Flame Boss 400 Vs 500 - Which is the Better Option?

Flame Boss 400 Vs 500
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: April 24, 2022

The perfect way to control cooking temperature and time wirelessly through an app. This article will cover the detailed comparison including similarities and differences between Flame Boss 400 Vs 500. The main difference between a Flame Boss 400 and 500 is that the Flame Boss 400 does have mobile application that you can use to control the temperature and Flame Boss 500 have the controller system.

They have many differences and all of them are noticeable and worth mentioning. All the results are based on testing.

Differences - Flame Boss 400 Vs 500

Flame Boss 400 Vs 500
Which is Better - Flame Boss 400 Vs 500

Both of these products are great and are also in demand products but they vary in size shape features and many more qualities. Although both of these are made by the same company one of them is the latest model while another one is an old model. Study the differences carefully so that you can distinguish which product is better. 

Comparison Of FeaturesFlame Boss 400Flame Boss 500
Dimension6.5 * 4.75 * 2.5 inches7.9 * 4.7 * 114.2 inches
Display TypeDigitalDigital
MaterialResin/ Stainless SteelMagnetic Base
Weather ResistantYesYes
Fuel TypeCharcoalCharcoal

Mobile Application

Flame boss 500 doesn’t have any specific software through which you can control it. It has a simple controlling system which means you can control it with any device that has a browser to access its controls through the website. This will send you a notification or text message when your grill reaches your desired temperature or when the temperature fluctuates. 

Flame boss 400 is controlled through an application that can be downloaded to your Android or IOS and you can control everything from this simple application easily. 

Both of these methods are easy to use but controlling it through your phone is an easy method in most cases. You may get notifications about the temperature of your grill after every 15 minutes or so. These notifications tell you the current temperature of the inside of the grill. 

But sometimes you don’t have your phone with you, in these situations you can use any device that has a browser to control it easily. But both of these show you a graph of temperature and time.

Internet Availability

Flame boss 400 requires access to an internet connection for the controls.it means it is important to have an internet connection at your house or anywhere if you want to control it wirelessly via browser. This browser provides you with a dashboard of basic controls so that you can control it with one touch. 

Flame boss 500 can work without an internet connection. Although it also has an option to control it through the internet, it still can be controlled without the internet using Bluetooth which adds to its flexibility. This app also has a dashboard of basic controls so that you can control the temperature and time of the cooking by setting it with a single touch. 

Both of these use Wifi to control but flame boss 500 also uses Bluetooth controlling system that allows users to control it in different ways.

It also doesn’t require any internet connection so that you can control it even in the absence of Wifi. 


Flame boss 400 doesn’t offer you a display instead it has the only display of the device that you have connected to it. This absence of the display makes it look more rigid and long-lasting. 

Flame boss 500 offers you a display on the front of the device so that you can monitor the temperature level through the simple display. Your phone also displays the temperature and cooking time through the app and you can also monitor it on the display of your device at the same time. 

Overall, the display is sometimes important while sometimes it is just useless when you have your phone. But if you want more features then the display on the front of the device is an extra feature. 


Flame boss 500 is the latest model and has every latest feature that any other device cannot offer you. This latest model is a little more expensive than the older models of Flame boss. 

Flame boss 400 is a little cheaper than 500 as it has all the basic features and is an older model of the same company.

Although both are durable and full of features, there is a slight price difference. Flame boss 400 is a little cheaper than flame boss 400 and this is the biggest advantage of this device. If price is your first priority then you must go with flame boss 400. 

The Number Of Probes

Flame boss 400 supports only two meat probes of which one is for the pit while the other is for the meat. But if you want to buy another probe then it is sold separately. Both of these probes are precise and long-lasting.

This feature is for those who like to cook more than one type of meat on a single grill and at the same time. It allows you to set two different temperatures for both of the probes.

Flame boss supports up to three probes that are precise and durable so that you can measure the temperature of the food and the grill actively. This is the best feature if you want to cook more than 2 cooking at the same time. You can cook three different dishes using this device and can set different temperatures for all three probes. 

If the number of probes is your biggest concern then you should go for flame boss 500 which has 3 probes and can measure three different temperatures. But if you don’t want to perform more cooking at one time then go for flame boss 400 which has two probes and can measure two temperatures at the same time. 


The design of both of these devices is great but they are different in shape and structure. Flame boss 500 has the latest design with a display at the front while 400 has an old design and lacks a display. 

Flame boss 500 is made up of a magnetic base so that you can stick it with any metal while cooking. This magnetic base also makes it durable and weather resistant so that you can use it for more than years. This magnetic base enables it to withstand any external fluctuations or environmental stress. 

Flame boss 400 si made up of stainless steel or resin providing it a shiny metal look. This stainless steel is one of the strongest metals that can withstand the harshest conditions easily. It is rust-resistant and can withstand rain and snow. 

Both of these are great in their prospect and their usage. But the magnetic base allows you to stick it with any metal surface while the stainless steel never gets corroded and is long-lasting.

Similarities - Flame Boss 400 Vs 500

Although both of them have great differences, they are the same in many aspects as they are the product of the same company. They have huge similarities in features as well as quality. But when it comes to similarities, both of them are almost similar in basic features such as

Wifi Controls

You can control both of them by connecting them to your phone and using Wifi technology. Although one of them has some extra features with Wifi, you can still control the other one accurately using Wifi technology.

Controls are accurate and send you different notifications when your set limit has reached. These Wifi controls allow you to control your grill while sitting in every corner of the house. Both of them use almost the same Wifi Technology. 

Patented Technology

Both of these products have patented technology which means that you can actively control the temperature of your grill by adjusting the airflow through the blower.

You can increase or decrease the temperature by activating or deactivating the bowler using your phone from any corner of the house.

You can even set the velocity of the blower according to the temperature you want. If you set the speed of the blower at high then the temperature will automatically increase with the help of air that is moving inside the firebox and lighting up the charcoal.

This will light up more charcoal and hence the amount of heat produced by these charcoal will be increased. 

Voice Commands Controls

You can control these products through your voice commands. Yes, it is possible through the latest technology that is used in these two products.

This allows you to connect it with your Alexa or Google home and use it with the help of your voice controls. All you need to do is just sit in any corner and command your Alexa or Google home to set the temperature or time of your cooking.

It will automatically send you a text message, notification, or ring alarm when your set temperature or time has reached. 

Online Dashboard

Whether you are using an app for the control or you are using a browser, you get a dashboard on the front through which you can control almost everything, from the time of cooking to the alarm.

You can set the alarm, that is available at the dashboard of your app or browser so that you can do other chores while your food is cooking. This alarm tells you that your cooking time is over and stops the heat supply to the food. 

You can also set the warming of food from this dashboard that has the solution to your every cooking problem. Just set the temperature and time for which you want to cook your food and start cooking with ease. 


When it comes to compatibility, both these products are compatible with almost every smoker or grill. But for your information, we are specifying the grills or smokers. These two products are compatible with Weber Smokey Mountain(all types), Charbroil, Char griller, Comodo joe, Primo grills, Safferine grill, Big Green Egg, and Broil king.

You can use these two products with all of these brands but look for back vents, if that grill doesn’t have back vents then it may not be able to reach higher temperatures in a short time. 

What To Look While Buying

You need to keep some important things in mind before buying any product. These things are mentioned by experts’ experience and advice for you so that you can grab the best product for yourself. To get the best deal for yourself that is within your budget, read this buying guide so that you can buy a product by thinking professionally.


Check for the number of probes. If you want to cook only one dish at a time then even a single probe is good for you but if you want to cook multiple dishes at one time then look for the product that has more probes. 

The number of probes should always be greater than the number of cooks as there may come sometimes when you have to cook more food at one time for a family gathering or a party. So always stay on the safe side and buy a device that has more probes. 


If you cannot control the device wirelessly sitting in the corner of the house, you’re going to waste your whole money.

You should check for wireless controllers with maximum range. Nowadays some of the devices have voice controls through which you can control them with your voice.

You can also connect them to your Alexa or Google Home for your convenient control. So before buying any device look for its digital or wireless controls.


Look out for the period of warranty that the company offers you. Go for the best warranty offer as it ensures your stress-free usage of this device for a long time.

Some companies have shorter warranties while others show their confidence in the product by offering longer warranties.

More warranty time means that you can easily repair or replace the device, when it stops working, at no extra cost and the company will do this for you. Only if you have a valid warranty period. 


Plan a budget for buying the best product for yourself as you should only look at the products that are in your range. Compare the features, quality, and durability of your selected products in the specific range.

Choose the one that has the best quality, then the one which has durability, and then the one with more features.

Quality should always be your top priority while buying anything because it is the quality of the product that makes it last longer and allow you to use it for a longer time. So look for the best quality product in your budget range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flame Boss work with Big Green Egg?

Yes, Flame Boss 400 works with Big Green Egg just like this product is only made for it. You can use it on most of the cooking appliances to measure the temperature and cooking time while cooking.
But when you are cooking on Big Green Egg, you’ll surely enjoy using this product. It fits perfectly and nicely on Big Green Egg and gives you precise temperature measurements via browser.

Does Flame boss need to be plugged in?

Yes, it needs to be plugged into an electric outlet so that it can turn on and display the heat and clock setting. You can plug it in any of your home outlets and sit aside after setting the heat and time.
It will automatically tell you when the grill has reached the set temperature through the notification or text message. It can also set your grill at warming mode by setting warm mode through your phone.

Why is my flame boss offline?

It is because your flame boss might have a new version available and it only needs to be updated. Just update it and enjoy using it. If it still doesn’t work check again the firmware version and compare it with the latest version if it is not updated, update it to use it but if it has already been updated then restart it. But if it still doesn’t work then call a mechanic that can repair it.


Both of the products are great while using but the first one has more features than the second while the second one beats the first one in durability. It only depends on you that which type of device do you want. A content piece on best smoker grill combo is curated by are experts. Do check it out.

If you want a device with a greater number of probes then Flame Boss 500 is the best choice but if you want a device that is budget-friendly then you should go for Flame Boss 400.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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