enough to cook for a small family. It is recommended for the household grill as it is ideal for family cooking.

But you cannot cook for longer times using it. They are also refillable and can be reused. 

20lb Propane Tank

This is ideal for almost every cooking device and most people use a 20lb tank for cooking. It can store 4.5 gallons of fuel in it while it has a weight of 37 pounds.

This size is a standard size for most of the grill as it can easily be placed inside the grill cabinet. You can easily refill it or you can do a tank exchange. 

30lb Propane Tank

This size is ideal for people who love to cook for a long time. It can store 7 gallons of propane while it has a weight of 54 pounds. It cannot fit inside the grill cabinet due to its larger size and heavyweight. It is difficult to move due to its heavyweight and It doesn’t fall in most of the tank exchange programs. Due to its weight, it is difficult for most people to take it to the station for refilling. 

40lb Propane Tank

This is one of the largest tanks that people use for grilling. It has a weight of 70 pounds and can store 9.5 gallons of fuel in it. It is also difficult to find a tank exchange program for it. Due to its weight and size, it is also difficult to carry it for refilling. But it can last longer and can provide you with non-stop cooking. If you use your grill moderately, one refill can last for the whole summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a 20lb propane tank last on a grill?

If you’re cooking your food at low temperatures and your grill is in good condition it may last for more than 20 hours but if you’re cooking your food at higher temperatures then it will hardly last for more than 17-18 hours. It also depends on the condition of your grill, how much fuel is required for 1 hour of grilling. If your grill is in the ideal condition it can consume 1 pound for 30 minutes of cooking but if it is not, then it may consume 1 pound for 15-20 minutes of burning.

Can I use a small propane tank for the grill?

Yes, You can use any size of tank for your grill. Size only depends on the needs of your cooking. If you want to cook longer you’ll need a tank or large size but if you want to cook for a shorter time a small size will be ideal for you. There are also some conditions upon which the size depends. If you are camping or tailgating you’ll need the smallest one to carry it with ease.

Should you turn off the propane tank after grilling?

Yes, You should turn off the supply of gas after cooking as it may cause the gas to disperse in the air and increase the risk of fire. If you do not turn off the supply of gas after cooking you’ll lose the stored gas and, surely, you’ll burn everything around you if you burn or produce a spark of anything near the open supply of propane. So, be careful while using it.


The size of the tank only depends on the usage and the type of grilling you do. If you cook your food at higher temperatures then you’ll surely need a large-sized reservoir but if you do it at low temperatures then even a small-sized tank is good for you. But if you only want to know How Big Are Propane Tanks For Grill then we have provided you with a complete guide of the tanks that are used with grills. Our recommendation for your cooking device is a 20 lb tank as it can fit easily in most of the cabinet and due to its lightweight, it can be carried easily.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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