Best Flat Top Grills To Buy in 2022 - Complete Buyer's Guide

Written By: Kathy Jeffery
Date Published: March 11, 2022

Do not worry, we are ready to bring you the best flat top grills NOT just available in the market, but they are extremely good and efficient at their work for what they are manufactured for; cook the things up AND not smoke to turn everything into a BBQ item.

Hear the word “grill,” and something would instantly click in your mind imagining the picture of the griddle or non-griddle based grills ready to cook and smoke the tasty and juicy BBQs in minutes using your cooking appliances.

But that does not entirely mean that is the only type of “grills” available in the market. There are many more. Or better say, they all work differently and actively into the situation they are best designed to cope with. As a newbie, you should have a good knowledge about what is a flat top grill so that you can differentiate it with other grills in the market and choose the best possible option.

Of course, you cannot use a specific type of grills for doing every single task for you. Better understand the fact that the flat top grills are suitable for cooking and frying things up. Get the eggs, burgers, pancakes, vegetables, or what more and spread them up on the best flat top grill ready to cook the variety of food altogether and at once.

So, are you so waiting to get to know the entire of the best flat top grills? Of course, you would be because the partying season is just around the corner. Got a pool and the flat top grill? Well, just imagine the combination!

Best Flat Top Grills At a Glance:

  1. Blackstone 1554: Best Flat Top Grill For Camping
  2. Blackstone Tabletop: Best Flat Top Grill With Lid
  3. Royal Gourmet GD401C: Best Drop in Flat Top Grill
  4. Wolf Gourmet WGGR100S: Best Built in Flat Top Grill
  5. Cuisinart CGG-888: Best Commercial Flat Top Grill
  6. Royal Gourmet GB4001: Best Portable Flat Top Grill
  7. Cuisinart CGG-999 XL: Best Countertop Flat Top Grill
  8. Pit Boss Pb757GS: Best Cast Iron Flat Top Grill
  9. Blackstone Outdoor Griddle Station: Best Flat Top Grill For Stove
  10. Ot Qomotop: Best Flat Top Grill with Air Fryer

The Best Flat Top Grills to buy — Updated Picks of 2022

Blackstone 1554: Best Flat Top Grill For Camping

Best Flat Top Grill For Camping
Best Flat Top Grill For Camping

Brand: | Blackstone Material: | Alloy Steel Color: | Black Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches Item Weight: | 120 Pounds


Liquid Propane Grill

Spacious 720 sq. in. of cooking

Got four burners


Requires to self-assembled

Let’s open up these full-fledged grill reviews to find the perfectly-suitable ten best flat-top grills, and we start with this high-end, properly-built, and performance-rich flat top grill coming from the ultimate brand, Blackstone and name Blackstone 1554.


This station-based flat top grill from Blackstone table top grill comes with four highly-flammable burners with the separate knobs to fit with if you got an egg to cook, you then do not need to turn on the entire grill like one burner with the light flame would be sufficient to get the job done.


It was sized to good 36 inches with the full cooking area of 720 sq. in., this entire griddle-based best flat top grill comes with the excellent capacity to deal with cooking foods at the parties and events you are throwing up in your home as it happily fits up to 16 steaks and 72 hot dogs without uttering a single complaint.

Ignition system

Electrically ignited with four heating control knobs, these four solid stainless-steel burners are capable of emitting the heat to up to 60,000 BTUs at full capacity, so imagine the power of heat it would produce to cook things up in no time. A detailed Blackstone 28 Griddle Review will help to find the perfect flat top gas grill.


Super convenient to assemble, and the top grill is more comfortable to remove for the cleaning purpose. Run down the water as much as you want and rub the dish-washing soap and nothing will negatively impact on the surface. And two-sided and cantilevered shelves give the space to keep the sauces, oils, and other ingredients close to you without needing to bring a small folding prep table for the job.

Got up to four massive, and strengthening caster wheels where two are lockable for safety. And sturdy frame laminated with black powder-coated carbon steel adds up to its life to last for countless seasons. Save it from the rain, and you are good to use it any time! These party-type best flat top griddles are competent to manage a whole lot of invited folks at your place to up to a limited, two, or four people extended get-together, so it works perfectly in either situation without making you run into any stress.

Blackstone Tabletop: Best Flat Top Grill With Lid

Best Flat Top Grill With Lid
Best Flat Top Grill With Lid

Brand: | Blackstone Material: | Cast Iron, Metal Color: | Black Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches Item Weight: | 21 Pounds


Portable gas griddle

Best for outings

260 sq. in. of cooking space

Removable griddle


The flame may get extinguished with wind

When it comes to finding the grill, we are tempted to make a picture deep down in our mind that a grill got to be extra-bigger in the size. When it is being talked about the best flat top grill, the situation is immediately altered to fixate a mindset that this kind of grill would never come in a bit smaller size.


But wait… We could not just get a bit smaller tabletop griddle for you this time, but it is super-compact grill in size. Only 17 inches, yes, the mere 17 inches long (or wide) flat top grill with the convenient design that turns it out to become a pretty portable grill to take along with you on the roads.

Fueled with a propane tank and can cook using a propane tank of merely one pound is for the whole cooking session (or maybe conversed a bit for the later use.)

Ignition system

With the electric ignition system, that makes it super-convenient for the folks who are not versed with operating the grills, and this method would not fail them to perform the grill without looking and asking for help.

Cooking Surface

It comes with a spacious cooking surface of well over 260 sq. in. is sufficient to cook up to eight big-sized burgers, so you can expect cooking much more on the way to NOT miss out on the food from KFC and Subway’s while you can go with your own.


The single stainless steel burner in the ‘H’ shape ensures it dissipates and distributes the heat to the maximum area of the griddle with the capacity to take the flame to touch about 12,000 BTUs for the faster cooking to converse you time to enjoy the scenic route, fun in the lake, and sleep tight in the camping trips with a tummy full with your favorite meals.

Weight As it weighs up to 21 pounds, and the removable steel griddle top takes it to easily carry by hand and place in the trunk with saving a lot of room to put other essentials around.

Royal Gourmet GD401C: Best Drop in Flat Top Grill

Best Drop in Flat Top Grill
Best Drop in Flat Top Grill

Brand: | Royal Gourmet Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Black Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 66.1 x 21.7 x 36.6 inches Item Weight: | 106.6 Pounds


2-in-1 portable gas grill

4-burner gas grill

Throws out 48,000 BTUs of heat combined

Electric ignition


A bit expensive in the price

Another monster flat top grill we are proud to introduce with you, the real royal one from Royal Gourmet GD401C, the super heavier griddle made up of cast iron, in the league that got an enormous amount of features than bragging about its weight.

Camp Chef Flat Style

We would first start with the unique style of Royal Gourmet Flat grill that comes into the combo, or we meant by in the dual form that seems separated (of course, they are) attached with double ‘H’ shaped burners and operated with two adjustable knobs to setting in the gas supply. It feels like a single flat top grill designed with two separate and independent griddles to create separate cooking zones that use four stainless steel burners to cook food. Use either one or two to create separate cooking zones for different cooking.

Ignition System

It comes with the separate ignition system attached to all four adjustable knobs to ignite the one that you need the most. And the ability to produce the high heat to up to 48,000 BTUs with every single burner adding the warmth of 12,000 BTUs, which is more than enough to cook your favorite meals barely in minutes.

All burners made with the stainless steel for the added longevity and durability and burning them with the maximum of heat would not cause them to malfunction because that is what they are best designed for; bear the heat!

Cooking Area

The spacious and broader cooking surface area of a single griddle to up to 292 square inches of cooking surface and a total of 584 square inches of cooking surfaces combined is indeed marks it for having an excellent capacity to fit in the more significant and broader burgers of up to 20 in a row to cook. So, that ensures you are good to throw a big party in your backyard to push down the supply of the favorite and tasty meals in no time without having them to wait before the next lineup is ready.

Wolf Gourmet WGGR100S: Best Built in Flat Top Grill

Best Built in Flat Top Grill
Best Built in Flat Top Grill

Brand: | Wolf Gourmet Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Silver Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 17 x 17.63 x 8 inches Item Weight: | 9.53 Kilograms


Warrantied for five years

Big cooking surface area of 204 sq. in.

Electrically operated


Highly expensive but best at work

Not everything runs through the traditional mechanism, and this is the time of advancement. And to follow the improvement, you got to hunt for the latest available technology-rich products.

Thankfully, we got one for you as we believe in the advancement to change the lifestyle by employing the technology-rich gadgets. Though the grilling thing does not feel like it would evolve by the exponentially growing advancement and technology, but you are wrong if you think of it this way.

As we earlier claimed, we got one, and this time we found it in the shape of a flat top grill. Operated with electricity, this griddle is compact in the size and super-convenient to store up on the table countertop to do the indoor as well as outdoor cooking and all in front of you.


Dialing the red knob gets it to power up and hit the pre-heat light to ensure it is heated good enough in advance to place your favorite meals to cook, or else it would take a lot of time getting pre-heated with having put the stuff over the camp chef flat griddle. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Review can help you to under the brand worth and the value they are offering at a very low price.

The entire design of camp chef flat top griddle made with the stainless steel ensures this thing would not die down too soon. And that the shock-proof claim is not just a claim because of the steel, many of the folks would fear of touching it with bare hands when operated but do not worry about it.

Surface Area

Made with the non-sticky and 204 sq. in. Of cooking surface area with the cast aluminum heats up to the consistent temperature with retaining the heat close to the cold as it would not let it to cool down even after powering off for quite some time AND expect the temperature is hitting between 150F to well over 450F.

Put the lid down and enjoy the steam softening the variety of foods to chew down as it helps to lock down the moisture produced by the food and the heat.

Cuisinart CGG-888: Best Commercial Flat Top Grill

Best Commercial Flat Top Grill
Best Commercial Flat Top Grill

Brand: | Cuisinart Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Black Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 30.7 x 29.9 x 12.2 inches Item Weight: | 71.7 Pounds


Best cooking center

Stainless steel lid

Rounded flat top grill


Self-assembly required

Nothing in the world we have seen and the designs that can surprise us; yes, there is a higher probability we would be shocked (or better get surprised), and for the same, we bring you this Cuisinart CGG-888 because that had surprised us as well.

Surface Area

The rounded flat top griddle placed in the center can circle into 360 degrees with two independent burners operated with the separately adjustable knob to achieve the flame level and the heat to your demand.


When burning at the maximum, it produces the heat of up to 30,000 BTUs to take the temperature meets the range between 200C to 550C.

This 22-inches wider two-burner griddle-based flat top grill from Cuisinart has the cold-rolled steel cooking surface to fill in up to ten to twelve hamburgers to cook with no problem faced.

Cook on the griddle and the juice would not drip away, adding to the taste to elevate and having everyone making the remarks of the tasty-licious meals you cooked!

Cooking something that needs the humidity for achieving the softness, the integrated lid placed on the top just locks down the hat and he moisture building up through the stuff for the added softness for easy digestion because not everything we can eat as fried but need the proper humidity for our immune system to digest even the hardest-looking meals.

Royal Gourmet GB4001: Best Portable Flat Top Grill

Best Portable Flat Top Grill
Best Portable Flat Top Grill

Brand: | Royal Gourmet Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Black Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 61 x 23.6 x 38 inches Model Name: | GB4001


Suitable to hold up to 18 steaks in a single row

Uses Propane tank

52,000 BTUs combined with four burners

Removable grease cup

Four lockable caster wheels


Fairly heavy

This summer season, do everything to spare yourself from getting the flood of people coming to your home. And of course, why would you just stem them from coming over your place?

The sunny and shiny days are hardly experienced, and together with your friends and family, the whole experience of enjoying the entire summer is just useless.

And the best way to not just experience but enjoy to its fullest, is by cooking the favorite and loved meals for the whole gang gathered.

Apart from always making the BBQ stuff, it is time to do something different this summer; and this best flat top grill from Royal Gourmet GB4001 is so ready just like you to go through the saucy vegetables, burgers, steaks (yummy!!), and what more you could think of?

And managing the great group of folks and hungry to their best, not ordinary flat top grill can fill in the job to feed the mass.


Having integrated with the tube-style burners in four counts made with stainless-steel and are independently operated where every single burner would emit the heat of 13,000 BUTs and to a total of 52,000 BTUs to experience cooking the stuff barely in minutes.

Cooking Space

Bigger and broader cooking space of this royal gourmet is 792 sq. in. And to the maximum size of 36 inches in length does not let you to bend down or would make you need a chair to sit. Placed with the side handles to remove it anytime for cleaning purposes.

Control panel made all with the stainless-steel and the electronic ignition system that does not require the constant pushing. The fixed tables on both sides bring you enough space to store the stuff always needed present in your convenient reach.


This Royal Gourmet comes with four locking caster wheels stem the grill from moving and shaking so that you are suitable for cooking the stuff for the hungry folks waiting!

Cuisinart CGG-999 XL: Best Countertop Flat Top Grill

Best Countertop Flat Top Grill
Best Countertop Flat Top Grill

Brand: | Cuisinart Material: | Stainless Steel Color: | Silver Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 60.5 x 37.5 x 42.5 inches


Larger griddle surface

Best to cook in outdoors

360 degrees of greasy pan

Foldaway tables


A little bit expensive

Thankfully, Cuisinart CGG-999 XL comes with up to three adjustable knobs to set in the right amount of gas supply coming out of the the independent burners ready to throw out the heat of up to 40,000 BTUs that is more than sufficient for the instant cook.

Pan Size

Bigger pan size that rotates around to 360 degrees drives away the excessive grease down the funnel and into the grease cup to store the wastage, and you can remove it later. This grease management system allows you to get rid of the extra grease.

Preparing tables on both sides in the curved form to cut out and place the essentials ready and in your reach to perfectly cook your favorite meals without needing to go back and forth. And the paper towel holder beneath the right side of the table is made for the convenience to hang either the paper towels or the rolls of tissue paper. This paper towel or tissue roll is for cleaning your hands and the grill.


There comes the turn of the unique feature from the lid to close down with the vented area as it is designed with the stainless steel and would not attract the rust. Close it down and add the required moisture to surround the meal to soften them up.

So, this Cuisinart CGG-999 XL does not only cook, but it adds the multiple indoor/outdoor cooking functionalities like steaming, baking, roasting, and smoking the things up for you.

Pit Boss Pb757GS: Best Cast Iron Flat Top Grill

Best Cast Iron Flat Top Grill
Best Cast Iron Flat Top Grill

Brand: | Pit Boss Material: | Stainless Steel, Cast Iron Color: | Silver Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 76.97 x 24.09 x 35.04 inches


Spacious cooking space

Thickened griddle top

Good to throw 62,000 BTUs with four controlling knobs


Mildly expensive

Got the extended family with you, and they are coming again and reuniting this year? We believe you need something bigger, something extra extensive which not the ordinary cooking stove can do for you to cook the breakfast for these much of folks. Even though it got many knobs, but how come you would pick up so many pans and the entire cooking experience would turn exhausted.

Then the answer is simple, get this PIT BOSS PB757GS as it would save your butt from the troubles.

Cooking Pan Size

Just pour in the many eggs at a time as it got the spacious and broader cooking space of up to 748 sq. in. and we believe it can easily take on up to 50 eggs in a time. And the thickened pre-seasoned griddle top to up to 4.7mm would not burn the frying stuff.


Operated with four independent knobs attached to burners formed with stainless steel emits the heat of up to 62,000, so make sure to keep a tab on especially the eggs as they would not withstand this much of the temperature and would be readied in no time.


Hook a tank of propane, and you are good to go.

As for the added portability, it weighs up to 108 pounds but can easily port out in the backyard using its casters wheels of four counts.

Foldable side shelves on both ends with the spacious tray in the bottom provide enough space to store things up that you so need while cooking and the next round of stuff to prepare before entering into the tummies.

Blackstone Outdoor Griddle Station: Best Flat Top Grill For Stove

Best Flat Top Grill For Stove
Best Flat Top Grill For Stove

Brand: | Blackstone Material: | Alloy Steel Color: | Black Item Dimensions LxWxH: | 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches


Restaurant-grade flat top grill

Highly affordable

H-shaped burners

30,000 BTUs of heating power


Takes a bit of while cleaning up

It is not entirely designed for the home use (but if you want to use, that is quite okay) but for the restaurant-grade chores.


Coming with merely two burners that are powerful enough to yield the heat up to 30,000 BTUs combined, and the controllable and independent knobs placed to control the stainless steel burners to match with the required temperature the meal deserves.

Just plug in the 20lbs of tank filled with propane and spread your favorite meals to cook through the stainless steel burners and spacious 470 square inches of cooking.

With having two wheels with the resting pillar to not let it slip or shake as you work through the griddle turning the stuff upside down.

Construction Material

Built all with the steel frame, and the cooktop with the cold-rolled steel, this new flat top grill would not regret you ever in the performance.

One-sided shelve with the storage tray in the bottom can make you store much of the things that are in your instant reach at the time of need.

Ot Qomotop: Best Flat Top Grill with Air Fryer

Best Flat Top Grill with Air Fryer
Best Flat Top Grill with Air Fryer

355 sq. in. of flat cooking surface area

Best for outdoor use

Three controlling knobs to emit up to 25,000 BTUs

Super easy to clean


A bit on the expensive side

“Let’s enjoy the party tonight”; that is you saying on the call to your friend. And it is about to dial the number of another friend in a minute with planning to get your six friends accompany you tonight.

Yeah, if you this table-sized flat top grill from OT QOMOTOP rich with the features that you can exponentially rely on its performance to feed up to 7 tummies down in one shot.


As OT QOMOTOP comes with up to three adjustable knobs for leveraging the heat all around the griddle, the spacious 355 square inches of outdoor cooking surface area. It is good to fill up to 12 hamburgers to cook in a single shot for your entire fleet of friends waiting, chatting, and laughing on the memories.

Got the 3mm of cold rolled steel, and up to five steel bars at the bottom keeps the grill not shaking when in use and is heated evenly to cook your favorite meals from all of the corners as it would burn the entire grill, and to up to the last edge of it.

Three separate burners can produce the unbearable heat of up to 25,000 BTUs to set the heating level using the larger and dialing knob to adjust accordingly to what you are meant to cook.

Grease Management System

The integrated oil cup, the excess grease, and another liquified form of the waste going inside the container, which you can later remove to throw it out. This rear grease management system ensures your favorite and heavy meals are well prepared without the oil that keeps them a little healthy to claim, and it does not just dive into your tummy and causing the cholesterol to build up.

What To Look When Buying a New Flat Top Grill:

There are certain things that should be kept in mind while looking for a grill, some of which are budget, quality, and area. Check all the features you want in your grill and then select the most suitable grill for yourself. Here we have provided you with some details of how to buy a grill that is best for you and the things that you should look up while buying a grill.


First of all, you need to plan a budget range for your grill. When you have a budget in your mind, it is time to look for a grill with all the features you want in that range.

For example, if you want to buy a grill with a specific budget of 200$ then you should first see all the grills that come in this budget and now select the features that you want in your grill.


Another most important thing to look at while buying a grill is the space. If you have a lawn and you can cook outside your house then you can have even a larger griddle surface without any problem. But if you live in an apartment or you only want to grill on your balcony then you should go with a small and portable grill. These portable grills can be used for camping and other outing plans.

It also depends only on two conditions which are whether you want to cook for a small family or you are going to have a party cooking. The cooking space of your grill for small servings should be 250 to 350 square inches but if you want to serve a whole party your grill should not be less than 400 to 450 square inches.

Drip Pan:

Look out for a grill that has a drip pan since a drip pan not only catches the dripping of your food and saves the flavor of your food but also makes cleaning much easier. The grease management system is easy, you just need to pull out the grease catcher, clean it, and put it back in place.

That’s the cleaning process of a drip pan. Another advantage of having a drip pan in your grill is that it doesn’t let the drippings of the food fall on a heating area which will cause the spot to get rust and hence increase the durability of your grill.

Pre Seasoned:

Pre-seasoning of a grill is a time-consuming process and the ones that have just bought a new grill can’t wait for long enough to use the grill. So try choosing a grill that is already pre-seasoned, which means it already has a cooking oil coating that ensures safety from the remains of harmful chemicals that are left on the grill during the manufacture of the grill.

But we also recommend you wash your grill before using it to cook safely. Pre-seasoned grills are less likely to get rust or corrosion since they are rust-proof. Rust-proof gas grills are a bit heavier but can last longer than other gas griddles that is not rust-proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best griddle top grill?

It is difficult to say which is the best griddle top grill because it depends on what you are cooking. There are some griddle top grills, though, that have features that make them more suitable for certain cooking tasks. For example, if you want a griddle top grill that is great for searing and/or browning meat, then the Cuisinart GR-7DFX should work well for you. This particular model has both radiant and infrared heat in order to ensure that your food gets cooked evenly.

Is there a better griddle than Blackstone?

I’m not sure if there is another griddle that can match the quality and durability of Blackstone, but there are other griddles that try to do the same thing. For example, there’s the Presto Professional Non-Stick Electric Griddle. It’s also non-stick and has a premium surface with a scratch resistant coating. The Presto Professional Non-Stick Electric Griddle is larger than the Blackstone griddle which some people may prefer. But a charcoal grill is not an option.

Are flat top grills worth it?

The answer to this question is yes. Flat top griddle is known for providing even heat and the ability to easily adjust the height. The grills heat up quickly due to cast iron and they do not require a lot of maintenance. They also have an in-built thermostat that can be programmed to temperature settings.


So, what’s your excuse left for now? Not you are got introduced with the outstanding, sturdy, and robust best flat top grills and NOT just one but 10s of them?

Before summer hits you, grab any of one according to your requirement AND see the storm of folks visiting your place every often!

Guaranteed to last for long, these flat top grills are the new thing gaining popularity around the world.

Why get left behind? Introduce such a lovely cooking machine in your family and receive the ‘wows!’!

Article written by Kathy Jeffery
Kathy learned to cook early on in life because she had to feed the ranch hands! Kathy is a mama of 2 boys and dreams of having a vegetable garden one day.

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