Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid?

Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: August 11, 2021

The Blackstone Griddle is 44.5 inches wide and it has two different cooking surfaces: one for cooking meat and the other for cooking eggs. One of the main features of it is that it's capable of giving a charcoal flavor to food that is cooked on it. Does a Blackstone griddle come with a lid? A simple answer would be yes.

The Blackstone Griddle should come with a lid which can be used to keep food warm, or optionally, cook pizza. There are few models of Blackstone which provides lid but it does not mean you can't find a lid if the company is not providing it. I will guide different ways how you can cover your griddle so that it can last longer.

Best Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone 28 Griddle is one of the best flat top grills due to its heavy and solid construction. It has Adjustable stainless steel H-shaped burners. The best part is that it’s quite affordable.

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What is a Griddle Hood or Lid?

A griddle hood or lid is a protective cover for a stove that has an open top and an adjustable flue pipe. It is used to reduce spattering when cooking with fats or oils, and protects from smoke and grease that may be emitted.

So what is the difference between a griddle hood and a smoke hood?

A griddle hood does not have an adjustable flue pipe. It is designed to sit directly over the stove and provide protection from grease, moisture, spatter and smoke that may be emitted while cooking. A smoke hood sits inside of a conventional commercial range hood.

Basic Blackstone Griddle Accessories
Basic Blackstone Griddle Accessories

Who Uses Griddle Hoods?

Griddle hoods are typically found in commercial kitchens where high volumes of cooking take place, such as steakhouses and other restaurants that cook with large amounts of fat or oil. They can be found on home stoves when outdoor grilling is a frequent occurrence due to their ability to reduce spatter.

How A Lid or Hood Helps A Griddle to Last Longer?

A lid is a sheet of metal, plastic, or glass used to cover and close the top of a vessel or container. A lid or hood is a helpful tool for any griddle. Not only does it provide an additional cooking surface, but it also helps to keep food warm and flavorful after they are done cooking. The simple answer to Can you leave a griddle outside depends on lids. All the possible advantages of lids is discussed. Lids can be used in the oven as well, so if you have one that's not being used on your stove top, you may want to consider using it in the oven instead!

Protects Against Dirt and Rust

A lid can increase your product life too by keeping dirt and debris off of your grill when you're not using it. It also keeps moisture out of your griddle while its sitting there waiting for someone to use it again! This can prevent rust, oxidation, and corrosion from occurring which could make your griddle start to break down before its time.

Passive Cooking Surface

To take advantage of the lid's passive cooking surface, you'll want to place it on top of your grill while your food is finished cooking. It will stay warm until someone comes along using the griddle and removes the cover. It won't cook your food any longer than it already has, but it will definitely keep everything warm until you are able to enjoy it.

Passive cooking surface is a technique used while grilling when the lid of the grill is left closed which helps to cook food more evenly by retaining heat and moisture inside of the grill.

Saves Electricity

A lid will help save money on electricity bills because less heat will escape from the kitchen. It will also help your food stay warm until it's ready to be served.

Saves on Cleaning Time & Water Usage

Using a lid is a lot easier than cleaning off the griddle after you're done cooking, so not having to clean the grill can save you time and water used for cleaning!

Provides Additional Space

A lid makes the cooking a lot easier because it can be used as extra space to put food into. You won't have to find room on the regular griddle surface, and you can use the lid for sautéing vegetables or frying up eggs.

Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid
Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid

Alternatives For Griddle Hood?

Yes, there are many alternative options to a griddle hood. The most common alternatives that can be used instead of a griddle hood are a cooktop chimney or stovepipe, exhaust fan in an adjacent kitchen cabinet that pulls away from the work area and ductwork which is vented outside the house through an exterior wall. However, if one of these methods cannot be utilized then it might have to resort to installing exhaust fans inside the appliance appliances and venting outdoors via the roof.

The Hooka Hood by BRP Products is pretty cool too: It uses cold air filtration (the HFI filter) to remove harmful toxins from your food while cooking with indirect heat waves (mostly just hot air really). Also FYI, this hood was named "Best of No-Fuss and Functional Kitchen Appliance" by the Business Insider.

Also if you have the space, a counter-top ventilation system can be an excellent solution for kitchens with high heat cooking appliances. These units are mounted above the cooking surface and vents out the top of your cabinets to pull away unwanted grease odors and smoke from cooking.

So, Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid (Hood)?

The Blackstone Griddle is a unique kitchen appliance that has the ability to cook, sear and steam food simultaneously. It creates an even heating surface for all cooking methods which means your food will stay juicy and tender every time! It also boasts a large cooking area of 600 square inches so you can make plenty of meals at once.

The Blackstone Griddle does come with a lid but there are different models providing different value to the user. A detailed Blackstone 28 Griddle Review explains that it does not have the lid but Blackstone do offer a hard cover for an additional $89.99 and its totally worth it!

Basic Griddle Accessories You Should Have

A set of basic griddle accessories will help keep your cooking equipment in top shape and make it easy to experiment with new recipes. These are our recommended items:

  • Nonstick cooking spray: Spray liberally onto the surface before use. This will prevent sticking and promote even browning for foods like eggs and pancakes.
  • Metal spatula: This is ideal for scraping up food from the product and flipping eggs or burgers.
  • Wooden spoon: The flat edge of this utensil works well to scrape up ingredients on a griddle.
  • Griddle lid lifter tool: This makes it easy to remove the top of your griddle from the rest of the unit.
  • Heat resistant mitt: Use this to lift the griddle and to handle utensils on the hot surface. This will keep you safe while cooking!
  • Nonstick spatula : The heat resistant material lets you use this utensil over a range of temperatures, including those that might damage ordinary metal spatulas.
  • Metal griddle scraper: This is a high-quality tool that will last for years and can be used to scrape up anything from food crumbs to baked on grease.
  • Griddle cleaner: Cleaning it with soap and water can take off many marks, but there may still be some areas that get stuck. A good griddle cleaner will help you remove even more. If your griddle has a coating, it's particularly important to use an abrasive cleaning tool like this one carefully and follow the instructions.
  • Griddle thermometer: This makes it easy to monitor what temperature the surface of the griddle is at and whether you should raise or lower the heat.
  • Cleaning sponge: This works well for cleaning off food particles on a griddle and makes it easy to wipe everything down after cooking is done. When you're finished with it, let it air dry completely before storing in a bag or container.


Whether you’re looking to replace a griddle or simply adding more versatility, know that the Blackstone Griddles with Hoods are up for anything from breakfast at home to dinner parties. Does A Blackstone Griddle Come With A Lid is answered and the value is provided on how Griddles can help you to improve the quality of life

In addition, these sturdy and versatile cooking surfaces also come equipped with an integrated hood system which will protect your kitchen not only during food preparation but after as well!

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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