Top 7 Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Consumer Reports

Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Consumer Reports
Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: February 25, 2022

Did you think that only people with lawns, backyards and big balconies can grill?  You are wrong then! The cooking styles are now improved with the advanced technology. The smokeless indoor grills played a major role to please every house. Just keep it simple and take a look at best indoor smokeless grill consumer reports to enhance your cooking skills.

It is actually true that these indoor products do not work exactly the same as the outdoor but they function the same with minor differences. It keep your environment fresh and produce no smoke which makes it ideal for barbeque at small spaces.  Pick it up and take it anywhere to cook delicious mouth watering meats.

Quick view- Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

It’s time to scroll through best indoor smokeless grill consumer reports to find the top option. We are here to save your time and quickly send you to the conclusions. These are the top most reviewed and liked products by the customers.

At a Glance

  1. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler: Best Indoor Grill Consumer Reports
  2. George Foreman Electric grill: Best Indoor and outdoor grill
  3. George Foreman GRP1060B: Best smart gas grill
  4. Power XL Smokeless grill: Best Gas Grill For Even Heat
  5. Ninja Foodi Smart Grill: Best Electric Indoor Grill
  6. Hamilton Electric Indoor: Best Basic Gas Grill
  7. Elite Gourmet Smokeless: Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

In a hurry? Consider the quick pick

If you are looking for a versatile and compact product in which you can cook everything with the best flavor then Cuisinart 5-in1 griddler is best of all. The reason is that it is multi-functional. You can choose 5 options to cook. If it didn't match your needs then scroll through the other nine best options available for you over here.

The Best Indoor Smokeless Grill Consumer Reports — Updated Picks of 2022

Best smokeless indoor grills are designed for your homes and offices where you don't have space to cook outside. People who don't stay out much in winters or summers can also take advantage of these smokeless outdoor grills.

Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler: Best Indoor Grill Consumer Reports

Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler Best Indoor Grill Consumer Reports
Best Indoor Grill Consumer Reports

Brand: | Cuisinart Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Silver With Silver/Black Dials Dimensions (LxWxH): | 13.5 x 11.5 x 7.12 inches Weight: | 8 Pounds Voltage: | 110 Volts


Versatile cooking surface with five best options.

Easy temperature control.

Use it as a full or half cooking surface.

Removable plate for cleaning.

The non-stick surface allows the food to cook evenly.


Heavier than other indoor grills.

Takes longer to heat up.

It is considered as the best smokeless indoor grill. It offers multi functions and serves as a griddle and a panini press. It includes the contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill, half griddle. It has a great lifetime if you use it with care.

The cooking space is quite amazing and the surface remains smooth with non-stick coating. Easy to clean cooking plates which are dishwasher safe. It is highly recommended by the experts because of the best selling rate and people like it the most.

Surely if you are going to buy it there won't be any regrets left because it has a great heating system which can adjust anything on it and it is one of the best indoor grill consumer reports have discussed.

What makes this grill stand out? Features

Multi-functional cooking surface- There is an option on the middle dial to select griddle or grill-panini. You just have to move the dial on the left to get the griddle which is flat-lay cooking. Turn the dial to the left for closed top cooking style. You can cook anything according to the desire. From breakfast to the meat for dinner, it works perfectly for every kind of food.

Dual cooking space- You can cook in different manners on this grill by making it a full grill, full griddle or half grill, half griddle. This will make extra space for cooking the food as much as you want at one time.

Cleaning- The grease from the cooking surface drains to the drip tray. These removable and reversible cooking plates can be easy to clean up. You can wash them by taking them out because consumers report that they are dishwasher free.

What does this grill offer? Performance

Non-stick surface- It is a highly non-stick surface. Not even a single food ticks on it. The experts say that the cleaning is a lot easier on this because of the smooth cooking surface. The butter spreads all over the surface smoothly and even the cheese slices slides away.

Temperature control- This grill gets hot enough to sear your meat and provide deliciously even cooked food. The temperature that it can reach maximum is 400 degrees but you can take it to 425 degrees as well. It has a good temperature zone to cook food properly.

Reasons to Purchase:

It is the best smokeless indoor grill which allows extra cooking with the contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle. You can use it as you want and control the temperature according to your will. This is perfect for you if you want to cook steaks or make pancakes at the same time.

Reasons to Avoid:

The non-stick cooking surface of this grill could start disturbing after some time. The indoor cooking grills are expected to be lighter but this is a heavy. If you are in search of an easy to carry product then this is not a good option for you.

George Foreman Electric grill: Best Indoor and outdoor grill

George Foreman Electric grill Best Indoor outdoor grill
Best indoor & outdoor grill

Brand: | George Foreman Material: | Metal Color: | Silver Dimensions (LxWxH): | 22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inches Weight: | 21 Pounds


It has four different temperature zones

The Cooking surface is removable and non-stick.

The oil/butter consumption is less.

Suitable to prepare the food for large family.

It can be used outdoors and indoors easily.


Heavier than other indoor grills

This grill is designed for the people who are willing to cook indoor and outdoor cooking. It can feed a large army at once. The removable stand makes it portable. The beneficial no-stick cooking surface removes the need for extra butter or oil in the grill. The plates can be removed as well to clean properly.

It is a domed lid style to trap the heat inside and cook the food evenly. The temperature range can be adjusted in any of the four given zones. It is the best indoor & outdoor grill that cooks the food faster than other grills within a short period of time.

What makes this grill stand out? Features

Indoor/outdoor functionality– It has a compact designed to adjust wherever you want. The stand that is attached can be removed when used as a countertop grill and attacks when used in the backyard.

Two styles-This George Foreman comes in two different colors and styles. There are minor changes between both of them. One is designed to serve 15 people at once and the other is a 12 plus serving grill. You can buy any of them because they work exactly the same.

Cooking surface– The cooking plate is removable which can be easily cleaned. It’s non-stick surface minimizes the use of oil and butter. Durable enough to stay with you for years.

What does this grill offer? Performance

Serving capacity– As the name shows, this product has the serving capacity of 15 at a time. It could depend on your food, mostly it’s quite a tough job to adjust 15 steaks on this grill. The small sized patties can fit perfectly on it at one time.

Temperature range– it has five different heating zones on which you can reach from 250 to 500 degrees. The best temperature to cook on is 400-450 degrees.

Reasons to Purchase:

It is a grill that can be used outdoors and indoors as well. You can attach the stand for backyard cooking or use it on your countertop. It can be considered as a good fit best smokeless indoor grill. This grill is perfect for you to take anywhere you want and cook whatever you want.

Reasons to Avoid:

It is a large grill with a stand. If you are not looking to cook for many people at once and you don’t cook very often then this grill won’t be suitable for you.

George Foreman GRP1060B: Best smart gas grill

George Foreman GRP1060B Best smart gas grill
Best smart gas grill

Brand: | George Foreman Finish Type: | Non Stick Color: | Black Dimensions (LxWxH): | 12 x 12 x 6.5 inches Weight: | 0.62 Pounds


Durable with the dual Layer construction.

The non-stick grilling surface allows convenient cooking.

The grilling plate extracts excessive oils out of the food.

Cooks faster than other grills.

Light in weight to carry with you everywhere.


Smaller than it is shown.

No adjustable temperature setting

This is a small product in all of the indoor grills. The compact durable two layered construction allows it to give off extra fast heat. The cooking surface of this grill gets much hotter within just the first 10 minutes. You can cook instantly on it but the grill can keep your food unevenly cooked from the inside. You have to be technical to deal with the heating system. The grilling slope helps in extracting more oils and fats out of the food to make it healthy.

It’s lightweight and allows it to walk with you anywhere you want. You can buy this for your camping and road trips as well. It is one of the best smart gas grill with a very limited price

What makes this grill stand out? Features

Cooking surface – The cooking surface is non-stick coated which means your food won’t require extra oils or butter to get cooked. The grilling surface allows healthier cooking by feeding you faster and extracting half of the oils from the food.

Indicator lights– there are two indicator lights on this grill one is red and the other is green. The red on the left turns on when you plug in and the green on the right shows when you grill is ready to cook after preheating the surface.

Faster cooking– The grill takes time to preheat and then you can cook anything on it within just a few minutes. You wont need to stay close to it while cooking. All you need to do is start cooking and after 10 minutes your meal will be prepared which is perfect for lazy and busy people.

Cleaning– The cleaning is a lot easier with this grill because the plates can be removed after cooking. These grilling plates are washable.

What does this grill offer? Performance

Temperature– The temperature range is 300 degrees which is way less than the other options but it heats up faster. This grill heats up faster which cooks the chicken or meat from the outside and the inner temperature of the meat remains nearly around 170 degrees.

Serving– It can feed four persons at one time. It is tested by the consumers and they report that the grill is not enough for four servings as well. You can barely adjust small hamburgers on this.

Reasons to Purchase:

This is a small sized grill with a constant heating temperature. This shows that it cooks food faster and lets you monitor your food from the lid. You will be able to get good searing marks on your food.

Reasons to Avoid:

It is a large grill with a stand. If you are not looking to cook for many people at once and you don’t cook very often You can go for another grill if you want adjustable temperature control to cook different foods. This product does not offer this feature.

Power XL Smokeless grill: Best Gas Grill For Even Heat

Power XL Smokeless grill Best Gas Grill For Even Heat
Best gas grill for even heat

Brand: | Power Material: | Plastic Color: | Black Dimensions (LxWxH): | 21 x 15.4 x 8.1 inches Weight: | 15.47 Pounds


Dual cooking surface option. Grill/griddle.

Non-stick cooking surface for easy cleanup and less oil consumption.

Dishwasher safe plates for instant cleaning.

It’s smokeless with the turbo speed fan technology.

Digital LED smart temperature control. Big drip tray for excessive oils.


No handle to carry.

Uneven heat.

This power smokeless grill is a convenient option which is designed in a different manner. It includes the grill plate or a griddle plate, you can diversify your cooking experience by this product. You can cook steaks as well as scrambled eggs on this grill.

This indoor grill has a lid to trap the heat inside the food and saves you time. Now you can get your food prepared earlier than before. It’s the best gas grill for even heat that divides the heat to create a uniform temperature. Grilling steak on the lid is not a good choice. The lid is suitable to melt the cheese of your burgers or keep your food warm after grilling.

What makes this grill stand out? Features

Smart temperature control– The temperature can be adjusted manually on it through the LED temperature control. You can set the desired temperature as you want and start grilling like a professional grill master.

Turbo fact extractor– This grill has built in turbo-speed smoke extractor technology which helps to prepare the extra smokeless food. The electric fan in it sucks up the smoke and returns the odor to the food. The smoke is completely absorbed by the water dray underneath it.

Grill and griddle – This grill offers two surfaces on which you can grill your steaks and cook the pancakes anytime. The grill surface is interchangeable with the griddle surface for extra use of it. You can cook everything on this grill.

What does this grill offer? Performance

Temperature– It is controlled by LED temperature control which reaches up to 450 degrees. The grill is not required to pee heat before cooking. The ideal temperature to cook on is between 400-450 degrees.

Serving capacity– This grill has quite less serving capacity but it can adjust 3-4 large chicken pieces or a big chicken breast at once on it. You can feed 3-4 people at once with this grill.

Reasons to Purchase:

This best smokeless indoor grill is large enough to fit a lot of food on it with a digital temperature control system. It is worth buying because it has the best smokeless system to make the environment eco-friendly.

Reasons to Avoid:

The temperature lowers down automatically after a period of time. This fluctuation is not bearable for everyone. So, you have two be patient when buying it. It is actually more expensive than the other best indoor smokeless Grills.

Ninja Foodi Smart Grill: Best Electric Indoor Grill

Ninja Foodi Smart Grill Best Electric Indoor Grill
Best Electric Indoor Grill

Brand: | Ninja Capacity: | 4 Quarts Color: | Stainless Steel Finish Dimensions (LxWxH): | 15.75 x 16.54 x 11.1 inches Weight: | 22.44 Pounds


Multifunctional cooking options.

Smart cooking system to monitor the food.

Large cooking capacity to feed a whole family.

Lesser oils and fats than the deep fryers.

A good smoke control system


Smaller power cord.

Ninja Food Smart XL is one of the best indoor smokeless Grills to add in your grilling world. It doesn’t even grill your food but also roast, bake and air dry your vegetables and meat. It offers a smart cooking system on which you can set the cooking temperature and monitor the doneness of the food by setting it.

This smokeless Grill has an amazing smoke control system in which the smoke stays away from your kitchen. It includes the temperature control grill grates, splatter shield, and cool air zone. The control panel is easy to use and it is the best electric indoor grill for any of the beginners. You can highly get impressed by this grill because it is packed with amazing features for less price.

What makes this grill stand out? Features

6-in-one cooking– This cooking machine is perfect for grilling the food but there is the option of baking, air fry, Roast, broil and dehydrate. The air fry helps you stay safer without extra oils. 70 % of the fat is reduced in the air fry. All of these options make this grill a versatile countertop grill which makes the use simpler.

Smart cooking system– It cooks in different modes which you can set according to your food item. You can figure out how much your food is done with just the touch of a button. It allows 4 protein settings, 9 customized doneness levels and the thermometer. Now there would be no uneven or over cooking.

What does this grill offer? Performance

Serving capacity– It has the extra large capacity to fit in a lot more food than other grills. It allows us to serve 6-7 people at once. You can adjust 22-23 hot dogs at one time on this grill which is way more than other indoor smokeless grills.

Cooking– It cooks the food in less time than the other options. The maximum time noted to cook the food is 25 minutes in this grill. You can even defrost the frozen food on this grill.

Reasons to Purchase:

It is a 6-in-1 grill, you can get a diverse cooking options to extend your grilling experience. It would definitely suit you if you are looking for something versatile. The smart cooking system also helps in easy controlling the meat inside the grill.

Reasons to Avoid:

This grill takes a lot of time to clean. If you are a lazy person and don’t want to waste much time cleaning this grill then go for another grill.

Hamilton Electric Indoor: Best Basic Gas Grill

Hamilton Electric Indoor Best Basic Gas Grill
Best basic gas grill

Brand: | Hamilton Beach Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Stainless Steel Dimensions (LxWxH): | 12.4 x 16.73 x 6.81 inches Weight: | 8.14 Pounds


Removable cooking plates and drip pan to clean Durable construction.

Takes less time to cook food.

Window lid to monitor the food with closed lid.

Gives searing marks on both sides of food


The coating can’t resist much heating

Hamilton is one of the top brands that offers diverse cooking appliances all over the world. It offers the indoor searing grill to sear at different temperature zones. You can cook your food as you want by adjusting the temperature within your desired range.

This grill is user friendly. The indicator lights show when to use the grill. The lid window displays your food without even opening the lid. You can cook anything on it within a short period of time and get the amazing sear marks like the outdoor grills. It is the best basic gas grill that you can easily manage as it’s demands very less maintenance.

The easy cleaning makes it worth buying because you can remove the grilling plates and drip at once and wash them together to keep it clean. It will take a little time and effort to wash them for next use.

What makes this grill stand out? Features

Window style lid– The lid of this grill is a window style which helps you cook food properly. You watch your food through the lid without opening it. It makes the grilling a breeze.

Lights– There are grilling lights that help you to cook without any doubts. These lights tell you when it is plugged in and when it reaches the maximum temperature.

Searing marks– The grill can be closed to give off pretty grilling marks on both sides of your food at once. The lid of it is like a window through which you can monitor the food you are cooking without opening the lid. It helps in even and quick food preparation.

Cleaning – There is a removable drip tray underneath which is large enough to catch a lot of grease at once. The drip can be slides out to wash properly. The cooking surface is also removable and washable as well.

What does this grill offer? Performance

Serving capacity– it has a good serving capacity like other grills. It can adjust a few steaks on it. You can cook for 6- 7 people in one go.

Temperature– This grill allows you to cook within 250-450 degrees. You can adjust the temperature through one knob in 11 different temperature cooking ranges. This allows you to cook as you want by keeping the temperature checked.

Reasons to Purchase:

It is a well known product liked by many. If you are always in a hurry then this product is perfect for you. It is known to cook faster than other indoor grills. The closing lid system presents the searing marks on both sides of the food at one go.

Reasons to Avoid:

This grill takes a lot of time to clean. If you are a lazy person and don’t want to waste much time cleaning this grill then go for another grill.

Elite Gourmet Smokeless: Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

Elite Gourmet Smokeless Best Smokeless Indoor Grill
Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

Brand: | Elite Gourmet Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Stainless Steel Dimensions (LxWxH): | 9.17 x 9.17 x 11.1 inches Weight: | 6.24 pounds


Doomed glass lid for food monitoring.

Easy to use thermostat.

Cooks even and delicious food.

Drip tray slides out for cleaning.


Non stick coating is not that durable

This is a pan shaped versatile grill. It is included Ed in one of the best indoor smokeless grills. This grill helps you prepare the mouth watering food within less time and you can cook a lot food at once with the 14″ cooking surface. The cooking surface is reliable and washable. It makes cleaning easy.

This grill is user friendly and displays settings to cook your food as you want. The fat from the food drips away and the rest of the surface is heat resistant. You can buy this grill and get benefits from it. It is a durable one with the warranty of 1 year and the best smokeless indoor grill with very least price. Based on the simplicity it is also considered as best electric grills for apartment balcony. You can replace any of the parts of the grill easily now.

What makes this grill stand out? Features

Glass lid– This grill offers the feature of a domed glass lid. This helps in preventing the splashes all over your kitchen and cooks the food evenly. The lid is glass so you can check the inside food without opening the lid. Now you don’t have to guesswork.

Cleaning– The cooking surface is nonstick which is easier to clean. You can take out the drip pan easily from the side and wash it under hot water. Consumers report that it is a dishwasher safe drip pan. Easy to use dial– The cooking temperature can be adjusted through the dial. The indicator lights will help you know when the grill is hot and ready to use.

Reasons to Purchase:

It is a large sized grill to cook for many people at once. You should buy this grill if you are looking for good temperature controls and want to monitor your food from the outside.

Reasons to Avoid:

If you want to buy a grill that you are planning to keep for longer then here is the problem. It has a 1 year warranty and is not durable enough to last longer. Ample cleaning or dish washing can disturb the non-stick cooking space.

What To Look While Buying Indoor Smokeless Grill:

You are planning to buy a smokeless grill for yourself or a house party and confused about how to choose one? No problem at all here we have provided you a list of features to look at before buying any grill, if the grill that is in your eye has all these features then it is good to go but if the grill you’ve selected doesn’t have all these features then you might be buying a wrong grill. If you are still confused how do smokeless grills work then check the list of things to consider before purchasing it. So here are some of the things you need to look at before buying any smokeless grill.


First of all, you should look at the power of the grill and the amount of cooking you want to perform. If you want to cook some heavier foods on your grill then the power of your grill should be according to the food but if you want to cook only for a small family you need to go for the lower power grills that are cheaper.

The ideal power range for cooking heavier foods is 1300-1800 watts. Through this power, you can cook for the whole party or large family as it can provide your food with enough heat to cook quickly. But if you are looking for a grill that is for a small family then the power of that grill should be 800 watts.

Drip Pan:

Look out for a drip pan in your smokeless grill since a grill without a drip pan produces a lot of smoke and makes cleaning more difficult. A drip pan catches the drippings and prevents them from falling into the direct heat so that no smoke is produced and there remain no stains of food on your grill.

But you should also look for the drip pan that is removable since those drip pans which are not removable create a lot of fuss while cooking as the drippings remain inside the grill and cause the grill to produce smoke.


The taste of the food you are going to cook on your grill entirely depends on the amount of heat that is delivered to your food. Check for the temperature ranges on which you cook food and then select the grill that can achieve your required temperature range.

Most of the smokeless grills can achieve 500℉ but some premium grills can achieve a temperature of 650℉. So if you cook foods that require high temperatures you should go for the premium smokeless grills but if you cook foods that require average temperature then you should buy an average grill.

Digital controls:

Your smokeless grill should be more advanced if you are spending such an amount. So look for the digital controls while buying any smokeless grill. Digital controls allow you to control the temperature and cooking time of your grill digitally so after setting the cooking time and temperature you only need to do one thing that is waiting for the food to cook. So digital controls are important for your smokeless grill, without digital controls you’ll feel like you are cooking on traditional old grills.


As you have gone through all of these best indoor grills, they are cost-effective and well-structured to fit in your kitchen. They are flawless in providing you the best barbeque tastes and cleaning your environment by producing no smoke. The best indoor smokeless grill consumer reports that you can buy one of these grills to cook inside by getting the taste of outdoor grills. A detailed guide to how to choose best flat top grills is provided.

You can explore many other options as well. If you are willing to buy the portable and cost effective grill for indoor use then George Foreman 4-serving grill is perfect for you. We have picked the most convenient one. Now it’s your choice to buy the right one that suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How indoor smokeless grills work?

The smokeless grills work on the infrared heating and smoke extractor technology. The grill heats up evenly and filters out the smoke from the food. The fan at the bottom sucks the extra smoke by acting like a turbo. Rest of the smoke is absorbed by the water that is poured in the underneath tray. You can cook anything you want in your kitchen by buying one of these best indoor smoker grills consumer reports.

What are the benefits of indoor smokeless grills?

Clean Air– The indoor smokeless grills produce no smoke which prevents the people from the harmful smoke that can cause health issues.
Even cooking– the indoor smokeless grills are good at cooking the food evenly by distributing heat all over the cooking surface.
Easy cleanup– Most of the latest indoor grills have non-stick surfaces which don’t require extra cleaning and some of them are washable. So, cleaning is now a breeze.
Easy to use– These grills do not require charcoal or propane tanks to light up. With a push of a button. It starts up electronically without any effort and heats up quickly.

What are the drawbacks of indoor smokeless grills?

Size– This could be a problem for only 5% of people because the size and cooking space of this grill is too small but sufficient to cook for 3-4 people at a time.
Smoky flavors– You will be unable to get the smoky flavor like the outdoor grills because this is a smokeless grill. So, to get the most of the smoky BBQ flavor, an outdoor grill is best for you.

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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