Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have WIFI

Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have Wifi
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 18, 2022

Rec Tec bullseye has many features but it lacks wifi as it is an old model of Rec Tec pellet grills. It can provide you with a high temperature within a short time. So, your question Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have Wifi loses its worth in front of the limitless features of this bullseye pellet grill. It is small in size and can cook your food as fast as no other grill. Besides many features, it also has some disadvantages which are completely explained in this article.

Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have WIFI/ Worthless Question

Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have Wifi
Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have Wifi

Rec Tec Bullseye offers you the features that other grills on such a low budget cannot offer you such as you can perform searing on this grill. It can achieve a temperature that any other grill in this budget and size cannot achieve within such a short period. Besides its features, it also has disadvantages which are explained in this article but first, you need to understand the features that this grill offers you.

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Easy to use:

It is easy to use as all you need to do is to set the temperature and time on the control panel and wait for your food to cook. It will maintain the temperature at your required level by itself and it will also tell you when it will need a fuel refill. The latest model has a digital control module through which you can control the temperature and time at the same time while the older control panel is not that easy to use.


It can achieve a temperature as low as 200℉ so you can cook your food slowly and evenly. It can also achieve a high temperature of 600℉ within no time and that is an excellent feature that a grill can offer in this budget. Another mind-blowing feature of this grill is that it can achieve a temperature of 749℉ on its special Riot mode that is not available in any other grill.

If you want to know how much temperature it can achieve check out how hot can a rec tec grill get and get details about its temperature range. 

Small Size:

It has a small size but this small size doesn’t mean that you cannot cook more food on this grill. It can cook 25 medium hamburgers at one time which is a pretty great quantity cooking on such a low budget. Due to its small size, it can cook everything more quickly than any other grill. Besides its small size, it also has a low weight of 30 pounds which is good to take it anywhere with you.

Fuel and Storage:

It uses hard pellet wood as a source of fuel which means it can save you from a lot of labor that is required to set up a grill such as a gas grill. In addition to less labor, it also has a pellet storage capacity of 15 pounds which saves you from the effort of checking for the fuel after every hour or so. 

Continuous Cooking:

You can cook on it for approximately 15 hours continuously, which means you can enjoy cooking for everyone for almost the whole day. Just check for the continuous supply of fuel to keep the grill burning for cooking your food. 


These grills are one of the most durable products among all the grills. Rec Tec grills are not only famous for the features they offer but they are also famous for the durable quality of their products. Most of the products come with a longer warranty period that shows the confidence of the company in the durability of their product.

Porcelain Coating:

It has a porcelain coated cooking grate which gives your food perfect sear marks. This porcelain-coated cooking grate also prevents the food from sticking to the grill and makes cleaning easy for you. It is easy to clean since you can easily clean it with only hot or soapy water. If still there is any need for deep cleaning you can also use a brush for cleaning. This brush will not damage the cooking grate.


In addition to its features that are great enough, it also has some of the disadvantages such as it doesn’t come with wifi or any supporting app that can control it, Its older models don’t have PID controllers, Its old models don’t have Digital Thermostatic controls and it doesn’t have a stainless steel body which is the drawback of this grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the REC TEC bullseye discontinued?

Yes, most of the older models of Rec Tec bullseye have been discontinued for a long time but the latest models are still being sold at a huge selling rate because of their features, quality, and durability. Older models of Rec Tec are discontinued due to their outdated features and poor build quality. While latest products have the most advanced features, such as wifi control, and the best build quality to meet your expectations.

Is the REC TEC Bullseye Portable?

Yes, Rec-Tec grills are portable due to their small size and lightweight. This grill has a weight of 30 pounds which is lesser than any other pellet grill in this range. It has a smaller size so you can take it with you on a trip or anywhere. Many models of bullseye offer folding legs that make it even easier to carry them anywhere. So according to the portability of pellet grills, Rec-Tec Bullseye is the most portable pellet grill.

How do you burn a pellet grill?

Burning a pellet grill is easier than burning a traditional gas grill. You just need to put the fuel, which is hard pellet wood, in the hopper and plug the switch in any electrical outlet. Now turn the power button on and set the temperature according to the food you want to cook. Wait for the preheating or burning of the pellet woods to reach your desired temperature. When the cooking temperature has reached, put your food inside the grill and start cooking.


Rec Tec bullseye is an old model of Rec Tec pellet grills which gives you the hint of the answer to your question Does Rec Tec Bullseye Have Wifi which is absolute No. Bullseye doesn’t have wifi or any other application that can control it remotely. But some models of Rec Tec Bullseye have a Control panel for controlling temperature and cooking time. Overall Rec Tec Bullseye is an old model but it is also the best choice in a short budget range.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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