Does Cold Weather Affect Propane Grill

Does cold weather affect propane grill
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: May 9, 2022

You want to buy a propane grill but are still confused about whether it will be suitable in winters or not, or winter is coming and you want to cook on your grill in winter and you want to know whether it works in winter or not. Here, we will tell you the facts about propane working in winter based on experts' views and personal experience.

So if you want to know about Does Cold Weather Affect Propane Grill then your answer is Yes but still, there are some conditions and situations that are just common to happen in winters. To know about these conditions and situations, just read the article. 

A Detailed Guide On Does Cold Weather Affect Propane Grill

Does cold weather affect propane grill
Does cold weather affect propane grill

Yes, cold weather affects the propane grill in several ways that are common enough but you may think that it is unusual and you may end your cooking due to the fear of any fire or health risk. But if you see these below mentioned situations, then it is common but if you see other than that, it is time to stop cooking and call an expert. Cold weather affects it in several ways and these ways are

Long Preheating Time

When the weather is cold, the grates would be cold enough and will take a long time for reheating which will increase the cooking time directly. Sometimes when the temperature falls below, the grates become too cold, and preheating them becomes more difficult. Preheating will consume more fuel and will take a longer time. 

Low Temperature

Your cooking appliances will not be able to reach higher temperatures only because of the external temperature. Although your grill used to reach higher temperatures in no time, it is not reaching higher temperatures even when you heat it for a long time. This is only because of external temperatures. When the external temperature is low it is difficult for any grill to reach higher temperatures easily. 

More Fuel Consumption

It becomes obvious that your appliances will use more fuel to increase o maintain the temperature as it is cold outside. Even when you’re preheating your grill, you are going to use more fuel than average.

The reason for this is, it takes longer to heat appliances when the external temperature falls because the outside temperature tries to equalize the outside temperature with the grill’s temperature. 

Longer Cooking

Your cooking will take a longer time when the outside is cold because it will take longer for your cooking device to maintain heat due to external fluctuations.

When it is cold outside, the external coldness will disturb the heat retained by your grill again and again. So your cooking time will surely increase in this situation. 

How To Perform Cooking On Propane Grill In Winters

There are several things that you can do to perform the best cooking even in winters. These are simple but effective instructions while cooking in winter. Another important question is why is my propane grill not getting hot which is answered in detail.

If you don’t follow these instructions you’ll use more fuel, your cooking time will be longer, and you’ll be serving uncooked or incomplete cooked food. 

Avoid Wind

In order to perform even cooking the first thing you should do in winters is to cover your grill or block the wind flow through the grill to retain the temperature in your grill grates.

Otherwise, cold wind will directly affect your grill and decrease the amount of stored heat in it. Make sure to prevent the direct contact of wind with your cooking appliances. 

Close The Lid

Make sure to close the lid while cooking to avoid the contact of cold wind which will cause heat loss. Heat loss will make your cooking longer and form cold spots on your grill due to cold wind.

To retain maximum heat in your, close the lid when you are cooking. It will also ensure even, and fast cooking. 

Avoid Snow Or Rain

Avoid cooking near snow or in the rain as it will disturb the heat gain and disturb the gas supply to your cooking appliances directly. It is common that the heat level in or near snow is low and a low-temperature level will drop the heat of your grill which will affect the food. It will also cause uneven or incomplete cooking of your food. Check out best propane grills and you will find top options.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what temp does propane not work?

Propane does not work at too cold temperatures. At a temperature of -44℉, propane doesn’t work properly as at this temperature, propane gas liquefies and there are no vapors left that will work and burn your gas appliances. Any of the gas appliances will not work below this temperature as it becomes difficult for the gas to form vapors that will burn your gas devices.

How do I protect my grill in the winter?

You can protect your grill by storing it in a place where the environmental changes are unable to affect it directly. In short, you should store your grill in your garage or under a shady place to prevent direct rain or snow on it. Cover your grill with the covering kit that is specially made for it. Properly perform the seasoning to make it survive in winters. Storing it properly is the key to making it last longer.

How do I make my gas grill hotter?

Use lava rocks or ceramic briquettes to maintain a higher temperature in winters. Lava rocks or ceramic briquettes are used to provide your food with even and quick cooking. They are used to achieve extra heat by burning them on the grill. Just place them on your grill grates and turn your grill on and wait for some time until lava rocks light up. These lava rocks will increase the temperature of your grill within a short time.


Cold weather affects propane using appliances greatly as propane liquefies at extreme cold. This fuel will not burn properly at low heat as it does not form vapors at low temperatures. If you’re still thinking Does Cold Weather Affect Propane Grill then it is simply yes.

But if you want to know, if there are still some tricks through which you can use it properly, then read the above article to perform perfect cooking even in winters.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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