Can My Traeger Get Wet

Can My Traeger Get Wet
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: April 12, 2022

You want to cook delicious food but it's raining outside and you don't know whether it is safe to cook while your grill is wet? Or you’ve spilled something on your grill and want to know if the grill still works when it is wet?

The simple answer Can My Traeger Get Wet is that most Traeger are waterproof until a certain limit but when this limit is crossed and it gets wet, it is the time you’ll notice that the device is responding unnaturally.

It is recommended to keep it away from direct rain or water. These are some of the malfunctioning or scenarios that you’ll see when your grill gets wet. If you are uncertain about your current model then do check out our article on Traeger Pro 575 Vs Ironwood 650 to upgrade to a better grill.

Can My Traeger Get Wet - What Happens When Traeger Gets Wet

Can My Traeger Get Wet
A detailed answer on Can My Traeger Get Wet or not?

You may see different scenarios depending upon the amount of rain it has absorbed. If you want to cook in rain then you should read this first so that you already know the common malfunctioning it may perform during cooking in rain. 

Fuel Damage

The first thing you’ll face while cooking during the rain or in wet conditions is that the fuel of your device will get some moisture. These moisturized pellets are unable to produce enough heat and may produce extra smoke than regular.

This smoke may dry out your food and there are chances that your cooking time may exceed and you’ll need more fuel for even smaller cooking. 

Parts Damage

The major parts that can get damaged when used in rain are the outer body of the device and the auger. When the pellets get damped, these damped pellets may get stuck in the auger that feeds the fuel to the firepot. Sometimes, the wood pellets destroy the auger and you have to replace it so that you can cook again normally. 


This may not form while you are cooking, but with time rust will be visible on your grill as Traeger is rust-resistant until certain conditions.

When the external coating of the cooking appliances gets damaged, it is the most suitable place to catch rust and the destruction of your device will start from this point. 

Extra Cooking Time

Cooking during such conditions may initiate longer cooking as during such conditions it is difficult for any cooking appliances to ignite and start cooking.

Even if you successfully start your device, it becomes difficult for you to keep the temperature at a specific level and avoid over or under-cooking your food. In such conditions, the heat inside your device will be lost, no matter how good the heat retention ability your grill has.

Make sure to initiate the process away from the rain, under a shade, or inside the garage while it is raining outside.

Can You A Traeger Grill In Rain - Grills Guide

Yes, you can use a Traeger in rain but due to some factors, you should avoid using it in the rain. Although Traeger is vertical 60 degrees safe, it doesn't ensure that it is completely safe to use it during rain.

You may damage the parts of your device while cooking or your device can malfunction during such conditions which will result in the burning of food or overcooking of food. The parts that may get damaged when you try to cook during rain are:

Control Panel

The control panel of your device is mostly an electronic device. Traeger mostly uses waterproof electronic panels that can work during rain. But this will only work until the water gets inside through any crack or even a narrow opening.

When the raindrops or water gets inside, it will destroy the circuit of the panel and your grill will not work properly. After that, you have to buy a new panel and replace the old one with it.  


The part that is most affected during rain is the auger. When the raindrops fall on the pellets, it becomes sawdust and wet sawdust is most likely to get stuck in the auger. I have discussed the best Traeger auger removal method. Do check it out.

This will prevent the fuel from burning as no fuel will be passed to the firepot. It means, there are chances that the heat will go out while cooking during wet weather. 


When the water gets inside the small cracks and settles there for a long time, it starts the process of rusting and damages the device internally. This internal damage will lead to the destruction of your device in no time. 

Things To Do While Cooking In Rain

If you were cooking and all of a sudden, rain started, or if you want to perform delicious cooking during rain, there are several things that you should avoid and several things that you should do to save your food as well as your grill from any damage.

  • Try cooking under a shady place while it is raining. 
  • Cover your grill with any external covering to prevent water from going inside the grill.
  • Always cook at higher temperatures so that the temperature may not fluctuate too much.
  • Don't perform cooking during heavy rain, you can only perform cooking while it is drizzling. 
  • Make sure that the pellet hopper is dry.

These are some important things that are a must to do while cooking outside in the rain. To perform safe cooking, try cooking inside while it's raining. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to leave a Traeger outside?

Yes, it is completely OK to leave your Traeger outside the house but make sure that it is completely covered. Keep it covered and under a shady place to avoid the effect of bad weather on it. Bad weather may initiate rusting or corrosion due to which your grill may get ruined. Always use a standard cover to protect your device from such conditions.

Are pellet grills waterproof?

Most of them are water-resistant but everything has a limit. If the water increases beyond its bearing limit any device will malfunction or may not even ignite. To avoid these scenarios you should keep your devices away from rain or water so that you can use them for a longer time and perform more cooking on them.

Can you grill in the winter?

Yes, you can grill in winters normally as most of the cooking appliances are made up of elements that can bear extreme weather conditions. So you can easily grill during winter. But in winters, you may notice heat fluctuations that are greater than usual. Winter is good for grilling unless the weather becomes too harsh. You cannot perform perfect grilling while it is snowing or when the temperature drops too much.


Traeger can bear most wet conditions but only till the water manages to get inside of the grill and make its way to electronic and other parts that are not waterproof. So if there’s any chance that your grill will get wet, you should avoid grilling during such conditions.

The simplest and shortest answer to Can My Traeger Get Wet is yes, your Traeger can surely get wet if it remains in rain or in water for a long time. This will not only damage the electronic parts of the grill, it will also form rust on the metal of your device.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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