Blackstone 28 Griddle Review

Blackstone 28 Griddle Review
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 4, 2022

Everyone wants to cook like a pro. Whenever a person tastes any of the restaurant’s mouth-watering dishes, he desires to make this kind of finger-licking food every evening in his backyard. The grill we are going to discuss today can overcome your restaurant style desires.

Blackstone 28 Griddle is one of the best flat top grills you will ever found. After going through this detailed article about Blackstone 28 Griddle Review, you will be able to understand how it works great and whether you should purchase it or not.

Blackstone 28 Griddle Review Overview:

Blackstone 28 Griddle Review Overview:

Cooking space: | 470 sq. inches Weight: | 75 lbs Dimensions: | 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches No. Of stainless steel burners: | 2 BTUs: | 30,000

Elimination of the hectic outdoor cooking is only through the Blackstone flat top gas griddle station. This griddle is very easy to assemble and use. You can start it with just one push of a button and enjoy its versatile cooking surface. It’s a propane griddle so it frees you from the hassle of Matches, charcoal, and kerosene.

Now you can enjoy your winters and summers in a restaurant-style barbeque without going out. If you have any old griddles or grills which you want to replace with a new one, go for Blackstone 28 inch griddle station. I assure you that you won’t regret buying this flat grill.


Heavy and solid construction

Adjustable stainless steel H-shaped burners

30,000 BTUs of heating powder



Difficult to manage the grease system

Black Stone Griddle Built In Features:

Cooking space:

This new Blackstone product has a total of 470 square inches of cooking space with 2 burners. You can turn 1 on for family cooking only or use 2 of them to utilize extra space when the guests or friends are around or you have a family gathering. You can grill the burgers, chicken pieces, vegetables, or even a whole breakfast for your family and this breakfast includes eggs, Stir Fry, and pancakes as well. You can cook dinner, breakfast, and lunch on it. It gives you access to all of the features you can use at home, restaurants, or even camping.

Electric igniter:

The easy startup is the whole amazing thing that a griddle can provide. Ease cook start gives off effortless food which helps a person to desire more whether it is breakfast, dinner, or lunch. With only a push of a button, you can start this outdoor griddle.


The sturdy legs consist of wheels which means It can be dragged wherever you want. The legs are foldable as well. Taking it on campsite or road trips is now easy for anyone. Unfold the legs lock the wheels and here you are ready to show your expertise. You can transport it from one place to another while cooking but make sure to take care of oil, sausage, and food to spill out.

Easy clean up:

The back grease cup is an amazing feature of this Blackstone 28 inch griddle. It works amazingly to clean the mess without creating more. You can easily scrape the grease and waste through the hole at the back into the grease cup. If you are cooking for a long time and in restaurants, you have to keep a check on the grease cup whether it’s in place or the cup is filled.


Outdoor lawn griddles on which you can cook a lot more than you expect work efficiently. The matter of price is essential to take a look at

They decided to give a high-quality griddle at less price. A lot of others are high in prices and the cheap ones are not worth buying because of low quality. So, This new Blackstone product is for you, if you are looking for excellent features at an affordable price. It’s definitely worth buying.

Blackstone 28 Flat Top Grill Built In Structure:

Griddle top:

The griddle top is heavy rolled 7-gauge stainless cold rolled steel. A heavy tabletop grill griddles mean it is durable. It provides a lot of space for your parties, large groups gathering, guests, or customers in restaurants. This metal is removable which means you can easily remove the griddle and clean it up the way you want.

2 burner gas griddle

Two powerful metal stainless steel burners are having two knobs. You can turn the burners on/off and set the temperature from high to low according to your need. It’s all in your control to manage the temperature and cooking area. These burners can achieve a high temperature in no time. Each burner is 15000 BTU stainless steel which means  30000 BTUs in total, creating two cooking zones for your bacon, pancakes, and eggs at one time, to experience amazing recipes. It cooks your foods evenly with great taste and smoky flavor.

Foldable legs:

Four legs can be folded and set perfectly for transporting anywhere you want. The legs stand on the four caster wheels in which two have wheel locks. To make it stable for cooking you can lock the wheels and the griddle station will stay in place. Its gliding system makes it more attractive.  You can glide it to your backyard or anywhere in the house.


It has one shelve which helps it looks like an L-shaped barbeque griddle station. This shelve creates extra space for work and prevents you from a mess. You can arrange your ingredients or utensils on these solid shelves.

Grease management cup:

In other grills, the grease cup was at the side but after modification of the designs, it settled the grease cup at the back. Scrap your grease into the cup and it’s easy to clean after that.

How To Assemble Blackstone 28 Griddle

It is said to have a real easy assembly. It only takes about 10-20 minutes to prepare your grill for easy cooking. All you need to do is read the instructions or watch a video on the assembly. For experienced grilling professionals, its assembly is nothing.

As I have experienced other grills too, it took me 5 minutes to assemble this Amazing Blackstone Outdoor Griddle. I just skimmed the instructions for once because I used to watch the video for assembling and assembled it easily. I’m sure even for beginners, it won’t be that difficult assembling these flat tabletop grill griddles. Let’s take a look at how I assembled this griddle in an easy manner.

I unpacked all the parts out of the box and laid the body of the griddle on its back to unfold the legs. I attached the bottom tray to the legs with two thumbscrews. Make sure to tightly screw it by maintaining the stability of the legs. Then I used the ranch to screw the bolts and nuts for the installation of the propane tank hanger.

Two for the top and two for the bottom. There are also side trays present. Before standing it straight, I attached the two trays with short thumb screws and tighten them for balance. After doing the major parts, I lifted the griddle upright for further assembly. Installation of the side handles with screws and flange nuts was done first. Then I Pushed in the four knobs facing the arrow on them upward in the off direction. Right next to the knobs I put in the battery and screw the ignition button over it.

Now ending the setup, I settled the griddle on the body and hung the drip holder on the back of the griddle for the drip cup. Here you go! Easy assembly is done without much efforts. you can cook with it indoors as well as outdoors. Below is the video provided by the manufacturers which explain all the steps in a perfect way

Why Choose Blackstone 28 Griddle Over Other Griddles?


You must be thinking that all Blackstone work the same as what’s new in it! Yes, that’s true all of them mostly work the same but this is the modified design that built in Blackstone has introduced. There are a lot of videos and customers reviews complaining about grease management in these tabletop grills griddle. Many of the reviews suggested the complete solution for it as well. So, they fixed that in this versatile design.

Oil Cup

Firstly, the grease cup was on the side and the grease or food oil drips over and works inefficiently. Proper care was needed in oil and fats management. But in Blackstone 28 griddle, there is a hole at the back of the griddle for the oil and fats to spill into the grease cup.

The major benefit is that the oil doesn’t come towards you, you can easily scrape it backward. There is a lip designed in the front instead of the trough and the greased pan is on the back sparing a good space on the side shelf. I like this system management of the built-in griddle very much. It actually worked properly.

As we know nothing can be perfect. This griddle has to be handled carefully as well. The hole at the back of the griddle doesn’t have anything to catch the veggies into it. The particles can drip out of it as well. There must be something to catch the food from going out.

The other thing is that the grease cup is at the back you can’t monitor it constantly. The hook of the cup is adjustable. Before starting the cook, you have to check the cup lined up underneath the hole at the back. If it’s not in the place the grease will go all the way to the ground.

The new design also has leg lockers that pin in when you have to fold the legs for better storage. The wheel rollers have locks on them too for stable cooking.

How To Season The Blackstone Out Door Griddle Station?

As everyone knows season a grill is the most important thing for keeping it alive for a long. It prevents the grill from rusting and maintains the non-stick cooking surface smoothly.

Let’s talk about how to season the Blackstone 28 griddle. I season it every time I use it. It depends on you, you can do it every month or after every use. Here are some simple tricks to season your grill. The things you need for seasoning are:

  • Towel(damp is better)
  • Scraper
  • One Oil cup(any of the vegetable one)
  • Cloth or paper towels

The procedure of seasoning outdoor cooking equipment:

This process is a bit lengthy but it can make your grill last longer. The first step of seasoning is to clean off the Blackstone Flat top Grills Griddle with the scrapers or wooden spatulas if there is any rusting scrub it properly. Rub it thoroughly but don't rub it harshly with any spatulas or scrappers to avoid damaging it. You can use dish soap as well to clean the griddle just like washing dishes. If you are using it the first or second time then don’t worry about scrapping.  After scrapping all the fuss off, use a damp towel to clean it properly.

Make sure to cover every aspect of the griddle and don't leave a bit without covering. Now, turn the burners on to the high temperature. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes until the griddle starts to change the color to black or brown. When you see the discoloration use oil keeping the flames high. Throw some oil on the griddle and spread it all over with a cloth.

Handle it carefully because the griddle is ready to burn your hands off through the high temperature. It’s better to use heat resistant gloves before doing this part. Cover all of the sides with oil without leaving any part undone. Let the oil burn on the griddle and when most of the oil is burnt, add some more oil and spread it through the details.

Repeat the detailed oiling process 4-5 times or as many times as you want. After this turn off the burners and let them cool. Now your grill is prepared and maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 28 inch Blackstone griddle big enough?

Well, if you are trying to cook for a large family, then you will need a bigger one. Otherwise, the 28 Inch Blackstone is one of the largest cooking areas for a portable barbecue grills. If you have a family or a group of friends who likes to have a celebration of a different kind, this grill has a big enough cooking space for you. The Blackstone griddle is a popular choice for a number of outdoor lawn cooking enthusiasts.

How hot does a 28 Blackstone griddle get?

A Blackstone griddle gets very hot. In fact, on a single burner, it can get as hot as 750°F. If you have a 4 burner griddle, you can have that stovetop hover around 450°F, which is hotter than a standard commercial burner.

How many burgers can you cook on a 28 inch Blackstone griddle?

The Blackstone 28-inch griddle is a large grill. I can easily cook 40 burgers in a normal-sized pan. If you put the burgers in the center and not in a pan then you could easily cook 50 burgers on it.

Are Blackstone Griddles Made in USA?

Simply the answer is yes. I have covered a detailed article on Are Blackstone Griddles make in USA, you can check that for a detailed answer.

Conclusion: Blackstone 28 Griddle Review:

Owning a perfect grill is always a great achievement. If you have one then you are a Barbeque master. Blackstone Flap Top Grill Griddles has a lot of features that can amaze your surroundings. Restaurant-style cooking at home is the extraordinary thing a grill can offer.

Before buying this grill, focus on the cons of the grill. If you are okay with the issues you will have to face after buying. They will never let you down in front of anyone. Its elegant design will make it worth showing off and you won’t regret anything.

We have covered almost every aspect of this grill in this Blackstone 28 Griddle Review. The best part that I like about this grill is that you can cook for a party at one time and show people your expert cooking skills.

It’s one of the top flat grills which will widen your cooking experience with 2 different cooking zones so that you can enjoy two different recipes at the same time. There have been amazing reviews from most of the customers but some of them also do wrong or false comments. Go ahead, spend the money on it and you will get a return of mouth-watering sizzling foods.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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